7 Essentials for Every Cat Owner

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Are you thinking about adopting a cat or have you recently brought home a new kitten? Let me tell you, it’s going to be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Until very recently, I was always a dog person. I thought cats were boring (embarrassing, I know!) and even a little scary. That is until the internet was overflowing with cat memes. Seriously! These goofy pictures of cats were so funny that it made me realize they do have such funny and unique personalities and that they could also be very sweet creatures. My boyfriend, who always loved cats, decided we needed to get a feline of our own and I’m so happy he did. Muffin, aka Miss Muffin, has been such a purrfect addition to our family. She’s a never ending source of entertainment and such a calming fixture on stressful days. So, if you’re thinking about adoption, please do it! There’s so many cats and kittens out there in need of a loving home.

Now, back to some essentials you’ll want to make sure you have when bringing home your new kitten. Some of these might seem obvious, but they’re all so important. Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom if there’s anything you’d add or any specific items or brands you’d recommend!

Proper Identification for Your Cat
Make sure you have proper identification for your kitty immediately. For the tag, you’ll want to have your full name, phone number, address and a secondary number for backup. You’ll also want to consider getting your cat microchipped. If your cat gets loose, they’ll likely be discovered by a neighbor first, who will ID your cat by the tag. But, if the ID falls off or their collar breaks, a microchip is a great backup. So please take care of both of these for your furry family member.

Play Items: Toys, Towers, and Scratchers
Cats need plenty to play with. Make sure you pick up some toys and scratching pads or poles. If you have the space and budget, a cat tower is a great addition. Cats love to climb up towers and feel safer when elevated.

Play Time: At Least 15 Min 2X Per Day
Consistency is key when it comes to exercise for your kitty. You’ll want to plan regular playtime 1-2 times per day for about 15 minutes. Muffin really loves the wands with the string and a toy attached at the end. I make sure to challenge her and let her win the game regularly too. Playtime is important for their physical health and mental health. This is one necessity that will make a huge positive influence on your kitty’s wellbeing.

One Litter Box Per Cat Plus One Extra
The general rule of thumb for litter boxes is one litter box per cat, plus one extra. Thus far, my cat has been fine with her one litter box, but I clean it daily thanks to the next essential item.

A Litter Genie
The Litter Genie is a must-have! The Litter Genie is such a game changer. It’s so convenient to use! Basically, you can scoop waste into the Litter Genie disposal and it will hold up to two weeks of litter. You can eliminate daily trips to the trash and the Litter Genie eliminates the scent of litter waste! I recommend the Litter Genie to every cat owner I meet because it’s been so helpful for me and Muffin.

Brushes, Hygiene Care Items & Health Care
Whether you cat has long or short hair, it’s important to regularly brush their fur. Start this immediately so it becomes routine for your cat and they’ll most likely enjoy the process. You’ll also want to use some teeth cleaning treats and toothbrush for your cat’s dental health. Speaking of health care for your cat, be sure to always stay up to date on any necessary shots by regularly visiting your veterinarian.

High Quality Food
Just as you likely watch your diet and eat healthy foods, you’ll also want to choose high quality food for your cat. My general rule of thumb is reading the labels and choosing a natural or organic cat food that lists protein as the first ingredient. This is a great article from Petful about choosing a nutritious food for your cat.

Muffin Photoshoot Blooper 😉

Have you adopted a new cat? Let me know about your experience below! What items have you discovered to be essential?

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