Here is the difference tho; In the Netherlands they dont wash the eggs. I noticed some of the same triggers: undercooked eggs are more likely to cause it than hardboiled eggs, and I’ve pretty much had to give up eggs since. Eggs that have been graded by the USDA are required to show the “pack date” on the carton, which is the day that the eggs were graded, washed and packaged. A bunch of things that I read said that for most people with an egg sensitivity, it’s usually the whites that are causing the problem. If I cook my own cracked eggs or order scrambled cracked eggs at a restaurant, I have no problem. Probably too old for my poor sensitive stomach to handle. I am inclined to agree with you that it’s something to do with what the chickens are fed.

I tried a keto diet for 6 weeks, and had eggs on that, and still had problems, even though I wasn’t eating bread, pasta or rice.

You get the eggs unwashed right from under the chickens butt, I never kept them in the fridge and most eggs we have are free ranged eggs.

What an insane conclusion. I soon just decided it was scrambled eggs so I went to eating fried eggs. It was no surprise when I found out I have a homozygous CBS and heterozygous CBS mutation. Well twice I have made baked goods and baked eggs and I can’t eat them because it feels like I can’t digest them. Doing an elimination diet I finally realized it was egg whites that were causing my symptoms. Thank you so much. Just take as needed because it will also absorb vitamins and nutrition in food.

Pasture raised eggs from chickens on their natural diets do not.

We have some farmers who sell eggs locally, going to try them straight from the chicken and see if I react :-) Hard boiled eggs mostly every morning. Haven’t been able to figure it out yet, but so far I’m okay with scrambled and then also french toast doesn’t bother me, but from the same carton of eggs the day before those meals I made 6 hard boiled – ate two at work with only salt – almost immediately got severe stomach pain, mood swings, severe bloating, day later after research I cut up the others with mustard to be egg salad (having read mustard will offset whatever I’m having issues with) and that day was even worse…. For me the feeling is almost flu like symptoms achy lethargic and just down right crummy. I have the same problem with eggs that are not hard-boiled or scrambled.

Well, it’s not an allergy ~ I just get sick. I asked my husband if he felt OK. Gallstones grow from excess cholesterol and 1 egg yolk has half of recommended daily allowance of cholesterol!

At first I thought it was dairy period!!

Okay.. i have the same issue but for me, i noticed that when i eat brown eggs (the ones i get for the kids are organic cage-free) i Always get sick!! I don’t want to have a grumbling stomach for two days just because I wanted to eat an egg……NO THNX !!

Symptoms of egg allergy depend on the severity of your egg allergy. It doesn’t seem to matter that I get them fresh, I still get sick. Weird, huh!

I am familiar with a solid 80% of what you’re describing, including the strange tolerance for eggs certain ways and intolerance for them other ways.

You can get a clue as to how old an egg is based on whether it floats, stands, or sinks in water. But over easy, soft boiled, soft scrambled….and sadly even McDonald’s…..and I get the exact same symptoms but mine only last for a few hours after eating them (not overnight or the next day).

I react to milk. I have had the problem with eggs for many, many years. I hope this is what it is and I never have to experience this again. I also have no problem with egg sandwiches from Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts, which both use a pasteurized liquid egg product, the kind you pour out of a carton.

I don’t have any other food sensitivities and my only allergy is mild hay fever. Oh wow, I never even thought about the chickens’ diets.

Your blog was one of the top results when I googled “eggs and diarrhea.” And the brain fog! Appreciate your research and sharing!! Hi Amy. I found a lot of similarities.

First, I made some cookies using eggs as an ingredient, and ate a couple. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but many of you may have a genetic CBS snp that makes it difficult for you to process sulfur foods.

Here you eliminate a food product after other. It’s been like playing roulette sometimes they make me sick sometimes they don’t. Hopefully they will not affect me. I really wish the fresh egg approch worked for me but as my eggs are literally straight out of my backyard chickens I know that’s not my problem. I have been having issues for about 2 years now and have never put together what was going on….. until I stopped eating breakfast, the went on vacation and wasn’t eating eggs.

