Try these tips for a successful Weekend, Week or Month long No-Spend Challenge and 20 free things to do so you can save money.

No-Spend Challenge Tips and 20 Things to Do

Complete a successful no-spend challenge with these tips and stay busy with these 20 FREE things to do!

What is a No-Spend Challenge?

Have you ever tried a no-spend challenge? It’s just as it sounds. You go without spending any money (other than on necessities) for a set amount of time. I’ve seen week, weekend and month long challenges.

You restrict yourself from any extra purchases like going out to eat, entertainment, shopping, etc. While I like to think I don’t carelessly spend my money, I know that I’m guilty of buying coffee when I’m tired at work and stopping at Target when I really don’t need anything (it’s impossible to resist you, Target!).

With my travel bucket list growing every day, saving money and being more frugal with my income is currently a high priority for me. And what better time to cut back on spending than during the colder months when I’m pretty content staying cozy at my house.

I’ve seen no-spend challenges that are very restrictive, but I plan to give myself some leeway to purchase my regular groceries and obviously personal hygiene needs (soap, TP, deodorant! lol). What’s cut is my visits to the coffee shop or vending machine for snacks or the extra items not on my shopping list at the grocery store. I’ve also got a pretty bad Amazon habit to quit.

Whether you’re trying a no-spend weekend, week or month (go you!) here are some totally free things to do to keep you busy and having some fun too.

20+ Things to Do During a No-Spend Challenge


I have a big pile of books to be read and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Take this time to make a dent in the pile.

Watch movies and Netflix 

Check out a new series or revisit an old favorite.

Get outside 

Go for a walk around the neighborhood or visit a local park.

Hit the gym or try a free online workout

There are endless free workout ideas on Pinterest so you can try something new. I also like using the FitOn app that offers free workouts. 


Get an early start on Spring cleaning!

Go through your closets

Split old clothes between a donate and selling pile. Serious bonus points if you make a profit during your no-spend challenge!

Play board games and cards

Monopoly GO is my favorite card game and I have a stack of puzzles to complete.

Try a new hobby 

I upgraded to a DSLR camera over the holidays and can definitely spend more time practicing taking pictures.


You’ll want to plan ahead on this one but there should be tons of volunteer opportunities in any neighborhood.

Visit a free museum or art gallery

Unfortunately, this is much easier if you live in or near a big city, but many of them offer free admission at all times or during certain days. 

Organize and deep clean the kitchen

Go through the pantry and take stock of what you already have to eat. Challenge yourself to eat the food you already have in the house before going to the grocery store.

Do some virtual window shopping 

Plan out who you are Christmas shopping for this year and write out a list of what you’d like to get them. Tally up the estimated cost and use that as motivation to follow through with your no-spend challenge.


I have all the ingredients for baking at my house but rarely ever take the time to do it. Bake up some cookies, muffins or whatever you can with the items you’ve got.

Give yourself a mini spa day

I’m sure a lot of women like me have all the nail polish, files, face masks and more at home to treat yourself to a mini spa day without needing to spend a cent.

Review all of your bills and set your budget 

This will put you on the right step moving forward after the challenge too.

Practice one of your talents

Have a potluck with friends 

Make what you can with your groceries and invite others to bring their own side dish. It’s a great way to spend time with friends without needing to go to another restaurant or bar.

Have a cooking challenge 

Challenge yourself to make something in the kitchen to use up some of your pantry items or what’s leftover in your fridge. Hopefully you’ll realize how easy it is to use what you have instead of always buying more.

Meal plan and prep

Spend a few hours planning meals for the week and prep everything you can. This is suuuch a timesaver for the week. I started meal prepping when I completed a Whole30 and it’s my favorite thing ever to plan out my meals and get everything organize over the weekend so that during the week I know exactly what I’m having for lunch and dinner everyday.

Stretch and Relax

Do some stretching or yoga and just relax for awhile. I know I’m guilty of always feeling like I need to be doing something with my free time, but sometimes it’s nice to just relax.

Make a list of the things you don’t miss 

Think of the items or activities you aren’t missing out on during your no-spend challenge. Do you need to go out for lunch during the week? Take note of what you can continue to cut from your budget and also what you really miss so you can prioritize budgeting your money for the things most important to you.

Check out this article for 5 Things You Must Do Before Starting a No-Spend Challenge.

Have you ever tried a no-spend challenge? How did it go? Share your tips below. 

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  1. My car will be paid off in February. I’m getting the pantry fully stocked. I’m planning to have 6 days a week No Spend. Sundays we will have a treat after church and pick up some fresh produce. In April I’ll start adding to the pantry again.
    Not renewing any of my magazine subscriptions. I read a lot and never really look At them.
    No clothing purchased

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