How to Find the Best View of Paris

Are you looking for the best view in Paris? Would you like to get a great unobstructed picture of the Eiffel Tower? Then you need…


Are you looking for the best view in Paris? Would you like to get a great unobstructed picture of the Eiffel Tower? Then you need to visit the Tour Montparnasse!

The Montparnasse Tower has two panoramic observation decks. One on the 56th floor of the building where you can see all of the city while standing inside. And on the 59th floor you have an open-air panoramic terrace.

What To Expect While Visiting Montparnasse Tower

As we arrived we were able to skip the short line to purchase tickets and head straight inside to the elevator. You will need to go through security and show your ticket. Showing your ticket purchase pdf on your cell phone works here!

Then you’ll take the elevator up to the top inside floor. Here you’ll be able to take pictures, get souvenirs, grab a bite to eat and read through the informative signs and stands everywhere. Pictures here are fine, but you’ll be seeing everything through the windows.

So, head towards the stairs (or elevator) to go up to the rooftop! Everything at the Montparnasse Tower feels very secure since this is a building and not just a metal tower. (No offense to Tour Eiffel!) But for someone like me who deals with a fear of heights, I’m much more comfortable in a tall building where I feel really secure in the space and not right by the edge.

Anyway, once you’re up here get ready for some seriously amazing views! Your surrounded by a glass enclosure that allows you to view the Eiffel Tower and so many more buildings and neighborhoods. It’s an amazing view no matter where you look. If you’re able to, try to determine which arrondissement you’re staying in so you can get an idea of just how big Paris really is. Also, be sure to get some great unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower.

We relaxed on the rooftop for quite some time. They have champagne available for purchase along with other refreshments, plus a decent amount of seating. Montparnasse Tower also holds regular special events like roller skating and trampoline jumping so make sure to check their website beforehand in case that falls during your visit.

Ticket Details

Tickets can be purchased in advance online and you don’t have to commit to a specific day or timeframe. Each ticket just needs to be used within one year. This is a major plus in my book, considering tickets for the Eiffel Tower are timed and dated. With all the things that can pop up or go wrong while traveling, it’s great to have some flexibility with your ticket.

They also offer a day & night ticket that allows you to visit twice in 48 hours so you can see the views both in the daylight and at nighttime.

The cost is 15 Euros or about 18 US dollars. The day and night ticket is 20 Euros or about 24 dollars.

The Montparnasse Neighborhood

The Montparnasse neighborhood is in the 15th arrondissement near the boundaries of the 14th and 16th.

Within walking distance you’ll find plenty of shops and restaurants, plus the Montparnasse cemetery where Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir rest. We walked through the neighborhood prior to our visit and afterwards discovered that the Les Jardins du Luxembourg was within walking distance too. The Luxembourg Gardens is another must-see spot in my book.

Where have you seen the best views of Paris? Have you ever been to the Montparnasse Tower?

This travel guide to the best views in Paris shows you how to visit the Montparnasse Tower. You’ll see the best views of the Eiffel Tower. Plus, it’s one of the cheap things to do in Paris. You’ll leave with amazing pictures of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and all the arrondissements.

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