Looking for something to do in Cincinnati? Come to Pins Mechanical which is a must-do when visiting Cincinnati.

Things to Do in Cincinnati: Pins Mechanical Company

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Looking for something to do in Cincinnati?

Visit Pins Mechanical Company in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio for a nostalgic and fun night out.

What is Pins Mechanical Company?

Pins is a massive bar with floors of entertainment, including a recently opened rooftop bar. Personally, I love a place that has games and activities to partake in instead of just drinking around the bar. Pins has no shortage of fun. You’ll find a variety of games, including:

  • duckpin bowling
  • foosball
  • classic pinball machines
  • ping pong
  • bocce ball courts
  • Jenga & Connect Four

Along with the games, there are plenty of tables and seating. You can also find two fire pits on the rooftop.

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What is duckpin bowling?

Duckpin bowling is similar to the regular bowling you’re used to. However, the balls are much smaller. There are no holes in the ball. You can actually just hold it in the palm of your hand. The duckpins are also shorter than regular ones and you roll the ball three times in a row versus two.
What’s even better is you can wear your regular shoes! No borrowed bowling shoes needed.

I find duckpin to be pretty approachable for any novice. Sometimes I have a really great game and sometimes I just do okay, but it’s always easier to get the hang of things than regular bowling. Plus, it’s one of the games where I can beat my boyfriend, so it’s definitely a favorite for me.

For the foosball, ping pong and bocce ball games, you’ll need to stop at the host on the first floor to get your materials. The pinball machines are $.50 a game.

If it’s your first visit, I recommend stopping on each and every floor, including the basement and rooftop. The basement has the most bathrooms and there’s a space off to the side with seating and ping pong.

What is there to drink at Pins?

You’ll find drink options on every floor, however, the rooftop only has canned beers and wines. You can, however, bring up drinks from the other bars. And NEW on the rooftop is the shaved ice drinks. These things are massive. You can get a single shaved ice for $8 and it includes your choice of shaved ice flavor, plus an airplane bottle of liquor. It’s a great deal and you can opt for a double if you’re feeling brave. 🙂

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In addition to shaved ice, you can find a full selection of craft beers and cocktails. I tried the Spareberry on my last visit. It’s a gin drink with strawberry, basil and lemon. And DELICIOUS! If you’re not sure whether gin is for you, I suggest starting with this cocktail. Along with all the adult beverages, you’ll also find a full non-alcohol/mocktail list. I am a big fan of n/a options and think more bars should have dedicated offerings. A few of the Pins mocktails come with a glass you get to keep.

Other Details

There isn’t a food menu, but you can carry in from any of the many nearby restaurants. And Pins is all ages (with adult supervision) until 8 pm every day. After 8 pm it’s strictly 21+.

Pins Mechanical Company Location
1124 Main Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Sunday: 12 pm – 1 am
Monday – Wednesday: 4 pm – 1 am
Thursday & Friday: 4 pm – 2:30 am
Saturday: 12 pm – 2:30 am

What is Pins Mechanical Happy Hour?


Pins Website

They also offer some really sweet shirts, jackets & other gear. I am already obsessed with my bomber jacket and believe it was the secret to me winning the duckpin game.

I was hosted by Pins Mechanical Company for a complimentary visit, but no blog post was required. Pins is a bar that I’ve been a fan of since it opened and you can find me (and my boyfriend!) visiting it regularly. I hope my recommendation convinces you to stop by!

Looking for something to do in Cincinnati? Come to Pins Mechanical which is a must-do when visiting Cincinnati.
Pins Mechanical is a must-do when visiting Cincinnati Ohio. If you’re traveling in Cincinnati stop at this place for kids, families and adults.

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