Summer Date Ideas

35+ Summer Date Ideas

35+ Summer Date Ideas to inspire you to get outside and enjoy the season!

The days are longer, the weather is warmer and the sun is out! Sometimes it’s tempting to spend summer days inside enjoying the AC away from the heat, so I’m sharing ideas for a fun summer date whether it’s with your partner, bestie or group of friends. 

Summers can fly by, so make sure you schedule at least one summer date night every week or so. These cute summer date ideas can be adjusted to fit many budgets, so I hope you can take advantage and enjoy the summer season!

35+ Summer Date Ideas

Indulge in a Foodie Tour

Food tours can be so fun to get to try a variety of places in one day, and to explore more of your own neighborhood. Being a tourist in your own city is a fun way to think about date ideas.

If you have the option in your neighborhood, I highly recommend trying one out. You’ll get to experience the best of the best in just one day. 

DIY a Summer Cocktail (or Mocktail)

’Tis the season for fresh, fruity drinks. Try to outdo each other with your own cutie mocktail or cocktail creation. Pair the tasting with some simple appetizers, preferably al fresco.

I would get started with a scroll on Pinterest or TikTok and bring in some seasonal fruits for something that really celebrates summer. 

Head to a Baseball Game

Baseball games and summer go hand in hand! Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, it’s really fun to attend and support your local team. Plus, you get to enjoy all the stadium food like nachos and hot dogs. 

Go Hiking

Get outside! Search for local parks in your state or city to determine which one is best for your experience level and go. Download AllTrails if you’d like a detailed trail map to follow. Bonus points if you pack a picnic too!

Try Paddle Boarding or Kayaking

It’s another summer must-do to spend some time in the water. I personally love stand-up paddle boarding, though kayaking is really fun as a couple too. If you’re really into outdoor physical activities, I suggest checking out rock climbing as well. 

Outdoor Concerts and Festivals

My personal favorite part of summer is the music festivals! If there’s one you’re interested in, make it a priority to go. Otherwise, research some local outdoor concerts in your neighborhood.

We have so many free outdoor shows once the weather warms up. And in my opinion, even if it’s not a style of music I normally listen to, all live music is pretty fun. 

BBQ Cook-Off

Get out the grill and have a cook off. You and your BF or friends can try to outdo each other with different barbecue recipes. You could work together on a main dish and then someone takes a side or appetizer and the other person works on a dessert item.

Try to cook as much of the meal on the grill – you can even cook grilled lettuce and vegetables for salads or fruits for dessert. 

Take Cooking Classes

If you like the barbecue cook-off idea, take your cooking skills to the next level with an official cooking class. There are countless cooking classes out there, and pasta cooking classes seem especially popular.

The best part is you usually have leftovers to take home, plus new skills for the next time you’re in the kitchen!

Bar Patio Crawl

This might be the funnest of all on the list. Stake out all the patio, deck and rooftop bars in your neighborhood and enlist some friends to go on a patio crawl. Enjoy all the summery drinks and views that you can get.

Make a S’mores Bar

S’mores are never not delicious. Try out some new s’mores combinations using Oreos or chocolate chip cookies and set yourself up around a campfire. You can also create an indoor s’mores set up if you don’t have access to a campfire. 

Go Estate Sale & Yard Sale Hunting

Even with Facebook Marketplace, I still love taking in a yard sale or estate sale during the summer. On a weekend morning, scope out the ones in your neighborhood or nearby. Find some new items to take home or a DIY project that you can fix up together. 

Take a Pool Day

I would spend weeks straight at the swimming pool as a kid. Sadly, that’s no longer possible with having a day job and all. But, that doesn’t mean you can take a day to spend at the pool.

Either go to your local neighborhood pool for an inexpensive experience or try visiting a hotel for their rooftop pools. Bask in the sun, play mermaids and have a relaxing time together. 

Visit an Amusement Park

For the adrenaline seekers, head to the amusement park for the day! Try the tallest rollercoaster for the ultimate thrill. 

Go Putt-Putt Mini Golfing

In the midwest we always called it putt-putt, but I think other regions refer to it as mini golf – whichever it is, have some fun golfing this summer! The kitschier the mini golf the better in my opinion. I love the ones that have really silly themes.

In addition to the mini version, you could also spend a few hours at the driving range, a golf simulator or Topgolf. 

Bike Ride & Ice Cream

Head out for a bike ride in your neighborhood or a local park. I really love riding bikes along the water too. Here in NYC and back when I lived in Cincinnati it’s very easy to rent a bike using an app like Citibike, but you may have to travel to a larger city. 

While you’re out on the bike ride together, make sure to stop for ice cream. This could easily become a weekly great summer date idea to try out all the various ice cream spots in your neighborhood. 

Outdoor Yoga Class

Relax with your loved one by taking an outdoor yoga class together. Getting a healthy stretch and some gentle movement feels amazing in the sunshine and summer air. 

Outdoor Movie Night

There are so many options for outdoor movie nights in the summer! Here in New York City, there are regular movie nights at various parks, the Skyline drive-in theater (vehicle optional), and the Rooftop Cinema Club. 

