How to Run Your First 10K

I finished my first 10K race this past November and my first 5K just a few weeks prior. It was a rewarding experience, especially since…


How to Run Your First 10K

I finished my first 10K race this past November and my first 5K just a few weeks prior. It was a rewarding experience, especially since I have never considered myself a runner. I’m really into weightlifting, but wanted to jump out of my comfort zone and decided to give running a real commitment. It was 1000% percent worth it! Here’s my advice if you want to run a 5 or 10K as a New Year’s resolution.

Take as Much Time Training as You Need

I used one of the many 10K running plans available online as a guideline for my training, but added a few extra weeks into the plan. I honestly gave myself more time to train than what was necessary since I knew I’d be busy in the weeks leading up to the race. Take an honest look at your schedule when you make this commitment, because you’ll only stress yourself out and set yourself up for failure if you know you’ll be stretched thin for training. Remember, you want this to be a fun experience!

But, Set a Date and Schedule Your Runs

Pick a date and register for your race ASAP. After putting money down, it makes me even more determined to meet my goals. I even signed up for a 5K three weeks before the 10K to keep myself on track for the race. It worked and the 5K experience helped me feel more confident for the longer run.

Make Stretching and Rest a PRIORITY

Recovery is essential to success when it comes to any fitness related goals. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and stretching those muscles after every run. Your body will return the favor by performing even better!

Find Your Motivation

What’s your “Why?” When your body is tired and your mind wants to quit, you need to know the real reason why you’re after this goal. Dig deep and determine what that is. Why was I running a 10K? To prove my doubts wrong and achieve something I thought was impossible. That’s why. What’s yours?

Get Excited & Have Fun

I purposely picked a 10K with a reputation for being a family-friendly, fun race. The Thanksgiving Turkey Day Trot fit the bill exactly and the environment had me motivated, but never intimidated. Find a race that’s a good fit for you, whether it’s a Turkey Trot or Color Run. Push yourself and remember to have fun. After all, you’re still moving faster than all the people home sitting on their couches.

Pick Your Next Run!

how to run a 5k 10k
Me at the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day 10K Race

After the excitement of my first race, I knew I’d have to do it again. It’s so rewarding to set a goal and achieve it. Plus, there’s always such great camaraderie at races.

Do you have any fitness goals that are out of your comfort zone? How do you face those fears? And, for my runners, what races would you recommend in the Tri-State area? 

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How to Run Your First 10k or 5k in less than 3 months. Read my tips for running advice and get ready to finish your first race!



  1. I give runners alot of credit. I have tried several times but I guess it is not for me. I wish you the best. Thank you so much for sharing

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