10 Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

Here are gift ideas for your co-workers ranging from cheap, inexpensive ideas to up to $25 or more.

I shopped at Rookwood Commons & Pavilion here in Cincinnati, but these gift suggestions can be purchased all over. Several of the stores highlighted below are local and some are from larger chain stores. I realize it’s not feasible for everyone to shop solely at small, local stores, but even spending a portion of your holiday gift budget at local businesses can make a huge difference, especially in this year.

If you’re like me, you haven’t seen your coworkers in person for months. But they’re still the ones helping you complete a big project, laughing with you over Zoom and commiserating with you over all the tech issues we’ve been facing while working from home. A small gift is a great way to share just how much they mean to you.

Here are ten gift ideas for coworkers:


Cincinnati’s own Maverick Chocolate produces award-winning chocolate bars, truffles and more. I picked up a dark chocolate bar for a coworker who would often enjoy a piece of dark chocolate in the afternoons at the office. I also grabbed one of their Prohibition chocolate bars which won a 2015 International Chocolate award. They also carry drinking chocolate which would make the most decadent hot chocolate at home! (I had a cup to go and it was divine!)

Tea (or Coffee)

I stopped at Churchill’s Fine Teas – another local establishment to pick up some unique teas. They carry over 265 teas from around the world and offer unique seasonal blends. I personally am more of a tea drinker, but some coffee would make a great gift too.

Homemade Sweets

Do it yourself or pick some up at Fawn Candy. The Fawn Candy Company has been owned and operated since 1946 by the Guenther family. They have chocolate treats, seasonal candies, gummies, caramel apples, chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos and more.


I think autobiographies and fictional books make great gifts. I’m going to suggest “Stuff You Should Know” which is from the duo behind one of the most popular podcasts of the same name. It’s a book you can pick up and read a chapter here and there so it’s great for any kind of reader.

Spa & Salon Gift Card

A gift card for a local salon & spa makes a great gift. It would be a stretch to cover the entire cost of a spa service but the cost of a manicure is quite reasonable.

Ice Spheres & Accessories for Better Drinks

Ice spheres bring at-home cocktails to the next level. The less surface area of the ice exposed to warm liquid the slower it will melt, therefore ice spheres melt at a slower rate than your typical ice cube and won’t water down drinks as quickly. You could also add some other cocktail accessories like a shaker and stirring spoon.


You really can’t go wrong here. Everyone loves a candle and the jars of the ones at Bath & Body Works are so cute and festive. If you’re not sure what scents someone likes I’d recommend sticking with some of the most common and popular ones like vanilla for a cozy vibe or pine for a clean, but seasonal scent. I love almost every scent that they carry and was surprised at how much I like the peppermint marshmallow scent.

Face Masks

The ultimate 2020 gift, right? Most of us have a few face masks, but it doesn’t hurt to have a spare. And if you’re gifting just one it’s worth the cost to find one that’s especially comfortable. Try to find ones with the metal nose bridge for a better fit and adjustable ear straps. Athlete carries some great options.

Restaurant Gift Cards

Give someone the gift of food without having to actually make something. At Rookwood, my favorite spot is Yagoot. No joke, it’s the BEST frozen yogurt spot. They make perfectly tangy froyo in a multitude of flavors that change with the seasons and offer all the toppings you’d expect. The quality is just really great.

Hand Sanitizer

Yet another 2020 inspired gift. It’s always helpful to have some spare hand sanitizer so I think this would be one very useful gift.

Are there any other gift ideas you’d recommend for coworkers?

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