This scene was filmed on April 20, 2016. You would think after the whole Kanye/50 Cent “beef” that Kanye would be somewhat familiar with 50’s catalog lol Maybe he just forgot. He ain’t got no criminal background.

The first delivery of Kardashians have landed in Havana, Cuba and they make their way immediately to brightly colored Cadillacs that will cart them around the city while they’re there. A penis, or dick. Kourtney and her kids opt to ride in a van with car seats, while Khloe and EFBF, Malika, take the red convertible Cadillac. • 08/04/16 ∙ 5:11 PM, 1.2k ViewsComments Off on Jay Z & Kendrick Lamar Are Getting Presidential Together, by

What is that?

LMAO HIPHOP is unbelievably strong. [Kim Kardashian:] Source: That evening, the second delivery of Kardashian’s arrive, and everyone makes their way to dinner. This is classic, Kanye for president. © 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Khloe is slightly flustered but proud that she’s gotten Lamar scheduled for a full day of caretaking. We Know What YG’s Next Purchase Will Be: This ALL RED Special Edition iPhone! Let’s face it, everywhere you look you’re likely to find a Kardashian. Others aren't taking it so seriously because it's pretty hard not to LOL along with Kim as she teachers Kanye about hip-hop lingo.

Most impressively, is Kylie’s ability to pose for her life in a pair of Ugg slippers. Back in the day, Lamar would always wait for her to leave town so he could act up and out.

Fif went to Instagram last night (August 4) and posted up the must-see footage. 08/05/16 ∙ 7:00 AM. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text. 50 Cent, who many will remember sang the hook on Lil Kim's very sexual hit single,"Magic Stick," saw the clip and couldn't resist re-posting the whole thing to his own, Many will remember Kanye and 50's very public rivalry during the mid '00s. While walking up to lunch, Kim and Kanye ask North about the leaf and stick she’s holding in her hand. That idea Kanye came up with for going for president, I don’t know. Kourtney, who is practically a glammed up organic fiber, proudly announces that she doused her family with the hazardous chemical Deet before boarding the jet because she will not be getting Zika on this trip. LMAO HIPHOP is unbelievably strong. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

-Cyrus, "Meek needs to feed the streets and a 21 Savage collabo couldn't come at a better time." G-Unit boss 50 Cent has reacted to footage of reality TV star Kim Kardashian giving hip-hop husband Kanye West a lesson on what “magic stick” means. ].

Kobe Bryant Says ‘We Might See Our First Co-MVPs’, NFL Teams Voted 31-1, Approving Raiders Move From Oakland to Las Vegas, (Video) NBA: Player/Playa… Marcin Gortat Leaves LA Nightclub with 3 Women, (Video) NBA: Master P Wants to be an NBA Coach & Comments on LaVar Ball, (Video) NFL: Seahawks QB Trevone Boykin Arrested After Car Crashes Into Bar, NBA: Joakim Noah To Reportedly Be Suspended 20 Games For Using Banned Supplement, NBA: Players Around The League React To Devin Booker Scoring 70 Points For The Suns Against Boston. • 08/05/16 ∙ 6:30 AM, 2k ViewsComments Off on Rick Ross Singled Out In Slick Rick Painting Heist: “Are U That Stupid?!?

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A few months ago, Kanye went back on a Twitter tirade with a reference to his 2020 run. Before EFBF Malika can even get a proper hello in, Khloe is on the phone with Lamar’s eye doctor.

Summer Walker’s Life Is “Complete” After Erykah Badu Run-In, "Past and present of R&B, would love to hear these two on a new song." At dinner Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kanye West, EFBF Malika, and their kids, are joined by Kanye West’s filmographer. With the exception of Kendall (who is a successful model), the rest of the Kardashians seem to be involved in new projects every time we turn around.

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