IKEA Grand Reopening Event

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the IKEA Kitchen & Cooking Grand Reopening at the West Chester, Ohio location. Now let me explain…



Last week I had the pleasure of attending the IKEA Kitchen & Cooking Grand Reopening at the West Chester, Ohio location. Now let me explain what that means:
The team at IKEA spent months planning a new vision for the Kitchen and Cooking section of the store and employees worked day and night to bring that vision into reality.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Ikea

What that means for you, the customer, is even better shopping experience. The IKEA team actually does home visits with customers to identify what the average person is struggling with in their home and how IKEA can offer those solutions. You’ll find the shopping experience highlights those problem-solving products. You’ll find useful and top performance products are more prominently displaced, such as the Sensuell cookware line, shown below which is close to commercial grade quality.


Side note: have to mention the food and drinks we sampled! This salmon appetizer was SO good. Before I left, I stopped in the grocery section to purchase all the items to remake it at home. It was just salmon, flatbread crackers and their dill mustard sauce. I’ll be sure to share it on my Instagram when I make it at home.

You’ll also find that seasonal items are more prominently displayed including these adorable seasonal prints. The dog print is probably my favorite.




Family and kid friendly kitchen inspiration is everywhere too. This cute stuffed pup is modeling a kids apron and you’ll see a huge variety of fun cookie cutters and molds that will hopefully inspire your kiddos to have fun in the kitchen with you. I don’t even have children and I wanted to buy all of it.


One of the many things I love about IKEA is that you can find the basic essentials you need, but you’ll also find lots of unique items, like this fun print.


While touring the new area, we also enjoyed some these biscuits and cookies alongside a variety of jams.


Even better was that we paired the snacks with IKEA’s new coffee. My roommate and I have been enjoying a cup of this coffee every day since I brought some home. It’s that good.


I am obsessed with the lighting fixtures available at IKEA and after leaving the kitchen and dining section, I came across many more to admire.


What’s your favorite section of IKEA?  You’ll need to visit soon to check out the great changes they’ve made. 

Have you tried any of their kitchen and cooking items? I’m already in love with my new bento box. Plus, after sampling the cookies, chocolates, coffee and salmon, I can’t wait to cook and taste even more of their grocery items. Let me know about your IKEA favorites below! 

Thanks to IKEA West Chester for hosting me during the Grand Reopening event. As always, all opinions are my own.

Visit IKEA.com for more details and to see your store’s special offers. Happy shopping!

IKEA West Chester's Kitchen & Cooking Grand Reopening event featured a new and improved shopping experience, the brand new IKEA coffee and more appetizing food. Visit the West Chester IKEA today to experience all the improvements.

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