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    The Best Movie Series to Binge Watch
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    Things to Do in Northside, Cincinnati
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    10 Dry January Tips

Pretty Fit Packs – December Review

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a thing for subscription boxes. I love getting mail every month and with the PrettyFit packs I get to try out a curated selection of health & fitness supplements and goodies. December’s “Healthy Holiday Pack” is still available for sale here and I share below what I thought of the month’s items.

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Monthly Gratitude – December 2015

How do you give thanks for the good things in life? I am often guilty of focusing on what’s wrong or being too busy thinking about the next thing I need to do to take the time and consider just how lucky I’ve been and how many great things I have in my life. So, for every month, I’m going to list the things I am thankful for in an effort to consciously practice gratitude on a regular basis.

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Review – PrettyFit Subscription Pack

Have you ever heard of PrettyFit subscription packs? I am OBSESSED with these. I LOVE subscription boxes and was an early subscriber to BirchBox and PopSugar’s Must-Have boxes. Both of which were great, but I didn’t really need the items or put them to use like I do the ones in the PrettyFit boxes. PrettyFit packs combine the best and new women’s nutritional supplements, healthy snacks and sometimes workout gear into a single box at easily a fraction of the cost of buying the items separately. That’s a major incentive for me when it comes to purchasing/rationalizing subscription boxes. Here’s…

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