18 Easy, Step-by-Step Halloween Makeup Tutorials for Cheetah, Scarecrow, Zombie, Skeleton, Fairy, Skull, Doll and more for a Last-Minute, Simple Halloween Costume #halloween

18 Easy AF Halloween Makeup Tutorials

These Halloween Makeup tutorials are super simple – some of them you can even do with the makeup you already have at home. Keep scrolling for some easy, spooky and cute Halloween makeup ideas.

Happy almost Halloween! This is my personal favorite time of year. I love the fall weather, the crisp air and crunchy leaves. The return of fall fashion with boots and jeans and sweaters or flannels. I love pumpkin-flavored everything and carving Jack-O-Lanterns. Plus, Halloween is the best holiday. It’s the one time of year when we can dress up in crazy costumes and it’s completely normal, and basically expected.

I’ll be traveling this year during Halloween, and returning the afternoon before any festivities. So, I haven’t planned out a very elaborate costume. Instead, I will try my hand at one of the amazing Halloween makeup tutorials below and add a simple costume to finish off the look.

Have you planned your Halloween costume yet? Whether you want to go for a comic book look, a creepy doll, a cute Cheetah, the classic Wednesday Addams, a simple Scarecrow or quick Skeleton, there’s a tutorial to help you along below!

Comic Book Tutorial – I’ve always been intimidated by the comic book look, but this DIY makes it seem SO easy and dramatic.


3 Easy Latex-Free Wounds – Sometimes, simple is best and these easy wounds can finish off a simple look with a very creepy effect. Or you could use these wounds to make another costume even more dramatic like a zombie or werewolf.


Wednesday Addams – Always a classic! I love this Halloween look because if you’re like me, the outfit is something you could put together using what you already have in your closet.


Easy, Last Minute Looks – I love these three, especially the creepy zombie look and the super simple, but always cute cat costume.


4 Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas – The deer look shown here is ADORABLE!


Leopard/Cheetah Makeup – I usually have at least one piece of leopard print in my closet so I love the idea of wearing that along with this stunning makeup look.


Easy Mystical Fairy – This tutorial is so dreamy! I always wore glitter when I was a kid. #90sBaby So I love having a reason to go glitter and shimmer crazy with this look.


Easy Zombie – Even though there’s some zombie appropriate tutorials above, I wanted to include this one because it’s SO easy and it uses products that are easy to find if you don’t already have them.


Creepy Doll – A few years back I was a creepy doll for Halloween. It was a last minute decision, but really fun. To finish off the look, I carried around a stuffed teddy bear.


Easy, DIY Skeleton Look – I made this look last year when I was passing out candy to the neighborhood kids. I was able to use makeup I already had on hand and didn’t have to purchase anything from the store. In fact, I started out using that white cream makeup for my base, but it was smudging and irritating so I removed it and started over with primer and white eyeshadow which held up much better. Click on the image below for my step-by-step DIY.


Easy Scarecrow Costume – This was my costume for work one year and I got so many compliments! It’s basically eyeliner and a long lasting lip color plus setting spray to create this look. Click the image below for my step-by-step instructions.


What will you be for Halloween this year?!

18 Easy, Step-by-Step Halloween Makeup Tutorials for Cheetah, Scarecrow, Zombie, Skeleton, Fairy, Skull, Doll and more for a Last-Minute, Simple Halloween Costume #halloween

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