19+ Bridal Shower Prizes for Games (Under $10 Options)

Bridal Shower prizes are a fun gift for winners of bridal shower games, but you want to choose items that your guests will actually want to keep. Here’s over 19 unique game prizes that everyone will love, plus options under $10 and $5 a piece. 


19+ Bridal Shower Prizes

1. chocolates & Candy


I love shower prizes and favors that can be consumed. You always want to be careful with gifting trinkets because you can’t be sure of everyone’s style and if they have the space in their home. But, everyone loves sweets. Target often has cute sets of sweets including chocolates, chocolate-covered pretzels and/or candies for a few dollars. 

If you want a custom prize, you could get large chocolate bars and print custom wrappers for each to match the theme of the bridal shower. 

2. Nail Polish


Keep it simple and classic with a light pinky shade like essie ballet slippers. If available, add in a nail file since they can often be found for $1 a piece. 

3. Candles


Candles are a great option and you can find them at all price points. Consider getting a pack that you can split up for the winners for the most cost savings. Like this pack of 6 candles for $17 on Amazon. 

If you want to get bougie, I recommend Hotel Lobby Candles, featured above. 

4. Mini alcohol bottle & mixer


What’s the bride’s go-to basic cocktail? Celebrate it with a mini version for winners who can receive an airport-sized bottle of liquor with a small can of soda – like Bacardi rum and Diet Coke. 

5. travel-size hand cream or lotion


Another no-brainer that everyone will find useful. You can often find packs of them to get a really good price which means you could also pair them with another inexpensive item on the list. 

6. travel hand sanitizer


Hand sanitizer is always a thoughtful gift and a good prize. The mini spray bottles are great to throw in a bag and use when traveling or having dinner out. 

7. mini champagne or prosecco bottles


This is a tried-and-true bridal shower prize! Just add some ribbon and you’re set. 

8. Starbucks gift cards

starbucks gift card

If you want to keep things really easy, go with gift cards. Starbucks gift cards will make any winner happy and up the ante on the competition. 

9. bath bombs


You can often find bath bomb gift sets which can easily be split up for prizes. They make a great gift by themselves or paired up with another self-care item if that works within your budget. 

10. sheet masks


A few sheet masks make a great gift and the brightening & hydrating versions work for most skin types. The snail mucin mask is super popular and at this price each winner can receive several masks!

11. eye masks


After the bridal shower, prize winners will be happy to use up their eye masks to refresh their skin. These rose style ones are super cute for a bridal shower theme too!

12. silk hair scrunchies


Silk hair scrunches are so clutch for keeping your hair pulled back without any breakage. Just keep in mind if you know the length of hair of attendees for the shower. If everyone is rocking short hair, you may want to choose another prize option. 

13. card games for adults


This is a really unique bridal shower prize, but may be more costly. However, guests will definitely get competitive to win one of these as a prize. 

14. Facial ice roller


Every bougie girl needs an ice roller in her life. Let the winners know they can store in their freezer for a quick facial treat to tighten up their skin and wake up in the morning. 

15. insulated wine glass or tumbler


Insulated tumblers and wine glasses come in a lot of price points. You can find some quality ones like the Simple Modern brand above for around $10 (I use and love their big water bottles!) The more well-known brands like Corkicle run closer to $20-25 each. 

16. travel-sized beauty products

Scan the check-out area of your local Sephora or Ulta for some beauty minis! Just keep an eye on the prices as sometimes even the tiniest thing ends up being $30-plus dollars. 

17. baby baggu bag

Baby Baggu Bag

This mini version of the Baggu bag is so convenient and folds up into a tiny pouch. It’s perfect to store in a purse and use for shopping or holding extra items while out. 

18. personal fan


Living in humid NYC during the summer, I’ve grown to love having a small personal fan. Considering where you and your party guests live, winning a small fan might be a great prize. 

19. flower arrangements


If you’re decorating the shower with floral arrangements you can also repurpose them as prizes for game winners! Everyone loves fresh flowers and it’s one less item for you to take care of after the shower making it a win-win. 

Bridal Shower Prizes FAQ

How many prizes to have?

1 to 2 per game, but no more than 3 per game. I suggest preparing tie-breakers for your games so you can choose just 1 winner. Most bridal showers have no more than 3 games total. So that would be 3 to 9 total prizes. 

How much to spend on prizes?

Prizes can cost as little as a few dollars – Seriously, it’s the thought that counts and winners are just excited to be recognized as winners! Or, if your budget permits, prizes can be $10 to $15 a piece. Most showers I’ve attended have had prizes that were under $10 a prize. Please DO NOT go over your budget for prizes. 

Do you give prizes for Bridal Shower games?

It is absolutely not necessary to give prizes for bridal shower games. You can use that budget towards other shower expenses like food or favors and skip prizes – and I’m sure guests won’t mind. Instead, you can simply give winners an extra round of applause to celebrate. 

This post was all about bridal shower prizes – I hope you found inspiration for a prize for your bridal shower or bachelorette party games!

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