Things to Do in Cincy: Tablespoon Cooking Co.

A few weeks ago I had the joy of attending a Tablespoon Cooking Co. Class at the Findlay Kitchen in Over-the-Rhine. I attended the Soups & Sandwiches class and it was such a great introduction to the team and style of these classes. I learned how to make two hearty and flavorful soups, plus two indulgent and classic sandwiches. The class was taught by owner Chef Jordan Hamons along with several other assisting chefs.

If you’ve never tried a cooking class before, this would be a great one to start with. The team at TBSP does a great job of demoing the recipes bit by bit then allowing you to get your hands dirty and do the cooking yourself. I was really cooking everything on the night’s menu so I was able to work on my cooking skills, but the moment I needed some assistance dicing an onion, the team was there to help. I personally appreciate this style of teaching because I left feeling more confident in my cooking skills than if it would have been a less hands on class.

With the communal tables, casual environment and available craft beers and wines, the classes are a great place for a girls night, double date or a way to meet new people. Due to some scheduling conflicts I actually attended solo and never felt out of place, plus I ended up with SOOOO many leftovers. I had an extra half sammie of each type we tried and (seriously) several quarts of soup. This class sets you up for lunch for the rest of the week. And you’ll get a printed copy of the recipes to remake at home.

I’m a little shocked at myself for saying this, but my favorite dish ended up being the Reuben sandwich. I’ve never liked these, but by making it myself fresh in the class with the homemade thousand island dressing I finally got to try one that tasted how it should. Credit has to be given here to not just the chefs for teaching us how to best put the sandwich together, but also putting together a great recipe and sourcing quality ingredients. The meats, the produce, the breads were all sourced from local vendors (many from Findlay Market) and you’ll realize part of cooking a great meal is simply just starting with good quality food.

I also learned a few knife skills that I’ve been putting to use regularly since the class. I know I learned just a preview of what’s offered in the full Essential Knife Skills class, so I’m adding that one to my to-do list.

You’ll leave the class with SO many easy tips:
– When cooking you need to trust your own senses and not just what the recipe states.
– For a good soup you need to layer the flavors and so the entire body is flavorful and not just broth.
– Taste the soup as you go and adjust seasonings throughout the cooking process.
– If your ingredients are too big for your spoon, then they need to be diced up smaller. This way you can get a bite of all the ingredients in one spoonful.
– Mayo on grilled cheese is AMAZING, trust me on this.

How can you tell if the Tablespoon Cooking Co. class will be right for you? Well if you want to try a new skill, mix things up on a weeknight, leave with a full belly and some amazing leftovers, then you need to sign up asap. Visit the website for the current class lineup and check out their Facebook or Instagram to keep an eye on upcoming classes, like holiday pies & entertaining, bread baking, fried chicken and more. And what makes attending a class even sweeter is knowing you’ll be supporting small, local businesses. While you’re picking out a class for yourself, consider getting some for friends and family too!

I was invited to attend a Tablespoon Cooking Co. class at no cost; however, all opinions shared are 100% my own.

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