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Denver Travel Guide_ This article shares all the things to do in Denver like places to eat, drink and have fun.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t know what to expect when I visited Denver. I was actually there for work. I spent most of the trip in Breckenridge, but made sure to take an extra day to explore Denver. I really enjoyed all the unique neighborhoods, the to-die for food and the weather.

Now I actually have plans to go back to Denver in August, so I’ll be sure to update my travel guide afterwards. (And if you have any tips for a bachelorette party in Denver – let me know!!)

Here’s my simple travel guide to Denver with tips on things to do, what to eat, where to drink and where to have fun in Denver, Colorado.

Do You Need a Rental Car?
If you’re spending your entire trip in Denver, it’s SUPER simple to take the A rail from the airport to downtown. Then Uber/Lyft to your hotel or Airbnb. And then just stay in a central location and you’ll be fine walking and using public transportation to get around.
However, if you’re planning to make any side trips outside of the city, you’ll want to rent a car or check for any shuttles. Red Rocks is outside of the city and might be worth renting a car for or just splitting an Uber amongst a small group. Anyway, if you’re just staying in the city don’t worry about a rental.

Where to Eat, Drink & Have Fun in Denver


In a space that used to be a mortuary, Linger offers multiple dining experiences. Sit-down dining is available inside and on the rooftop. The rooftop also has a walk-up food truck where you can order and seat yourself. This place is worth visiting for the views alone. And the bonus is the amazing food. I had some ahi tuna fish tacos and sweet potato waffle fries. After all the walking around I did this day, this meal was a very welcome dish. After Linger you might as well walk right around the corner to our next stop for dessert.

Little Man Ice Cream

You’ll see this giant milk jug which is actually the store front where you order. This is where you can enjoy the full menu. There will most likely be a long ass line. If you want to skip the line, walk past it to the left side where there is a smaller stand. They serve the 6 most popular flavors here! So the line will most likely be shorter and move faster. They actually have a vegan option which made me SO happy. It was a horchata flavor that was perfect to end the night and not too sweet.

Prosper Oats

I wish this place was in my own neighborhood. I’m sure they hear this all the time, but Prosper Oats is like Chipotle but with oatmeal. It’s that concept where you go in and pick your base (oatmeal, açaí or yogurt) and then your own choice of additional sweeteners and fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and other toppings. They have some savory options too! I went with an açaí bowl and a chai tea latte with coconut milk. Seriously, heaven! While there are plenty of more indulgent restaurants on this list, Prosper Oats is one of those places where you leave feeling nourished and not like you overdid it.

Snooze An AM Eatery

This place is on EVERY bucket list or travel guide for Denver. As soon as I took a glance at the menu, I knew why. They offer pancake flights and amazing eggs benedict dishes. I did a mix and match of both to have something sweet and savory. Plus, it was my breakfast and lunch so it was totally worth the calories. Snooze fills up early on weekends for brunch, so either get there really early or be prepared to wait. Or, stop in on a weekday for a lighter crowd.

Next Door American Eatery @ Union Station

This place is a casual spot to grab some healthier American dishes. The kale chips are extremely addictive and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the bowls they offer. It’s another one of those places that you’ll leave feeling satisfied and ready to take on the next adventure.

Union Station

While you’re stopping at Next Door, make sure to explore the rest of Union Station. It is a fully functioning train station, but also also has plenty of shops to visit.

Great Divide Brewery

Great Divide Brewery is one that I have long enjoyed. I knew I had to make a visit during my trip. The brewery itself is pretty cozy but offers up a wide selection of their brews. The tasting room is separate from the overall brewery, but there are large windows so you can still enjoy watching the behind-the-scenes.


Larimer Square

Larimer Square is an historic district in Denver. And it’s also full of plenty of bars, restaurants and shops. If you’re trying to find some entertainment one night, then head over to the Larimer Square. It’s completely walkable and you’ll find something for everyone from award-winning restaurants to boutique shops and art showings.

Tattered Cover Book Store

Yes, my travel guides shall always include book stores. ? And this is a very good one. I’d love to have curled up in a corner at this shop on a rainy morning and read away the day.
Instead I popped in and actually made it out within an hour. It’s a cozy and indie bookstore and you’ll be supporting a small business with your visit. So stop in and grab a book and some souvenirs for others.

16th Street Mall

The 16th street mall is a pedestrian and transit mall in Denver. The mail is just over a mile long and as the name says, it runs along 16th Street in downtown Denver. My favorite part were the tables and interactive spaces throughout the middle of the street. There was a large sand garden and several pianos that were available for anyone to use.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a rock structure near Morrison, Colorado, which is over 10 miles west of Denver. You can visit for a concert or just do some hiking and exploring. The views are 100% worth it and it makes a great work out.


Have you ever visited Denver? How did you spend your trip? Is there anything you’d add to this list?

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  1. Me and my friends loves to hang out at Linger. You wouldn’t expect that there is a food truck upstairs. Aside from their delicious food, the best part staying there is the Denver view.

  2. Last summer when we rested here a rented car saved our vacation! We often went out of town and we also had many places that we wanted to visit and I will tell you that without a car it would be quite difficult

    1. Agree! If you want to visit any of the cities nearby, it’s definitely best to rent a car. Some places though may be accessible by train/shuttle though.

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