The 221 lb-ft of torque in this engine is up 14 lb-ft from the outgoing Tiguan's but, as Volkswagen says, power is down from 200 hp to 184 hp. No figures are available yet, but VW says CO2 emissions of the EA288 Evo engines are down by as much as 10 g/km compared with the current EA288 units , despite packing up to 9 percent more power and torque.

The EA288 head has its own cooling circuit controlled with valves. Anyone out there with a 2015 VW TDI: How is the new EA288 engine?

Most Popular Cars Worldwide, Tune In for Episode Six of R&T's Inside Track, Toyota Shows Tacoma TRD Pro Overlander at SEMA, Design Star Donckerwolke Is Back at Hyundai Group. You may recall that our long-term 2009 Jetta TDI had difficulty heating the cabin during the winter months. We’ll only get the 2.0-liter here in the U.S., so we’ll concentrate on that. When the engine is cold, the head circuit is the most active, which allows the engine coolant to heat up swiftly, making it possible to warm the cabin faster. The combination of the urea system, two exhaust-gas recirculation devices, a particulate filter, and an oxidation catalytic converter results, says VW, in a 45-percent reduction in total emissions versus the old engine. From the get-go, the EA288 Evo will feature a mild hybrid drive with a 12-volt belt starter generator. EA288 diesel shares displacement, cylinder spacing [when ... All R3 1422 ccm three cylinder engines are derived from the R4 1896 ccm 4 cylinder engine, VW just cut off one 474,1 ccm cylinder. To further clean up the new 2.0-liter EA288’s act—and comply with the stringent EU6 regulations—VW has employed a urea NOx reduction device, otherwise known as a selective catalytic reduction system. We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links.

This is a concern with all diesels, and a primary reason why you see heat-trapping radiator covers on semi-trucks and school buses in the winter.

Besides the mild hybrid drive, EA288 Evo engines also feature a redesigned and improved combustion process, as well as a more efficient and quicker response behavior of the turbocharger. VW claims the new TDI engines deliver "extremely low emissions in all driving cycles," meeting both the current and future emission stipulations for WLTP/RDE certification. As a consequence, the TDI cars sold by the Volkswagen Group in the present fully comply with the European Union regulations and environmental standards. Finally, exhaust after-treatment components — including diesel particulate filter (DPF) and SCR components (NOx treatment using selective catalytic reduction) — are said to have been "re-dimensioned and improved in terms of their effect and aging stability. Reliability of Golf 7 1.6 tdi ea288 engine. VW is calling this new diesel four-cylinder engine range “EA288,” and displacement varies from 1.6 to 2.0 liters.

Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Green, dieselgate, ea288, volkswagen ea288, vw ea288, Volkswagen announces EA288 EU5 and EU6 engines don’t have defeat device,, Finally! The EA288 engine family is based on the EA189 engine family. Available with various states of tune ranging from 136 hp to 204 hp, the new engine marks the first time a VW Group TDI four-cylinder unit is available in conjunction with hybrid systems. Because of the way the fuel injection works the gunk can buildup overtime on the valves by oil and junk flowing through the PCV system to the valves.

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