13 Simple Ways to Say I Love You

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great reminder to let your loved ones know how much you love and appreciate them. Showing…


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great reminder to let your loved ones know how much you love and appreciate them. Showing someone just how much you love them doesn’t have to be through over-the-top gestures or expensive gifts. Below I’ve listed 13 simple ways you can show how much you appreciate your loved one.

To be honest, some of these are very simple while other involve a bit more planning and time. Either way, I hope you find some inspiration below.

Recreate Your First Date

My BF and I love returning to the restaurant and bar where we had our first date. The best part is the food is delicious here so we’re always happy to return.

Make Their Favorite Dessert

Sweets are always a win in my book. And making something from scratch (or a mix) that is their absolute favorite is a sweet (pun intended) gesture.

Make Their Favorite Childhood Food

Sensing a pattern here? Food will always be the way to someone’s heart and if you recreate their favorite childhood dish you’re definitely tugging on those nostalgic strings too. Plus, how often do most of us eat the same foods we did as a kid? Most likely not that often since we’re more worried about veggies and lean proteins now and as a kid I would eat boxes of the cheap mac and cheese!

Find Their Old Favorite Movie

There’s something about nostalgia that warms everyone’s heart. Try tracking down their favorite movie from their childhood or teenage years. Make a night of it with some popcorn and throwback snacks.

Give Them Tickets to Their Favorite Band

This is always a great gift! If their favorite band isn’t touring yet or if tickets are just too pricey/far away, download that artist’s recent album to their iTunes for a little surprise. It’s a small gesture, but they’d be reminded of your kindness every time they go to play that band.

Compliment Them

Another easy one! Give them a sincere specific compliment. It doesn’t need to be overly sweet as long as it’s genuine. Even better if you can pay them a compliment in front of others too.

Clean Their Car

My boyfriend loves to keep his car clean inside and out. He usually does a pretty good job of staying on top of it himself, but I think it’d be a great surprise to take their car through the car wash and clean it out for them.

Take Their Clothes to the Dry Cleaner

Similar to the above, try running an errand for them. I certainly don’t think this is something you should be expected to do all the time. But, it’s a universal truth that we all hate running errands so it really shows how much you love someone if you scratch one of the more dreadful items off their to-do list, especially if their love language is Acts of Service.

Make Them Something

Gifts don’t always have to be bought at the store. You can make them something useful like knitting them a winter hat or scarf. If that’s too intimidating, just pull together a playlist for them.

Buy Them A New Shirt

If DIYing isn’t your game at all, pick them up something new at the store. Try to do this when it’s not their birthday or an anniversary, but a “just because” surprise gift. Plus, if you get them a nice new shirt or outfit, you’ll have an excuse for them to show it off on a date night out which is a win-win.

Plan A Staycation

This one involves more planning and cost than the others, but I think it’s such a fun idea and concept. I know I haven’t seen or explored all the fun activities and places that my city has to offer. Plan a weekend of local sightseeing and scratch some items of your local bucket list together.

Give Them A Framed Photo of the Two of You

Either take some new photos together with a quality camera or just grab one of your favorites off social media and get it printed then framed. I know I certainly don’t get any of my photos printed anymore since everything just goes online, but it’s really nice to have a printed photo to keep at your desk or office.

Make Them Breakfast in Bed

Try this on the weekend or even surprise them during the week. To make things really easy and delicious, pick up the Valentine’s heart-shaped donuts from Dunkin or your favorite local bakery.

What little ways do you show your love? Share your ideas below! And let me know if you try any of these!

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