Check out this end of summer bucket list for 12 must-do activities before the season ends.

End of Summer Bucket List

Check out this end of summer bucket list for 12 must-do activities before the season ends.

The final day of summer is Wednesday, September 21st. Though I think we all feel like summer comes to a close with Labor Day. I started out the summer with so much to do including some travel and enjoying the gorgeous season. Then in July things slowed down and work was busy as ever. So, to make sure I enjoy the little things during the rest of the season, I created a little bucket list of to-dos. Some of these ideas are pretty much free and easy to do, but I feel like I always end up forgetting them over the summer. Other items on the list will require a bit more commitment, but I’d love to make them all happen.

Here’s my end of summer to-do list:

Eat S’mores! – This is the classic summer treat! And for good reason, because they are delicious. I’ve got to enjoy a late night bonfire with some s’mores.
Enjoy More Frozen Cocktails – Have you seen Frosé aka Frozen Rosé?! I must get my hands on one.
Make Homemade Popsicles – Bonus points if they’re boozy frozen popsicles.
Try a New Recipe on the Grill – I’ve got plans for some grilled watermelon. Yum!
Visit a Waterpark – It is HOT here in Cincinnati. But due to unpredictable summer storms I haven’t been able to make it to the water park. Fingers crossed we have a storm-free weekend soon.
Go Paddle Boarding or Kayaking – I loved paddle boarding earlier this summer and I’ve got to try it out at a local park again.
Enjoy Live Outdoor Concerts – I’ll do this anytime of the year! But, they’re so common during the summer I hope to enjoy some more local acts at our local parks before the cold weather arrives.
Ride Some More Rollercoasters – My boyfriend is a huge fan of rollercoasters and I hope we can get a few more visits to Kings Island before the season closes.
Indulge In An Over-The-Top Ice Cream Dessert – I’m talking about a big ol’ sundae. Maybe after a long bike ride. It sounds like a quintessential summer date to me.
Go Hiking – With so many parks here in Cincinnati there’s no reason not to enjoy them.
Make Time For Outdoors Workout – My boyfriend and I have been going for runs around the neighborhood instead of our usual gym visits. While the workouts are as tough as our usual, they let us mix things up and enjoy the fresh air.
Get Away For an Out-of-State Vacation – This is one is more of a maybe. I’d love to road trip to another nearby state before the summer ends, but with a few trips already planned for early this fall, it just might not happen. I’ve heard great things about Asheville, NC and even Indianapolis, so hopefully I get to visit them soon regardless!


What are your goals for the dog days of summer? Let me know what bucket list items you’re trying to check off below!

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Check out this end of summer bucket list for 12 must-do activities before the season ends.


  1. My 1st item on my bucket list is to go on a cruise.It sounds lovely 🙂

  2. Amusement parks, eating an ice cream sundae and go hiking is the things I do when summer is about to end. I absolutely love ice cream sundaes during the summer days especially nights

  3. I would like to do a few of the things on your bucket list.

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