Give two examples each of metal, non-metals and metalloids. (b)Brine is a mixture whereas alcohol is a compound. Terms (b) Classify the flowing into elements , compounds and mixtures: Marble, Air, Gold, Brass, Sand, Diamond, Graphite, Petroleum, Common salt, Sea-water, Chalk, (a)(i) Element: A substance that cannot split into two or more simpler substance by chemical methods. What kind of access will this storage medium use? Since the turn of this century, processor speeds have continued to increase dramatically while read and write times for mechanical HDDs have not. 29.

Good stories as well as bad stories spread and stick On the basis of composition of matter, milk is considered to be: 67. (d)The three important metalloids are boron, silicon and germanium. Which of the following statements is true of using social media to advance organizational strategies?

What is the usual rate of speed for the platters in a hard disk? 54. 60. Your email address will not be published. Which of the following is a type of optical disc that users can read from but not write to or erase? Which of the following are compounds? An important advantage of solid-state storage is that it contains no mechanical parts, allowing data transfer to and from storage media to take place at a much higher speed and providing a more predictable lifespan for the storage media.

What happens when a computer or mobile device starts up? Name a non-metal which is a good conductor of electricity. What is that device called? Today's CPUs can process data much faster than HDD storage can supply it. What kind of storage is an Internet service that provides storage to computer or mobile users? Common salt comprise of sodium and chlorine.

false. What is the term for this. You are looking for an RFID tag that does not contain a battery because you want one that is small enough to be embedded in skin. You want a storage medium that allows you to locate a particular data item immediately, without having to move consecutively through items stored in front of the desired data item or file. (a). Start my free, unlimited access. 66. Which of the following is true of SSDs compared to traditional hard disks? It has a fixed proportion of constituents by mass. around. Which Of The Following Statements Is Not True Of Social Media? What term describes this characteristic? 1. 19. Metals are malleable, ductile and sonorous. While SSD prices have decreased dramatically, SSDs are still somewhat more expensive than HDDs. social media increases brand touch points. Please check the box if you want to proceed. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a hard disk? You are looking for a term that can be used to refer collectively to hard disks and SSDs inside a computer. (b) . It contains many ingredients. Make sure to remember your password. Advances in solid-state storage haven't been limited to increasing capacities. 12.

Which RAID level technique splits data, instructions, and information across multiple disks in the array?


c. SSDs have faster transfer rates. Composable storage startup Fungible chases hyperscalers, TrueNAS Scale arrays place open source HCI into spotlight. Mixtures are the materials which contain at least two pure substances and show the properties of the constituents. Short-stroking is done by deliberately limiting the disk drive capacity to the outer tracks of the drive so the disk drive actuator only has to move its heads across a shorter distance and fewer tracks which reduces seek time. Are the advantages of solid-state storage worth the investment? 8. Its constituents can be separated example: oxygen, nitrogen etc. (a) What are (i) metals (ii) non-metals, and (iii) metalloids? Pure substances and mixtures. (c) Brass is an alloy which is considered a _______ . A benefit of tape is that it allows for nonsequential access. Flash-based SSDs store data in cells on the NAND chip. With capacities of 12 terabyte (TB) or 14 TB, hard disks may still be the preferred media for archive and other high-capacity/limited-access applications. (c). True . Write down the names of two elements, two compounds and two mixtures.

What is the other name for impure substances? Which of the following statements is NOT true about smart cards? Which of the following does not have a fixed melting point/boiling point? 52. Of course, it all depends on how you measure things. D. When using social A mixture can be homogenous or heterogeneous. Which of the following devices is the computer hardware that records and/or retrieves items to and from a flash drive or external hard drive, for example? It may be solid, liquid, or gas. & (1 point) ability to melt ability to freeze ability to react ability to break 3.

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