I told her I would have to pass on the eggs and she mentioned she had blue eggs! Your doctor can determine the underlying cause and advise you on any next steps. I feel like its the egg white? But I will definitely start googling! By contrast, no Japanese eggs have ever given me this problem, and we’re talking 5+ trips now… Australian food production is crapola. So while I totally agree that eggs from factory farms are not as good quality as eggs from pastured chickens, I wouldn’t want people to think that they can judge the quality just by the yolk color.

So I limited to them in my diet, and was able to eat them if I took a special supplement beforehand.

I forgot to say that this includes any product with eggs in it, like mayo or baked goods. I do have the exact symptoms like everyone else here.

I am impressed by the experimentation that you conducted, and i think it would be worthwhile to buy the fresh eggs and see how old they get before you get sick. Thank you so much for sharing this Amy! I had injections yesterday and this morning a ~ well you know loose toileting ~ and am nauseous SERIOUSLY? allergy? I was just happy to find out it was not just me and I had not lost my mind.

Thank you ! When you are diagnosed with an egg allergy, it is prudent for you to avoid all egg products, this is because even though you are allergic to the white egg, it will be hard to separate it from the yolk. I’m guessing some cooking oils just lube up my stomach too much to process the eggs. I wonder if the whites are the problem? . Never been able to have very much of them without feeling sick.

Preventing yourself from egg allergy reactions by avoiding egg products is the only sure way because you can never be sure what levels of egg protein will trigger the allergic reactions. I’ve also worked over three decades in retail grocery-the majority of that time being dairy and fresh meats. For me it’s brain fog, tired, and nausea. Has any info been found out on difference with Cuban eggs?

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That being said I also have issues with antibiotics that say “don’t eat eggs” and now knee injections that say to not use if you have allergies to eggs. To scramble eggs I usually have to scramble them until almost brown. I’m curious if this might be related.

I have no allergy from the blood tests so I’ve been just baffled.

. However, whenever I visit Japan to see family, I can eat any eggs, cooked or raw, happily. Now I have an answer. Tonight’s episode happened after eggs were cooked in the pan just before his rice was. Sometimes I’ll get ill from a single serving of them, eating them regularly is unthinkable!

I would love to find a liquid egg product like Burger King uses, that’s the whole egg.

Being able to read everyone else’s comments has been really helpful – keep reminding myself our bodies change and to be my own health advocate.

Enter: your blog.

My garlic allergy started as my body went through changes as a teen but I don’t know why I’ve suddenly developed an egg allergy – I’m so gutted! I eat them non stop the whole week and I feel fabulous!

Thank you again They are high in nutrients and help make you feel full, among other benefits.

But few months ago I moved to Canada – and started experiencing this very bad headache that comes with nausea that lasts for hours up to a whole day… it happens once a week or two.

I have the same problem with store bought eggs.

I miss eggs desperately sometimes! Here’s our process. This very much is a thing. Your doctor will advise you on preventive measures and remedies for egg allergy. I'm not sure how long it lasted back then because I just stopped eating all dairy products for a couple of years — I was afraid they would taste bad, but it definitely I wonder if grass fed local beef would be OK. It must be the chicken’s diet.

I’m so glad you took the time to write about your experience. By the time I left my mom’s house to head back to Brooklyn, I felt totally normal. Maybe a change in chemical makeup?? We include products we think are useful for our readers.

If you notice any signs of discoloration, throw the egg out and wash the bowl with hot, soapy water before testing a new egg. I have some ideas to try now… but in regards to genetics/ DNA/ genes… the mutation could have been “turned on” so to speak when you reached 40… weirdest thing is that is when my problem started too, This reminds me of a meme I saw on Facebook today: “Welcome to your forties! I’m 49 and I believe my cholesterol level is too high now.

Eggs are a superfood, but not all cooking methods are equal.

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