I Tried It: Gold Star Chili’s Vegetarian Chili

I was recently invited to a special event at Gold Star Chili to try their new vegetarian Cincinnati-style chili. I immediately accepted the invitation because I love Gold Star. Their chili is so flavorful and they’re my choice for Cincinnati-style chili. I opted to try the vegetarian style chili alongside the traditional and the verdict is in: It’s delicious!

Now I’m not a vegetarian, but I do try to incorporate lots of veggies into my diet and will occasionally cut back on the meat. Trying the new vegetarian chili from Gold Star Chili, I was surprised at how similar it was to the original. The only difference I noticed was that the vegetarian chili was just a little bit spicier. I love spicy food and while this wasn’t super spicy, it had the perfect kick.

The success is due to the Gold Star Chili team spending months on recipe testing. They made a perfect combination of a secret blend of spices. (I wish I knew what they were!) And they matched the meat texture perfectly. What makes me even happier, is that the vegetarian chili is made from a soy and gluten free vegetable protein. The dish is actually vegan until you add the cheese on top.

I also got the chance to learn from the GSC professionals about how to make the perfect 3-way. You have to start with a nice base of spaghetti pasta and be sure to shake the plate a little bit to get it even across the dish. Then pile on the chili. With the first ladle, you pour the chili all over the spaghetti making sure to get close to the edges. Then take a half scoop with the ladle and pour that directly in the middle. Then basically pile on a TON of cheese.

My date and I enjoyed a few other options on the menu. The location of the event was the Gold Star Chili on Xavier University’s campus and this location actually has some burgers on the menu too. Plus, the outstanding parmesan garlic fries. These are a must too! It’s impossible to not finish the entire dish.

The Gold Star Chili vegetarian Cincinnati-style chili is perfect for chili lovers looking for a meat-free option. It’s only available at restaurants until April 16 which aligns well with the Lenten season for those who follow it. My hope is that the chili is so popular they decide to keep it year-round!

Want to get your hands on some free Gold Star Chili? Enter to win a $25 Gold Star Chili gift card below! If you win, you’ve got to try the vegetarian chili. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to share your GSC pics on social with #chilidifferently!

Find your nearest Gold Star Chili location here.

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