What should you wear in New Orleans? The following packing list for New Orleans will help any female traveler prepare for their visit to The Big Easy.
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New Orleans Packing List

Here’s your New Orleans packing list for visiting the Big Easy!

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the U.S. and it’s always a blast to visit. And any fun city always calls for fun fashion.

What should I wear in New Orleans?

My New Orleans packing list will help you prepare for any trip to the Big Easy.

Dresses & Rompers

It’s HOT & SWEATY in NOLA, from the spring through fall and even some days in the winter. That means I like to keep things simple, but cute and there’s nothing easier than pulling on a dress or romper that’s a complete look with just one piece. Given the heat I prefer a dress because they’re so breezy and with all the good food in New Orleans, you’ll love an outfit that has some breathing room – this isn’t necessarily the time for body con dresses. 

A New Orleans Packing List Must-Have: Closed-Toe and Flat Shoes

Depending on the time of year you can adjust what shoes you’re bringing. 

Year-round you’ll want a pair of cute sneakers. Break them in beforehand so you can walk all day in them. The reason I say closed-toe and flat shoes above is because you’ll likely be getting a lot of steps in so comfort is key. And depending on where you’re exploring you may prefer to have your feet more covered up. 

In the summer, pack some flat sandals that are more sturdy than flimsy. Keep in mind that you may be walking down streets known for parties and crowds and maybe even a cemetery or two, so choose a pair that can stand up to some grit!

In the cooler months, pack a pair of flat boots. For me, I’d pack a black pair that I can wear with my denim or skirts and dresses with tights. 

A Crossbody Bag

With so much to see and the need to keep your hands free for to-go drinks, you’ll want a hands-free crossbody bag. If you have the room, I’d suggest bringing two options. One that’s more sleek for evenings and a more casual option for day time – like the cute Lululemon belt bag!

Umbrella or Rain Coat

The weather in New Orleans is unpredictable and a rainstorm can pop up out of nowhere. Be prepared to continue the sightseeing by packing one or the other.

Denim Jacket

The AC will be blasting in restaurants and bars so pack a light jacket, like denim, that goes with everything.

New Orleans Packing List Necessity: Sunscreen

No matter the time of year, pack some high-SPF sunscreen. It’s often sunny and warm and you’ll want to make sure you keep your skin protected from the elements.

Cute Jeans & Fun Tops

Opt for a thinner fabric when picking out your jeans, whatever style you choose. You’ll want fabric that feels breathable. Then pack a few fun, going-out style tops. If there’s any place where you can have fun with your outfits, it’s going to be New Orleans so don’t be afraid to get bold with the design and style! 

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This post was all about the best New Orleans packing list. 

What should you wear in New Orleans? The following packing list for New Orleans will help any female traveler prepare for their visit to The Big Easy.

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