The Leo and the Aquarius can make a passionate team, but they are also one of the more explosive zodiac combinations out there. ); If they are going to get along they have to be specific about nurturing each other's needs. I HATE that Monique has everyone convinced that Candy had something to do with the Trainer rumors. Lol. At first glance, these signs seem really different, being that Scorpio is a water sign and Aries is a fire sign. 7 Signs You Should Fight To Save Your Broken Relationship, These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Speak Up And Be The Loudest Ones (No Matter What), This Is Why You Should Fight For The One You Love, 5 Zodiac Signs That Will Most Probably Drive You Crazy. The Gemini can be all over the place but they're good at talking about their feelings. They have trouble keeping their cool and when they're mad or they simply disagree with you, they will turn straight up aggressive and will be ready to fight anyone. This means that Leos don't like the feeling of being threatened and won't back down when you challenge them, making them one of the zodiac signs you should never fight with. Aries people are born leaders, they like to lead and they are protective. Gemini are very witty.

No one is allowed to talk after a Scorpio is done. Why do some people like to say Trujillo was 1/4 Haitian? A Leo is super confident and they'll make you believe they won an argument when they actually didn't. It’s just the way they are. Hence even if you slap them, they won’t get crazy and become violent with you. The different elements, characteristics of your zodiac signs define your personality and your behavior. But if they think that their opinions are not heard and something is not fair around them, they would counter argue to any extent too! Trump Tarot Tea Part II: The Phuckery Continues, Official Election Day Discussion and Results Thread. Some of these can get pretty explosive too. These signs come from different elements which can be part of the issue with them. They are also very argumentative, they can’t accept the fact that their opinions are not valued or if they are insulted in front of somebody. See also: These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Speak Up And Be The Loudest Ones (No Matter What). They will carefully watch your every move and remember your every word.

Max to the max, they can be argumentative and shoutout their views and opinions honestly. In a romantic relationship, the both of them can start to feel trapped. It makes them feel even more important, but to them, it makes perfect sense because they are always right anyway.

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