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  • All Hallow’s Eve Terror Town: What to Expect in 2020

    All Hallow’s Eve Terror Town: What to Expect in 2020
  • The Best Movie Series to Binge Watch

    The Best Movie Series to Binge Watch
  • Things to Do in Northside, Cincinnati

    Things to Do in Northside, Cincinnati
  • Tips for Throwing a Coed Baby Shower

    Tips for Throwing a Coed Baby Shower

15+ Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Are you looking for non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend or husband? This 2020 Gift Guide for men is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but also birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, Christmas and more. They make a great first Valentine’s Day gift for boyfriends or your long-time spouse. Concert Tickets Most spring and summer festivals will be selling their tickets. A few to look at include: Lollapalooza, SXSW, Coachella, Pitchfork, Austin City Limits, Riot Fest, and here in Cincinnati, we have Bunbury. You can also search for their favorite bands or artists to see when they’re on tour in your city or…

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What to Do, Eat & See in Portland, Maine

Looking for Things to Do in Portland, Maine? Check out my list below for all the places to eat, where to drink, what to do and the best sights to see. Eat Good Food! Restaurants to visit in Portland, Maine Eventide Oyster Co. – an oyster bar + small platesThe Honey Paw – a noodle bar with other small plates (a nice place to mix things up after all the seafood fare!)Duckfat – They have both a restaurant and a smaller location at a brewery. They serve Belgian-style fries fried in (you guessed it) duck fat for an indulgent savory…

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CHESTER Carry-On Luggage Review

I’ve had the Chester carry on for a few months now and have taken several flights and weekend trips with it. The luggage has held up well and looks brand new even after being checked a few times. I’ve found it to feel really sturdy and durable while still being lightweight. I most enjoy the bright colors they have. Everyone has black luggage and it’s so easy to spot my blue carry on. I like that it comes with a TSA lock on the luggage so I don’t have to deal with finding my lock every time I take a…

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Paris Travel Guide: 8 Must-See Sites!

This Paris travel guide covers the must-see, things to do in Paris, France along with some travel tips. With a city so charming, but also a bit overwhelming, I know it can be hard to decide how to plan for Paris. I hope this list of the top things to see in Paris helps you whether you’re planning for two days in Paris or more. What to See in Paris Climb the Eiffel Tower Every list of things to do in Paris will include the Eiffel Tower (or Tour Eiffel) and for good reason. It’s worth two visits really, once…

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Hocus Pocus Filming Locations in Salem, MA & Downloadable Guide!

Have you ever wondered where was Hocus Pocus filmed? Well, like a lot of movies, most of the filming was done in a studio in Hollywood. However, the exterior shots were mostly filmed on location in Salem, Massachusetts. What’s exciting about that is most of the filming locations still exist and some are even open to the public so you can see the “Hocus Pocus house” and the graveyard scene and more all in person. Below are the filming locations in the order I would recommend visiting them. I recommend a car or Uber or even bikes for the first…

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