6 Productivity and Motivation Tips

This post is all about productivity tips and finding the motivation to get things done even when you really really just don’t feel like it. Let’s go crush our 2023 goals together!

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get things done, you’re not alone. As much as I love blogging, my day job and working out, there are plenty of times when actually doing the work is the last thing I feel like doing. That’s the thing, motivation comes and goes, so you have to learn how to commit to achieving your goals whether or not you’re feeling motivated that day. Here’s how I get shit done even when I don’t feel like it.

Here’s 6 straightforward productivity tips to keep motivated!

1. Make a List

Make a list of the small, specific tasks you need to do. The more specific the better. Instead of “clean house,” write out each small task like load dishwasher, vacuum floors, fold and organize laundry, etc. A to-do like “clean house” can seem overwhelming and intimidating to get started. By breaking down the larger task into simple steps, they become easier to cross off. And once you start crossing items off the to-do list, the more motivated you’ll become.

2. Try the Pomodoro Technique

Here’s how the Pomodoro technique works:

  • Determine a task that needs to be accomplished.
  • Set a time for 25 minutes.
  • Work on the task until the timer goes off and make a mark on a sheet of paper to track this.
  • Take a short break. 5 minutes is OK.
  • Every 4 sets or “pomodoros” take a longer break, such as 10-15 minutes.

By breaking up your work, you allow yourself to get hyper-focused during those periods of work, but you don’t burn yourself out because you have regular breaks. This technique isn’t for everyone, but is worth giving a try!

I absolutely love using this visual analog timer to help myself break down tasks. I feel super motivated to beat the clock! I will carry this around the apartment with me when cleaning or trying to focus on a single task. I find that I work even faster. I’m absolutely obsessed with this thing!

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3. Make Things as Easy as Possible

As they say, “fail to plan and you’ll plan to fail.” Make your plans as easy to follow through with as possible. If you’re trying to eat healthy for lunch, be sure to grocery shop for healthy foods then prep them over the weekend. This way, you’ll have your healthy food ready to go every day and won’t be tempted to turn to something else. If you’re a blogger, instead of sitting down to write without a plan, take the time to plan out your content calendar and outline your blog posts. That way when you’re not in the mood to write, half the work is already done for you.

4. Productivity Tip: Remember Your Why

Sometimes when getting to work is the last thing you feel like doing, you should remind yourself of the reason why you want to accomplish that task or goal. When it comes to going to the gym, I remind myself that I want to feel confident in my swimsuit this summer and it helps me follow through with my workouts.

5. Step Away from Social

Fight the urge to visit social media whatsoever. It’s way too easy to get sucked into a circle of going through each app on your phone. If this is a struggle for you when you’re trying to focus on a task, put your phone away completely. I like to put my phone away in a drawer after work for a few hours so I can focus on chores, dinner and whatever else without distractions.

6. Stop Waiting for Motivation and Just Do It

Like I said before, motivation is actually very fickle. When you really want to achieve something, you need to stop relying solely on motivation. Instead make your commitment a habit and just do it. It’s certainly easier said than done, but once you fall into the positive habit and see the positive results it will be easier to stay committed to your goals.

What are your tips for being productive when you have zero motivation?

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These 6 tips will help you be productive and stay motivated so you can cross off your to-do list. Here’s how to get things done when you have no motivation.


  1. Having a deadline works well for me.

    Many times my crazy schedule demands that I do certain things RIGHT NOW because nobody else will take care of them, and I will have to deal with the consequences if I don’t do them, so GO!!!

    Also promising myself a reward is nice. “When you’re done with X and Y you’ll get yourself a nice coffee break!”

    1. If I have a lot of tasks I love setting mini deadlines. Accomplish x by x time and then give myself a reward too. Sounds like we think alike! 🙂

    2. I’m sick in tired of being sick and tired. I am in my mid sixties. Worked like a dog to raise my kids, take care of my mother, grandmother and who ever else needed my help. My kids are University educated, great futures ahead of them. I have no parent or relationships other family. I am completely lost. I have been a RN for almost 47 years. The worst thing was having to retire. I have become unmotivated, unorganized and that’s not who I really am. Would appreciate any help you can give.

      1. Sounds like you may miss being needed. Perhaps volunteering with something that interests you joining a church small group might offer you a new friend base and the opportunity to connect with others.

        1. Hi! Altheia! I know how you feel! Here’s a few ideas for you to feel better !
          1, Go to the homeless shelter and volunteer to watch children!
          2, volunteer at the hospital where you used to work! The NICU sure could use a few more hands when taking care of the babies! And you could become a lactation nurse to help the new mommies learn to breastfeed their babies!
          3, Help a single mom or dad with their kids. You know how busy you we’re when you had kids! Your church will know a few single parents who needs the help.
          4, volunteer at a school to read to students in Kindergarten and teach them to read.
          5, go volunteer in a school to be a school nurse. Here in SC we have 1 nurse working at 2 schools!?
          Either way you win! You won’t be board, when you are free. And it will help you get motivated to do what you need to to feel better and help out others at the same time!
          Have a great day! And God bless you!
          Cheryl ?????

