What to Expect with IV Vitamin Therapy and The Benefits from anti-aging to boosting health and more

I Tried IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy is no longer a thing for the stars or something you only find in cities like Las Vegas. IV Vitamin Therapy is available (and affordable) here in Cincinnati. I tried IV Vitamin Therapy with IV Hydration Boutique this past Saturday and I’m excited to share my experience.

What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

First, IV (intravenous) vitamin therapy is a method of administering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This allows the vitamins to be absorbed at a much higher amount (like 100%!) versus taking vitamins orally, of which absorption is more like 25%.

What to expect and the benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

What Are The Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy?

With a much higher vitamin absorption, you’ll feel the effects of these good-for-you vitamins and minerals that much quicker and that much more effectively. If you’re hungover, the hangover cure blend will have you back on your feet, hydrated and perky in about 30 minutes. If you’re dealing with a cold or trying to fight the flu, a Vitamin C drip, can help you recover so much faster than just dealing with the symptoms.

With the B12 drip that I received, the effects weren’t immediate (not that they should have been) but by the next day, I did feel a lot more sustainable energy throughout the entire day. Additionally, my mood really improved. Between work and some family issues, there has been a lot of stress in my life lately and I’ve been pretty run down over it. I felt renewed the next day and had a much more positive outlook. And I was able to get a much deeper sleep.

What to expect with IV Vitamin Therapy and the Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy
Muffin watching over the IV Vitamin Drip

What Should You Expect for an IV Vitamin Therapy Session?

With Cincinnati’s IV Hydration Boutique, I was able to easily set my appointment via email. Then on Saturday at 3pm sharp, Anita was at my door. You’ll fill out paperwork, including your medical history, any known allergies, emergency contact, etc.

Then you’ll get the needle inserted. It’s best to do this on a table or hard surface if possible and there may be a little bit of blood with the needle.
I’m not a fan of needles, but I found the process completely painless. The size of the needle used is very small.

Next, you can get comfortable and the nurse administering the IV will get the drip ready. You’ll just relax and let gravity do it’s work for the next 30-45 minutes.

With my drip I did experience a bit of a chill from the IV, but completely tolerable. It was honestly such a relaxing process I could’ve taken a nap.
And just FYI – your urine might be a different color afterwards from the vitamin in the drip. Nothing to freak out about! After a few trips to the bathroom, the color will be gone.

How Much Does IV Vitamin Therapy Cost?

IV Vitamin Therapy costs vary, but expect to spend $100 – $200. The Hangover Cocktail starts at $110 and a Migraine Cure blend starts at $219.
All prices can be viewed here.

Would I Try It Again?

Heck yes! I would absolutely try this for fighting off a flu or if I was recovering from a long weekend or busy travel schedule. And if you’re in the Cincinnati area, I would 100% recommend Anita and the IV Hydration Boutique. The service was easy, professional and effective.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary experience from IV Hydration Boutique. I was not required to share on my blog, but I felt so positively about the experience I wanted to share on here in addition to my social channels. If you have any questions about this partnership, please ask.

And if you have any questions or experience of your own regarding IV Vitamin Therapy, please share below!

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What to Expect with IV Vitamin Therapy and The Benefits from anti-aging to boosting health and more

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