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Make healthy eating easier and more fun with some new kitchen appliances and tools. You can absolutely eat healthy without these items, but they will…


These kitchen tools and appliances will make healthy eating even easier. Meal prep will be a breeze with these healthy kitchen tools.

Make healthy eating easier and more fun with some new kitchen appliances and tools. You can absolutely eat healthy without these items, but they will help with meal prep, food storage and more. I personally enjoy cooking and trying new recipes so having new gadgets to play with in the kitchen is a plus for me.

Here are the healthy kitchen tools I recommend:

Immersion Blender
With an immersion blender you can make soups from scratch and even make a Whole30 compliant mayo or ranch dressing. You can also make whipped creams, sauces and whip your batters. What’s useful about the immersion blender is you bring the blender to the liquid, so you can puree a sauce or soup without trying to pour it into a blender.
If you have a regular blender, the immersion blender may not be necessary for your kitchen, but it takes up little space in the kitchen and it’s easy to clean so it might actually replace your blender after you try it.

Apple Slicer
These are so simple, but I love them. I prefer apple slices over whole apples everyday and there’s just something nice about perfectly equally sliced apples.

I love my spiralizer! I just have a small handheld one that was only around $10, although I have also been eyeing the larger ones that you secure to your countertop since I would love to spiralize my sweet potatoes and apples. A spiralizer can make almost any veggie into a noodle. Sometimes just playing around with the presentation and texture of a food makes all the difference when you’re getting tired of eating the same thing. I love eating zucchini noodles (zoodles) and they are so easy to make with a spiralizer. Unless I’m avoiding grains altogether, I like to mix my zucchini noodles into my pasta just to get an extra vegetable serving in.

Chopped Salad Knife and Bowl
Chopped salads are my favorite. All salads have a place in my diet, but I’m especially fond of chopped salads because I think they hold up so well. I like using kale, romaine hearts and cabbage in my chopped salads. These tend to be a bit heartier and won’t break down or wilt like spinach or other leafy greens. (Hence why you should try different salads out to get all the greens in your diet!) You can add all sorts of vegetables and fruits to your salad and chop it up. Every bite has a little bit of all the ingredients and just tastes so good.

Covers for Avocado and Tomatoes
These are so cool! I haven’t tried them yet but added them to my Amazon shopping list. I’m the only one in my house who eats avocado and tomato and it can be a challenge sometimes to finish the entire thing in just one day. As we all know, avocados are ~sensitive~ creatures that go brown in like an hour! These covers help prevent that.

A Variety of Tupperware
I like the larger size containers to hold my bulk cooking like grains or cleaned and prepped fruits and veggies. I use slightly smaller containers (love these!) for prepping my lunches. I also really like IKEA’s lunch boxes. I currently use this salad container and this really fun bento box style container.

Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser
If your goal is to drink more water, try mixing in some fruit or cucumber to liven the flavor up. These water bottles make it even easier to swap in and out the fruits of your choice.

Slow Cooker
My slow cooker is a life saver. I love prepping meat in this thing. I hate overcooking chicken which happens too often when I use the oven or stove top. So instead, I’ve been using my slow cooker and shredding the meat for always juicy chicken.

Egg Cooker
I love my egg cooker and use it at least once a week. my craving for hard boiled eggs will vary and some weeks I can’t get enough so I’ll have them for breakfast every day. This egg cooker is my favorite kitchen appliance (after the slow cooker.) I have so much trouble with cooking hard boiled eggs on the stove-top that I started buying the prepared & peeled hard boiled eggs at the store. I got a little fed up with that since I couldn’t be sure of the quality of the eggs. So now I purchase all the cage free eggs that my heart desires and use this fail-proof egg cooker. Seriously, it’s fail-proof. And the eggs are even easier to peel after using this thing.

Food Processor
Ya girl has finally splurged on a food processor. It was time! I am so excited to make my own nut butters and rice my own cauliflower and broccoli. I hesitated on purchasing a processor due to a lack of counter space. However, after purchasing some pre-riced cauliflower and doing the math, I realized a $30 food processor is going to pay for itself after 10 uses and that’s just for riced cauliflower. I’ll be using it for homemade salsas and hummus and “nice” cream and more.

Mini Blender for Smoothies on the Go (Not Whole30 compliant)
I love my mini blender for on the go smoothies. The fact that you can make the smoothie in the same container that you then take with you is so useful and easy. There are a few blender type items already on this list, so choose the one you think you’ll get the most use out of if you don’t want to buy all the things. Regardless, I love this thing and it has help up quite well for me over the years. (yes, years!) The way I blend smoothies is by starting with a little liquid and the greens. By mixing the spinach or kale first I can ensure there won’t be any chunks in the smoothie. Then I add my frozen or fresh fruits, more liquid and a few ice cubes to finish it off.

Baking Sheet
I think most kitchens already have baking sheets, but I’ve kept it on this list because while simple they are so useful. We recently upgraded our single baking sheet to a pack of three with one that is huge and two regular sized pans. I love using the oversized sheet for prepping loads of roasted veggies. When roasting vegetables it’s best that they aren’t overlapping a ton on the baking sheet, so a large sheet will allow you to prep more at one time.

Muffin Pan
In addition to hard boiled eggs, I also like baked eggs. This is one of my favorite, super-easy ways to prep eggs for breakfast. I just spray a muffin pan with coconut oil and crack a few eggs in their individual cup. Then I sprinkle on some salt and pepper and bake. There are tons of variations to this recipe if you want to mix in extra veggies or meat. Personally, I think they taste best when cooked as the whole egg. I prefer a metal pan over a silicone version for these because i think the metal pan allows the edges to get more crispy.
The muffin pan can be used for homemade healthy muffins of course and to automatically portion other meals like mini meatloaves.

Mason Jars
I use mason jars for everything. I like them for food storage of items like chia seeds, nuts and more. I also use smaller jars for homemade dressings. It’s super easy to mix your oils + vinegars and just shake up the jar before pouring on a salad. I also love them for storing salad. I hate wasting food and always do my best to prevent lettuce from getting wilted. One of the ways I do so is by prepping my salads in mason jars. Since they are air tight, everything stays fresh for longer. You can eat them straight out of the jar or pour into a bowl or plate.

What healthy eating tools do you keep in your kitchen? Let me know below!

These kitchen tools and appliances will make healthy eating even easier. Meal prep will be a breeze with these healthy kitchen tools.


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