      2. 1st of all let’s look at what you wrote. #1 I’m sick #2 I’m sick and tired #3 worked like a dog #4 I am completely lost #5 I have become unmotivated #6 unorganized There you go now you can begin by redirecting what comes out of your mouth. Hope that helps.

        1. My day planner has a wonderful quote: “Never say anything about yourself you don’t want to come true”-Brian Tracy
          Also: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

      3. I think we can all relate. Don’t beat yourself up too much. We’ve been going full steam for so many years, I think we are just worn out! I’ve been retired for six years, and am just now getting motivated to get things done. My motivation? I don’t want my children to have to clean out all my stuff that I’ve accumulated over 45 years. They have their own lives and children, and it would be a burden to leave it for them to do. I started getting boxes behind grocery stores and have been filling them up to donate. I feel like I’m finally on my way, for a change. Good Luck to you!

      4. You sound like me. This is signs of depression. I have it and I’m bipolar as well. Sometimes WE don’t see it. It took my whole family to pointe out I was isolating, stopped going to my Dr. Stopped socializing and I also have 2 kids… thinking *(What now? What truly is my purpose in life…) talking to a therapist will help. Trust me I avoided it for 10 years thinking…NOPE not for me. Wast of money… but trust me it helps. Good luck.

        1. In that same boat only I don’t get asked to go to family things and feel unwanted a lot. I have so much I am behind in that it has me paralyzed to even start. It is all overwhelming. I have asked if my children would help but I think they don’t take me serious because I have always been the one to handle things. Well, not anymore. I can’t handle life, work and the simple things. Depression is my condition but I don’t dwell on it other than to consider to check in to take time for just me. Fix what is broken. Hugs and prayers .

      5. start doing things for YOU jump in and smell the roses make new connections with like minded peopleand learn new things

  2. I love writing things down and crossing it off, makes a huge difference when it is there visually! I love using that technique and I completely agree with the fact that a lot of people wait till they have the motivation to do something but in short we will probably never get to that point so we just have to suck it up and do it!

    1. That concept really helps me with working out. I know it’s rare that I’ll wake up ready to go hit the gym, so if I make it a habit without even thinking about it, I can actually fill that goal. 🙂

  3. I work the opposite from making a to do list. A list becomes a stressor for me. So I hang up a blank DONE list. As I do things I get to write them down. It’s a good feeling to see a long list at the end of the day of what I actually did accomplish.
    Now, I do keep a weekly to-do list in my planner just to keep me on track but there is something to be said for this ‘done list’. It’s a visual reward or pat on the back for myself.

    1. OMG that is a really great idea too! Sometimes I’ll add a few items to my list that are already completed so that I can go ahead and immediately scratch them off for that sense of accomplishment. 🙂

    2. Yep I find the DONE list extremely rewarding too! When I feel really flat and depressed because I feel like I haven’t done anything and wasted a day, I write up the DONE list and then have the satisfaction of crossing it all off lol!
      Depression gone instantly and feel really proud of my productivity!

  4. I have retained from hairstyling. I have lived by a clock for 50 years. Now is my chance to be happy with not Having to do any thing on time. I hate it. I find myself having to make myself even get started in the morning because there is nothing pressing me to do. I work better under pressure. What can I do to movatate myself.

    1. My mom retired from nursing and felt the same struggle. Her other passion has always been crafts. So now we have a small craft biz together. Nothing time consuming or with deadlines. Just for fun. Do you have any hobbies? Or maybe you could volunteer once a week at a women’s shelter giving haircuts and support? Some of my best therapy sessions have been in my beautician’s chair.

  5. I Love the part you said that we should stop waiting for motivation. Sometimes i get unmotivated but making things easier works best for me from what i’ve noticed!

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Thank you! It’s definitely something I have to remind myself about. I know I won’t always jump out of bed ready to conquer the day (or a workout) so I have to remember to make it a habit and not just hope I “feel like it.”

  6. First, I absolutely love the pin image! Made me realize i can be so more myself when posting (as i have one of the worlds worst potty mouths)

    Second, great tips. Love the mention of not waiting for the motivation, its so true.


  7. I like and use the idea of breaking down my tasks into smaller steps. It makes it so much easier to tackle the larger jobs. Loved your blog post. I will probably be back to reread it from time to time.

  8. I “start in a corner” with the plan to “make an improvement”. I don’t feel compelled to get it perfect or finish everything but I usually end up doing more in the end. And it’s always an improvement so I’ve met my goal.

  9. I just retired from teaching high / middle school. Reading these comments and suggestions make me feel somewhat prepared for this new journey. Thank you for these ideas. I have a feeling that these are ideas I will use.

  10. I totally need this right now. Thank you so much for the heads up

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