CHESTER Carry-On Luggage Review

I’ve had the Chester carry on for a few months now and have taken several flights and weekend trips with it. The luggage has held…


I’ve had the Chester carry on for a few months now and have taken several flights and weekend trips with it. The luggage has held up well and looks brand new even after being checked a few times. I’ve found it to feel really sturdy and durable while still being lightweight. I most enjoy the bright colors they have. Everyone has black luggage and it’s so easy to spot my blue carry on. I like that it comes with a TSA lock on the luggage so I don’t have to deal with finding my lock every time I take a trip. The luggage is just as spacious as my other carryons and it was pretty easy to adapt to the clam shell style. The price is so much better than comparable styles.

I’ve been using the Chester Carry-On 22” Luggage for quite a few months now and have really put it through the test with plenty of travel.
I’ve used it as a carry-on but it’s also been checked luggage a few times and has held up really well.

Is CHESTER luggage durable?

Very! I had to retire my previous luggage after it was pretty much destroyed during the times I had to check my luggage at the airport. With the CHESTER carry-on I’ve had to check it probably 5+ times now. Sometimes I need to travel with more liquids than allowed in a carry-on so it’s been my choice and a few times I’ve had to gate check on smaller size airplanes that aren’t allowing carry-on luggage. Compared to my soft-side luggage, I also find that the CHESTER carry-on doesn’t get top heavy and is really easy to maneuver in the airport.

Security Features of CHESTER Luggage

The CHESTER carry-on and all of the line’s luggage comes with built-in TSA approved locks. I love that I don’t have to search for my separate lock every time I’m traveling and instead it’s built in. I’ve had no issues from TSA regarding this lock and it’s never been stuck or anything like that so I expect it to last a long time.

Style & Color of CHESTER Luggage

One of the reasons I hesitated on getting hardcase luggage was because I was really wary of the clamshell style. By that I mean the luggage opens up in the middle and you pack each side versus soft-side luggage where you just open from the top and can stack up everything inside.

I have adapted to the clamshell style really quickly. I use one side for clothing and the other side for hair tools, beauty/hair products, snacks, cords, etc. Each side is zippered close on the inside as well so everything is nice and secure and doesn’t shift around as much in flight.

Lastly, I love the color. I hope Chester continues to create more colorful luggage. It’s so much easier to spot your luggage when it’s not black or some dark grey like everyone else. The light blue has a few small scruffs that aren’t really noticeable and I’ve been able to wipe them off with some cleaner, so I haven’t experienced any issues by having a light blue shade.

CHESTER Luggage vs. AWAY Luggage

In my opinion, there doesn’t appear to be a huge difference between these two brands. The AwayLuggage has a built-in battery pack, but I personally don’t find that to be that great of a feature. I usually carry an extra battery pack charger for my phone in my purse anyway and if you have to check your bag, the airline will ask you to remove the battery from the luggage which seems like a hassle.

Additionally, the Away brand is more expensive. And the recent news about their CEO makes me glad not to support their brand. Chester is a family-owned company and from what I can tell treats their employees fairly.

You can find Chester luggage on as well as Amazon and Walmart.

CHESTER provided me with this luggage in exchange for a review, however, all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make possible.

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