Make the Most of Fall at Young’s Dairy

If you’re looking for a short trip out of Cincinnati, I suggest heading north towards the greater Dayton area and stopping at Young’s Jersey Dairy right outside of Yellow Springs. It’s a short trip from Cincinnati – it was just over an hour for us coming from Northern Kentucky. It makes for the perfect fall day trip to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. There are plenty of activities at Young’s Jersey Dairy to keep all of us nostalgia-hungry millennials happy and families of all ages. Here’s my guide to enjoying a day at Young’s Dairy. So mark your calendars, grab your flannels and boots and head to Young’s for a day of fall fun.

What to Eat at Young’s Dairy

To put it in one word: everything. We had lunch at The Golden Jersey Inn which was more home cooked style meals vs. the more casual burgers & fries at the other restaurant.

For lunch we tried:
Chicken Dumplings with Macaroni & Cheese
Fried Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Casserole
And a side of the Fried Cheese Curds for the table

The chicken dumplings were the best kind of comfort food. They were rich and cozy, but the carrots and fresh herbs kept the dish bright. The mac and cheese was good, but our least favorite of all the dishes. Definitely opt for cheese curds as your side!

I love a fried pork tenderloin. It’s my ultimate comfort food and reminds me of my hometown restaurant. I will admit Young’s was a thicker tenderloin with a really great crust. My secret is topping it off with buffalo sauce. ? Try it sometime! The sweet potato casserole was a nice surprise and the top of the small dish was even caramelized. It was like a mini Thanksgiving side dish. Which makes me wonder how great the rest of the food is during Young’s Annual Thanksgiving Buffet. (Has anyone been? I’d love to hear about it below!)

I’ve never had fried cheese curds before and I was surprised by how much I liked them. I mean it’s fried cheese so what’s not to like?! However, The Golden Jersey Inn has them lightly breaded and very well seasoned so they’re extremely flavorful. And even though they’re fried they weren’t overly greasy. These are not the standard frozen mozzarella sticks you find on other menus.

For dessert, you have to have at least a scoop of their freshly made ice cream that comes in dozens of flavor options.

The Animals at Young’s Dairy

You’ll find plenty of goats to feed and pet, plus there were some baby cows during our visit in the barn that you have access to walk through. Another group of cows that supply milk for all the cheese and ice cream you enjoy on site also resides by the barn. We spotted a stray cat during our visit and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few more making the farm their home. Every day around 4:30 to 5:30 you can also catch cows being milked in the public area of the barn.

How to Enjoy Fall at Young’s Dairy

Eat all the Young’s Pumpkin Ice Cream!

I got the buckeye sundae and swapped out the usual peanut butter cup ice cream for a scoop of the pumpkin and it was so worth it. They typically have several dozen flavors to choose from like Black Raspberry, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Peaches and Cream, S’mores and so many more.

Pick your Pumpkin!

They have thousands of pumpkins to pick from. You can take a hay ride to the patch or grab one near the dairy store. In addition to the larger ones for carving, they have some of the cute, small & colorful decorative ones too.

Start a Tradition with their Pumpkin Signs

We heard a story that one year they didn’t have the pumpkin sign up and fans were not happy about it given that many have a tradition of taking a family photo at the sign. Start your own tradition and show off your fall pride with a picture by the sign and hay barrels.

Make Your Way Through the Corn Playland

This year the corn isn’t quite high enough for a traditional maze. Unfortunately, the weather really controls whether or not the crop grows tall enough in time for them to create a maze. But, that doesn’t mean there still isn’t fun to have. There is a path through the corn and some fun games in different areas as well as more photo opportunities.

Get Spooked!

You can find Haunted Hayride Rides & Scary Stories from 7:30 – 10 pm on Friday and Saturday nights through October 27th.

Other Family Fun at Young’s Jersey Dairy

Cowvin’s Kiddie Corral – a kid’s only play area with a corn pit, slide, tractors, straw pit and more
Cowvin’s Fast Slide – a three-lane slide for kids of all ages
Moovers & Shakers – a 5-10 barrel passenger train that travels around the farm

For the Older Kids & Adults

Putt-Putt Mini Golf – They have 2 courses so you can make your way through pretty quickly even if the place is busy. We had a lot of fun. The course was challenging but not crazy hard.
Plus, you can find covered batting cages and a driving range.

Don’t Forget to Shop While You’re At Young’s

You can take home a pint of their ice cream and some freshly made cheese curds. They even offer sample packs. Plus, they have so many items that would make perfect gifts. This time of year they even had some freshly baked pumpkin bread available for purchase.

And after fall, the fun doesn’t stop. You can choose and cut your own Christmas tree starting November 29. Details here.

Have you ever visited Young’s Dairy? What was your favorite part? Pin the image below to save this guide for later.

Thank you to Young’s Dairy for hosting me. As always, all opinions are my own.

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