Check your local park’s website and social channels for upcoming movie nights or entertainment or look up the closest drive-in near you and take a road trip. 

If you have space at home, you can also DIY the outdoor movie experience.  

Watch the Sunset or Sunrise 

In the evening you can stargaze and in the morning, enjoy some coffee and plan out the rest of your week together. Try to keep the devices away and just soak in the moment together.

Wine Tastings

Head to a local winery or popular wine bar for a wine tasting. Challenge yourself to try wines you haven’t before. During the summer, I suggest going with white, orange or rose instead of red wines. 

You can also try this at home, though I suggest hosting a wine tasting with a group as it will be easier to sample 3-4 wines if you’re able to share with others. 

Picnic with your Favorite Books

A summer picnic is an easy date idea and so underrated. Nothing beats soaking up the sun and taking in the greenery. I recommend grabbing a chocolate candy bar that you can let melt in the sun to dip fresh fruit in. 

And if you don’t love reading, you can pack a small card game for entertainment, such as Uno, Monopoly Go! (a favorite of ours!), or conversation question cards

Disposable Camera Photo Shoot

Pick up a disposable camera or an instant print camera for an impromptu photo shoot around the house or out and about with each other. 

Play Pool at a Dive Bar

Find your local dive bar and spend an evening playing pool, listening to the jukebox and enjoying some cheap drinks. 

Taste Test TikTok-Famous Treats

Spend an evening trying the TikTok famous snacks, treats or recipes that have been catching your eye. A few for inspiration would be Fruit Roll-Up ice cream, candied frozen grapes and ranch seasoning pickles.

Movie Marathon For the Hot-Hot-Hot Summer Days

When it’s truly too hot to head outside, plan a fun movie marathon indoors. Grab blankets and pillows to add to your couch, or try what we do, and put an air mattress in front of the couch for a giant “mega” couch. 

Farmer’s Market 

Spend a morning at your local farmer’s market picking up seasonal, local produce and whatever else catches your eye and make a recipe together afterwards. 

DIY Painted or Pressed Flowers Candles

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Paint & Wine places because I wouldn’t usually be interested in displaying the painting anywhere at home. LOL. But, decor that I think would be fun to keep at home would be decorated candles!

Get plain taper candles and decorate them with dried pressed flowers or some paint. Choose simple designs or get as unique as you’d like. Afterwards, you’ll have some really beautiful candles to decorate with and use. 

Arcade Games Day

Head to the nearest arcade near you for a fun summer date playing arcade games. Make it even more competitive with a bet for whoever wins the most games. 

Boat Day 

A summer day is never wasted if it’s spent on water. Take a boat tour, rent a small paddle boat, get on a sailboat, or even just take a fun ferry ride with drinks. 

Spa Day or Bath House

Another idea for when it’s too hot to be outside is to visit a spa or bath house. I love the Bath House here in NYC and Ryan and I often go to the spa for our anniversary for facials or massages. 

Berry & Stone Fruit Picking

Make the most of the seasonal produce this time of year – it’s so delicious – and go picking for berries or stone fruits. Search on Pinterest for a recipe to make afterwards. 


Spend a day inside away from the heat thrifting. Honestly, it’s thrilling to to find a perfect outfit or item at a great price. 

Pedicures Together

Similar to the spa day, but you can usually just head to a salon for this, indulge in pedicures together! There’s no better time to enjoy a pedicure than summer anyway when your toes are often more exposed. And, it’s 2024, it’s totally normal for guys to get pedicures too. 

Road Trip 

Whether it’s a day trip, a weekend away or a long vacation, a summer road trip is a great date idea. If you want an amazing summer destination that is really easy to road trip through, let me recommend New England. There are so many cute, coastal towns only a few hours apart so you’re never driving for very long at once. 

For shorter trips, head to another major city near you that you haven’t been to, or make a trip for an attraction that’s a few hours away that you’ve always wanted to see. 

Make a Summer Playlist 

Spend a night putting together the ultimate summer playlist. You can compile all the YouTube videos into one playlist to watch and listen to. And then add them all to a Spotify playlist so you can listen to it again and again. 

Board Game Night

Dust off the board games and gather some simple snacks for a classic board game night! 

Make Flower Arrangements

Go pick up several bunches of flowers at a local flower market, Trader Joe’s or another inexpensive place nearby. Then head home and watch some YouTube videos for tips on how to make the best bouquets or flower arrangements and try to DIY it. 

Visit the Zoo

Zoos were always fun as kids and there’s no reason not to visit them as adults either! 


If you’re the adventurous type who doesn’t mind sleeping outside, then take a camping trip! Few things are als relaxing as 

Plan the Ultimate Bucket List Trip

Spend a day together planning your ultimate bucket list trip. Even if it’s not one you can take anytime soon, it’s so fun to daydream and do some planning. Scour Pinterest and TikTok for inspiration and put it all together in a Google Doc or on a vision board. Pick a date in the future to plan the trip for even if it’s years away. 

What’s your favorite summer date idea?

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