Whole 30 Pantry Essentials

Are you completing a Whole 30 this new year? Set yourself up for success with these Whole 30 pantry essentials.

I personally love the New Year season and the way everyone is inspired to eat healthy. It’s a great time to detox from all the sugar and cookies and heavy meals that happened over the holidays. And since most people are focused on eating healthier there are fewer temptations from others.

I’m really excited about kicking off January with a Whole 30. The best part is my boyfriend has agreed to follow the diet with me. It will be interesting to see how we do. He loves his dairy and pastas and breads. I on the other hand eat pretty healthy and similar to a Whole 30/Paleo diet except that I have a weak spot for sweets and tortilla chips (who doesn’t?!).

I’m looking forward to cleaning up my diet and reaping the benefits of healthier eating like an improved mood and more energy. Since we’re starting the Whole 30 in January, I’m already stocking up our pantry with Whole 30 friendly items and cleaning out the junk.

Here are my Whole 30 Pantry Essentials for a successful Whole 30 or Paleo diet!
Almond & Coconut Flour – I like using the almond flour for breaded chicken. A girl can only eat so much plain chicken without going crazy.
Sugar Free Marinara Sauce – Paired with meatballs and spaghetti squash or zoodles, this is a great weeknight dinner when you’re crunched for time, but need a hearty, savory meal.
Tomato Sauce + Paste + Diced – Basically just get all the tomatoes! 🙂
Coconut Milk & Almond Milk – make sure it’s sugar free!
Coconut Aminos – This is similar to soy sauce but without the soy! If you’re into asian food like me, this is a must!
Spices Galore! I love cinnamon for my apple slices and a variety of spices for my meats and veggies.
Sunflower, Almond and other nut butters (except peanut butter!) – I love almond butter with my apple slices. However, be mindful of your portion sizes. It’s easy for me to get a little carried away with nut butters, so I often opt for eating a serving of nuts every day instead.
Sweet and White Potatoes – I go through SO many sweet potatoes during Whole 30.
Hot Sauce – Frank’s Red Hot is Whole 30 and easy to get anywhere!
Larabars – Read the labels because not all versions are Whole 30 compliant.
Beef and Chicken Broth – Soups are great on a Whole 30 because you can get a great variety of veggies all in one meal.
Applesauce – Be sure it’s sugar free. You can top it off with your cinnamon.
Canned meats – I regularly eat canned tuna. Safe Catch is a great brand.
Jerky – This is a great backup to keep at your desk too for those days when you’re starving but trying to resist the vending machine.
Mustard – A favorite quick and easy meal is tuna + compliant mayo & mustard and some diced pickles.
Your favorite nuts and seeds – I especially like walnuts and pistachios.
EVOO + Vinegars to make your own dressing – I like to mix mine up in a mason jar.
Avocado & Coconut Oil – for cooking. I love preparing an over-easy egg in coconut oil.

These need to be refrigerated, but I also suggest Tessemae’s dressings and Primal Kitchen Mayo. You can and should definitely consider making your own dressings, marinades and more, but it’s nice to have some on hand.
This list, while pretty long, isn’t fully comprehensive. These are just the items I turn to regularly during a Whole 30. You can visit the Whole 30 site for more suggested pantry items. Check out my Top 10 Whole30 tips here. 

Good news – you can shop for many of these pantry essentials on Amazon! 

How do you prepare for a Whole 30 or Paleo diet? What essentials do you stock in your pantry? Let me know your favorites below! 

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These Whole 30 Pantry Essentials will stock your kitchen and prepare you for a successful Whole 30 or Paleo diet. You'll want to see these must-have items!


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  1. I have heard of Whole 30 before, but never really knew exactly what it was about. Your post was very informative, thank you so much for sharing! Everything sounds delicious!

  2. WOW! You have given me a lot to think about. Very inspiring! Thankj you.

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