Easy DIY Scarecrow Makeup for Halloween

Here’s how to create a DIY scarecrow costume and makeup look using what you have at home!   Halloween is one of my favorite holidays,…


Here’s how to create a DIY scarecrow costume and makeup look using what you have at home!


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so, of course, I’m already thinking about how to celebrate this year. I love having some simple, easy Halloween looks like this Scarecrow costume that can be put together quickly and without needing to spend much. I thought I’d share another look from last year with you if you’re looking for some easy Halloween inspiration.

This scarecrow costume is comfortable, cute and office-appropriate (depending on your office dress code). Plus, it’s easy to wear full length overalls and a thicker flannel shirt if you live in colder climates.

What you’ll need for the Scarecrow makeup:

  • Waterproof Black Eyeliner
  • A Heavy Red Blush (I actually used a NARS lip stain pencil in Cruella)
  • Powder
  • Mascara + Lip Color

Steps to Creating the Scarecrow Makeup

  1. First, apply your usual concealer or foundation. I didn’t add any of my typical bronzer, blush or shadow. I wanted to create a neutral canvas.
  2. Use the eyeliner pencil to draw the thick lines starting at the top of your face with your eyes. I lined my entire eye, then added a thick line to the bottom with a slight wing. Then using that wing as a guide, I created 5-6 more vertical lines coming from my each eye. These are to represent those cartoon-esque eyelashes that you might remember from old style scarecrows.
  3. Next, add the embellishment to the nose. When researching the scarecrow look I saw some people do a solid black or red dot or triangle right on the tip of the nose as well as this stitched style. I really like the style that looks like stitching.
  4. Now for the red cheeks. I used NARS lip stain in Cruella to create this deep, bright red. I have a cream blush that I like, but I knew it wouldn’t have the same staying power or pop of color as using a lip stain. I first drew each circle lightly, slowly creating the circular shape by swirling the lip stain pencil on each cheek until I was happy with the size and location of each circle. Then, I colored each side in fully. After, I added a light powder over the circles. I did this to help set the stain. I have naturally shiny skin so I wanted to extra precaution to keep this color from getting shiny or smearing. Then I added one final layer of the lip color.
  5. Then I drew the smile lines. I actually lightly smiled while drawing these out to get the natural curve. I drew the line on each side to the outer edge of the red circles. And then added the vertical dashes to reinforce that stitched appearance.
  6. I finished the look using the same lip color as I used on my cheeks and some mascara.
  7. If you have it, I highly recommend adding a final touch of setting powder or spray to help the makeup last all day.

And what you’ll need for the Scarecrow outfit:

  • Straw Hat I got mine from a thrift store for $2!
  • Overalls I borrowed these from a friend. You might have luck finding a pair at a thrift store, your local Walmart or Tractor Supply. The overalls I wore were shorts length, but pants or even a skirt version would work just fine.
  • Flannel Shirt I already owned this one.
  • Tights I wore an opaque pair of brown tights.
  • Boots Finish the look with a casual pair of boots.
  • Optional: Add some straw! Visit a craft store for some straw that you can stick in the pockets of the overalls or sticking out of your boots, etc.

Let me know if you like this Halloween look below! Have you ever dressed up as a scarecrow? What’s the simplest Halloween costume you’ve pulled together? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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Easy Scarecrow Halloween Costume and Makeup DIY using items you already have.


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