It’s Working Out 30-Day Challenge Results

I recently completed the 30-Day Find Your Fit Challenge with It’s Working Out here in Cincinnati. I gave my blood, sweat and tears. Well, not…


I recently completed the 30-Day Find Your Fit Challenge with It’s Working Out here in Cincinnati. I gave my blood, sweat and tears. Well, not really. I gave A LOT of sweat, but no blood. And the only time I came close to giving tears was during a personal training session the morning after a wedding rehearsal dinner (with a few drinks!). But, I digress… let’s talk about the Find Your Fit Challenge!

The Find Your Fit Challenge at It’s Working Out, runs 30 days and includes meal plan with recipes, shopping lists, success manual, body scans (so cool!), goal setting, support emails, and unlimited classes. There are also upgraded options that include 2 or 3 personal training sessions per week.

You can take the challenge alone or with a friend or join a group challenge that is pre-scheduled. The group challenge also includes a special workout class just for participants each Saturday of the challenge.

Here’s my experience with the 30-day fitness challenge:

Accountability and Goal Setting:

I really enjoyed my first session with Ashley to talk through my goals for the program and level set on where I was at currently. We talked about things I struggled with, like snacking & going out to eat regularly, and how to find healthier options instead.

I think the group option of the challenge would be even more helpful for anyone who needs extra accountability. The next group challenge starts on 9/30!

Meals & Diet:

I loved a lot of the recipes on the meal plan. There were a few, however, that I didn’t care for, such as the detox soup. But the meal plan is constantly changing so you’re never stuck on one meal for long.

Each week you receive a shopping list and meal plan with recipes. The recipes are all quite simple and come together pretty quickly. One of my favorites was the rainbow salmon dish that was basically sheet pan baked salmon with loads of colorful vegetables. I would often top off my food with some Cle Kraut or hot sauce for a touch of extra flavor. There are lots of veggies and fruits in this meal plan along with lean protein. I’ve already found that I’m personally choosing to add more vegetables to every meal now without even thinking about it. I know that when I followed the meal plan better, my workouts were even better.

Prepping and shopping for the meals can be time consuming, so I would recommend using a grocery pickup or delivery service to make things quicker and to split up each week into 2 total preps. The meal plan does make it really easy to swap protein/veggies/carbs, etc. for different options when you have a personal preference or just can’t find something at the store.


Now this is the best part! I love all the workout classes I’ve taken at It’s Working Out.
When you sign up for the challenge you have unlimited access to all 40 weekly classes. There are regular TRX and rowing classes, plus some classes that are a mash-up of rowing or TRX with the Bosu ball or other circuits. Those mixed classes were personally my favorite since they were so challenging but also passed by so quickly. In addition to these they also offer a few stretching focused classes each week. These are so helpful when you’re working out regularly. I always stretch after class, but taking some additional dedicated time to stretch and work on mobility is so beneficial in the long run.
You can view the entire class schedule here.

Personal Training:

Ashley B was my personal trainer during the challenge and I owe all of my success to her! She was so good at pushing me and encouraging me without ever being too pushy. We focused on strength training, but moved through workouts quickly so my heart rate was always elevated. I felt so much stronger after 4 weeks and could see more definition in my arms and legs. In my workout sessions with her I worked harder and achieved more than I thought that I could.


I was hoping to get back into a routine, gain strength and lean out during this challenge. And those were the results that I saw. I didn’t lose much weight, but I didn’t really have much weight to lose. I did, however, lose an entire inch in my stomach and around my arms. My legs and butt got bigger and stronger. My before and after scan shows just how much leaner I look. I could also really tell a difference in my posture which I think is in large part to all the back strength gained from the TRX and rowing classes.

The body scan also provides you with the following measurements:

  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Fat Mass
  • Lean Mass
  • Body Fat % Rank
  • BMR
  • Health Risks
  • And a measurement of you entire body from head to toe so you can easily track progress

To learn more about the Find Your Fit 30-Day Challenge, visit It’s Working Out’s website or follow them on Instagram & Facebook.

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