Try this Easy, DIY Skeleton Makeup for a Quick Halloween Costume with Items you already have at home.

Easy Skeleton Makeup for Halloween

Need a quick Halloween look using what you already have at home? Try my easy Skeleton DIY Makeup for Halloween look. It comes together in minutes and you can use makeup you already have at home or can easily find at the local drugstore.

Try this Easy, DIY Skeleton Makeup for a Quick Halloween Costume with Items you already have at home.

This past Halloween, I needed a quick costume to pass out candy. I wanted it to be a little creepy, but not gory – so a Skeleton was the perfect fit. It’s a classic Halloween look. This DIY makeup look is simple and easy! 

This is not the Halloween look to win a costume contest. It is however, an inexpensive and easy-to-create look that comes together pretty quickly.

What made me especially happy was I ended up using makeup I already had, but wasn’t really using in my every day looks. I initially purchased one of those cheap halloween makeup kits you see at the store everywhere during October. I tried using it and it instantly seeped into my skin and irritated it. *shudders* Maybe I should have tried using a heavy primer first, but regardless it did not work. Instead of giving up, I decided to go through my own makeup drawers for substitutions. To my pleasant surprise, the final look totally worked.

Makeup for Skeleton Halloween Look

  • Lorac Cosmetics – white eyeshadow (The shadow I used had a slight shimmer as you can tell from the reflection in the photo, but a matte would work great too!)
  • Smashbox Cosmetics – heavy, dark black eyeshadow (I’ve had this eyeshadow for a while now and it’s such a deep black shade that I rarely get to use it in my normal makeup looks. I was SO happy to get some use out of it for my costume.)
  • Black waterproof eyeliner – I believe I just used a drugstore brand. No need to use the good stuff here!
  • Mascara – Your favorite brand will do.
  • Drugstore brand primer – I am now also the happy owner of NYX setting spray (like $3 at Target) and would totally recommend using a primer or setting spray to keep the makeup from smearing or sweating off.)
  • *Both eyeshadows I used had a shimmer and the black shadow actually had some glitter. My skin is already prone to shine, so I just embraced it and didn’t mind having the extra shimmer with the shadows. But use what you have on hand! I want to emphasize that the point is to keep this easy and inexpensive.

Directions for Skeleton Makeup Look

  1. Apply primer all over the face. Apply the white eye shadow all over the face and neck. I even added it over my mouth. I avoided the eye and nose area where I knew I’d be applying the black eye shadow. I did this to avoid any “grey” mixing of colors. Do several coats until you’re happy with the level of “whiteness.” I simply wanted to add a bit of paleness to my skin and a glowing whiteness. I used a small blush brush.
  2. Next, use the eyeliner pencil to lightly outline or mark where you plan to apply the black eyeshadow. Start with your eyes and nose first. For the eyes I lined my eyes like I normally would then covered my entire eyelid with the shadow to really give it some staying power. Then I added on the black eyeshadow using a spare applicator.
  3. Third, draw thick lines from each side of the mouth towards your ears. These are to give the typical skeleton appearance of hollow cheekbones. You can keep these lines pretty thin and simple like I did or make them wider. Add a few lines around your forehead to give the appearance of a cracked skull. (I think some dark red lipliner would look creepy here too!)
  4. Add vertical lines over your mouth. Make sure to exaggerate these lines above and below your lips since the lines on your lips will fade somewhat quickly from talking and drinking.
  5. Add some black lines and marks down your neck and chest.
  6. Optional: Finish with a setting spray or powder. This will keep the look from smearing or wearing off as easily.

Now, go forth and be creepy!

Let me know if you like this Halloween look below! Have you ever dressed up as a skeleton? What’s the simplest Halloween costume you’ve pulled together? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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Try this Easy, DIY Skeleton Makeup for a Quick Halloween Costume with Items you already have at home.

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