Before starting, please first check that your modem is compatible with your internet plan. Attach coax cable (not included) to the back of the modem. On the Wireless settings page, you will see a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of your modem/router and into the VBox. If you do not have a splitter, you will need to procure one in order to have both devices connected, and you will only be able to use either your modem or your phone in the meantime.

If your modem is one of the models listed in our FAQ (mainly SmartRG and Kasda modems), and is not from another internet provider, please refer to the document assigned for that modem in our FAQ instead of following the general instructions listed below. The splitter should be provided with your Vmedia modem. Edit Edit Description pppoe_O_O_35 Type Vlan8021p VlanMuxId Igmp NAT Enabled Internet Service Available in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta & British Columbia. You will need to plug a phone splitter in your phone jack, to allow you to plug both the modem and the phone to the splitter. Contact us :+1-855-333-8269 Open a browser and enter your modem address, which may be in the format of. If your modem is from VMedia, the splitter should be provided with it.

Network Set Up allows you to connect the VBox to the Internet either by Ethernet cable (supplied in your VBox package) or wirelessly to your router. High Speed Internet Up to 120 Mbps, Cable/DSL, No fixed-term contracts. If your modem is from another internet provider, please use the instructions from that provider to configure your modem, as they may have a unique firmware on their modem. Once the DSL/connectivity light is solid on your modem, connect a computer to it by ethernet. If you cannot find that email, please contact us. The technician that came for your installation should have indicated which one it is.

Please ensure that you do not confuse the username and password that were in your Welcome email, that are to login into the VMedia website, and the PPP username and password that are given in the DSL installation email. By using this site, you are accepting cookies to store user state and login information.

Once the Cable Technician has completed his installation and the underlying provider has provisioned your modem for use on the network, you will be online. You will most likely be asked a username and password.

If your modem has a quick setup guide to enter the required information, please follow it and skip to Step 11. If you are using both VMedia internet and Bell/Telus home phone services, the phone jack will be one of the phone jacks that you use for your phone service.

Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your network access key.

Some might be straightforward, such as your country, timezone, or internet provider.

If your modem is from VMedia, the splitter should be provided with it. If not, please go to your modem settings, and find the appropriate setting to establish a PPP connection. You can locate your router closer to the VBox and TV or use a longer cable to connect the router to your VBox.

We have articles, videos and troubleshooting guides for all your queries. Plug your modem to the power. Some other info that could be asked might be the following: Connection Type: PPPoE (do not confuse with PPPoA), Address Type: Dynamic (even if you have a static IP with VMedia, please select dynamic as well), ADSL or VDSL: depends on your speed plan and region, please contact us to verify, PPP username and password: these were given to you in the email detailing your DSL installation. Connecting to the internet with the Ethernet provides a more stable connection and avoids potential video buffering.

Unpack the modem.

Identify the phone jack that was activated during your installation. As Kasda and SmartRG modems usually have very similar interfaces for their different models, even if your model number is different, the provided documents should help you.

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Click "Confirm" to be redirected. If it is the correct phone jack, the DSL/connectivity light on your modem should turn on and become solid after 1-5 min.

These will be the most important information to configure your modem.

If you would like to connect your VBox by Ethernet, your VBox will be automatically connected to the Internet once you connect your Ethernet cable to the back of the VBox.

Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the port on the back of the modem and plug the other end into your PC or Router. These are different from your Wifi password, or the username and password that were given to you by VMedia. Connect the modem to the phone jack using a phone cord (RJ11 cable). MEDIA MODEM SETUP Device Info Advanced Setup Layer2 Interface WAN Service NAT Security Parental Control Interface pppO Wide Area Network (WAN) Service Setup Choose Add, Remove or Edit to configure a WAN service over a selected interface.

Once connected, you will be brought to the Google sign-in screen. Network Set Up allows you to connect the VBox to the internet either by ethernet or wirelessly. Most modems have a "quick set up" function. If this is a second-hand modem, and you did not get the DSL splitter with your modem, you will need to procure yourself one. You will be asked several information for the setup. If you have successfully completed the setup, both the DSL/connectivity light and the inet/internet/authentication light should both be on, solid, and the right colour (the authentication light tends to slightly blink from time to time, that is normal).

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