Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him! Find the perfect Valentine’s, Christmas or Birthday gift for the guy in your life. These are great gift ideas…


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him! Find the perfect Valentine’s, Christmas or Birthday gift for the guy in your life. These are great gift ideas for adult men and teenagers.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? It was so much fun as a kid, getting all the cards and candy. Even now I enjoy celebrating it whether or not I’m in a relationship. Typically, it means I have an excuse to enjoy chocolate and pink frosted sugar cookies (my fave!). It’s a fun holiday that brightens up the winter season. When I am in a relationship, I like to give gifts. Usually nothing big, but just something to as a token of how much I appreciate my S.O.

It’s not always easy finding Valentine’s Day Gifts for him. So, I’ve rounded up below some of my tried and true Valentine’s Day (or other holiday & birthday) gifts for him.

A Gaming System – Nintendo is launching their new system, Nintendo Switch, in early March, so you could place a pre-order for that system. Or, you could also get the Nintendo NES which is basically the original Nintendo and such a great throwback. It comes with all the games preloaded and would make a great gift for anyone. I think we all loved Nintendo as kids!

New Games – If he’s already happy with the gaming systems he has, you could pick up new video games. You can’ t go wrong with Call of Duty or Resident Evil.

Wireless Charger – My boyfriend loves his wireless phone charger.

VR Headset – These are SO fun! This is definitely a gift item that he might not typically buy for himself, so it would be fun to receive from someone else.

Hat, Gloves & Scarf – First, it’s still cold for quite some time after Valentine’s Day so this gift would definitely be useful. Secondly, if your boyfriend is anything like mine he’s always forgetting his hat and gloves during winter.

Ticket Stub Diary – Do you go to a lot of concerts together? I got this idea because my brother loves going to live shows and has been saving his concert ticket stubs for years. He displays some in large frames but also these ticket stub books. They are a great way to look back at these fun memories.

Biography From Someone He Admires – I love gifting books to people. I think biographies and autobiographies also make great reads. I’m personally super excited to read Shoe Dog, from the founder of Nike – it has great reviews.

Concert Tickets – It’s that time of year when festivals start announcing their lineups. Check out Bonnaroo, Bunbury, Coachella or one that’s closer to you. Festivals can be pricy, so tickets to see just one band would be great too.

What gifts do you give for Valentine’s Day? What’s your favorite gift to receive?


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him - Get your boyfriend or husband the perfect Valentine’s Day gift with this gift guide for him.


  1. I tried different gadgets, coupons, reservations etc earlier. Last year i gifted an assistant from Habiliss, and he is still continuing with the same assistant for many tasks. Not sure what to give this time. Thinking gifting assistant for a whole year.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I’d been having a hard time coming up with ideas for my hubby! Guys are so much harder to shop for than girls in my opinion, lol maybe that’s just because I am a girl.

    1. Hahha, Honestly I agree it’s easier to shop for women because I just buy them things I want for myself. 🙂 Glad this post helped!

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