Blooms and Berries Pumpkin Patch

Blooms and Berries Pumpkin Patch

Blooms and Berries Farm Market in Loveland, Ohio is Cincinnati’s best pumpkin patch. I visited last weekend and it made for the perfect fall afternoon. Here’s why you’ll love it, too.

The Blooms and Berries Farm Market is very family-friendly with SO many different things to do, including:

  • a 7-acre corn maze
  • 30 minute hayride to pick-your-own pumpkin
  • a Pumpkin Storyboard Trail
  • a Straw Maze, giant slide and kid’s play area
  • a smaller corn maze just for kids
  • and more!


Even as an adult without children of my own, the farm still appealed to me. I enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and loved soaking up all the sights of fall that I don’t typically get to enjoy in the city.

My group enjoyed the corn maze and took about 45-60 minutes to walk through the maze. They did a great job creating the maze and it wasn’t until after 30 minutes or so that we realized we’d need to actually try harder to get ourselves out of there. Once I took the lead, we were on the right path. ?


We also made sure to visit with the many farm animals.

The popcorn, cider, frozen yogurt (pumpkin flavor, no less!) and grill options offered plenty of filling and seasonal eats.
The small shop offered some local goods including fresh meats, cheese, jams, old-fashioned candies, treats and more. Handmade soaps, lotions and fall decorations were also available. Plants and flowers, especially mums, were available in the garden area along with piles of pumpkins to pick and choose from.


A few things to note:
When you arrive, head to the large building or to it’s right to a check-out to purchase your wristband for the event. Any checkout will do.
Don’t stand in the first long line you see. You’ll be surprised that there are several places to check out inside the building and to it’s right in the garden area. Don’t be afraid to look around a little longer to find a shorter line when purchasing your pumpkins.
If you can, go on a weekday. I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was definitely busy! However, even with all the crowds, it never felt “crowded” because they have so much space and a lot to do. But, if you can go on a weekday you’ll get to enjoy the farm with fewer people and can likely find a discount for your tickets too!

Without a doubt, The Blooms and Berries Farm Market is my favorite pumpkin patch here in Cincinnati. Whether you have children or just want to experience some fresh air and nostalgia, it’s the perfect afternoon trip.

Have you ever been to Blooms and Berries Farm? Are there any other pumpkin patches or corn mazes I should check out in Cincinnati? What’s your favorite fall activity? I want to hear from you! Just leave a comment below. 

*This post is not sponsored in any way. I just really love fall and enjoyed my visit to Blooms and Berries Farm so I wanted to share it with you all* Visit BloomsandBerries.com for more details.

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Blooms and Berries Farm Market is Cincinnati's best pumpkin patch. Visit for a perfect fall afternoon of pumpkin picking, fresh apple cider, corn mazes, farm animals and more!

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