Given the choice, we'd take the crisper lines of the W212 E63 over the W211. It was a luxo-barge with scoot. FIRST DRIVE: 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG.

The engine is epic and a number of companies can enhance the performance and improve the amazing sound too from the exhausts. Included were changes to the intake and exhaust systems and the addition of dry-sump lubrication to cope with the SLS's higher cornering speeds. Short answer, e63, if you are looking at the w212 vs w204.

It was a 518-hp cruise missile that could comfortably seat five adults. Airmatic is nice, yes I've had to replace an airbag but hey ho. C63 (W204) Stock Performance: 451 HP @ 6800 RPM; 443 LB-FT @ 5200 RPM Gains: ... B200 w245, w212 e63 amg 6.2L Joined May 16, ... That top gear review of the C63 vs RS4 vs M3 is the … A car that is neither slow nor subtle, it nearly took home the wares in our 2013 Performance Car of the Year test. Edited by JIMMYJ4ZZ on Tuesday 18th September 17:59. Good luck in your search, this period of MB they made so many minor revisions to model spec it is really hard to tie down. Both are faster than you'll ever really be able to exploit on the public highways. Mercedes' twin-turbo 5.5-liter V8 is no slouch, and the bi-turbo 4.0-liter pegged for the next C63 will undoubtedly be fantastic as, but the M156/M159 V8 was (and remains) a revelation. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. It depends what you want from the car, but I find the C class quite small especially coming from the CLS SB which is based on the w212 e class platform.

If you want a raw car that gives you a buzz and enjoyment purchase the c63, if you want big bhp and a very big and heavy car that's far more refined and bland in comparison go for the e63. I have owned both C63 PP and currently have an W212 E63 estate. You might not know it by the frequency at which cars with '63' scrawled on their trunks continue to appear in dealerships, but once the current C63 coupe and sedan cease production, AMG big all-motor V8 will die with them.

This is coming from an ex w204 and current w205 63 estate owner (with a X218 CLS SB in between).

The E63 was cool because at a glance, it looked like your average upper-management commuting appliance. It made AMGs truly viable alternatives to anything coming from BMW's M division. I've owned a standard prefacelift C63, modified facelift C63 and W212 Prefacelift PPP E63 and facelift E63 Biturbo plus a few others. The m157 with stock exhaust is NOT a bland car, what rot! MBClub UK is in no way affiliated with Mercedes-Benz, DaimlerChrysler or any of their respective trademarks. Obviously it goes very well and takes a family worth of stuff. Given the choice, we'd take the crisper lines of the W212 E63 over the W211. PHOTOS: 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series, Hummer's 11,500 Lb-Ft Torque Claim Is Misleading, AMG GT Black Series Reportedly Takes 'Ring Record, SSC Thinks Bugatti's Top Speed Record Was Bogus, Introducing Shop R&T, Road & Track's Online Store, Hummer Is Back With a 1000-HP, $113,000 EV Truck, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The BIGGEST and best independent MB forum in the UK, MB Club UK is A Mercedes Enthusiast club run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The W219 CLS AMG started life with the old supercharged 5.5-liter V8 but later became one of the first production applications for the 6.3.

I love my C63 and was underwhelmed with the E63 regarding its looks. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. VIDEO: Chris Harris bids farewell to AMG's big V8 in the C63 AMG Edition 507. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Stylish Watches Under $300 That Don't Look Cheap, Supercharged S2000-Powered Cortina Drag Car Sound, Pete Brock's V-8-powered VW Bus Is up for, The Diablo SV Is a Poster Car Worth Driving, 27 Most Fun Used Cars You Can Buy for Under $5000, 28 Fun Sports Cars That Are Surprisingly Cheap, Tactical Watches We Like at Various Price Points.

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