My birds born in 2001 have become huge. Especially when there are babies in the nest they need lots of (animal) protein, more than other parrots. Vasas also do well in indoor/outdoor cages in colder states. The idea that females breed with groups or flocks of males, as opposed to breeding indiscriminately with various males is the currant working theory within Vasa research. All Coracopsis nigra subspecies are present in the programme, however breeding results were poor last year. Vasa chicks are known to hatch after only 14-20 days of incubation, which is highly unusual as parrots of the Vasa size range tend to take up to 30 days to hatch. Polyandry in it self is rare an only occurs in approximately 1% of the entire bird population. That's not exactly what I was waiting for, but amazing it was! If a breeder has several pairs of Vasa parrots, a hierarchy establishes in which the alpha pair is the first one to breed. Since 1998 I tried to establish a conservation-breeding programme. The other pairs may breed later, if time …

Foraging activities are a big hit with Vasa Parrots, as are interactive toys, puzzle toys, mechanical toys, chewable toys, and baby toys and rattles, and anything else your Vasa Parrot can investigate and manipulate. Other remarkable facts on Lesser vasa parrots: Lesser vasas change beak colour. The Vasa Parrot needs a large enclosure. The ovary of the female Vasa expands to about 1/3 the size of her abdomen. It is clear that the Vasa’s breeding season is very unique and requires much more study. Birds in an outdoor aviary look different. During the mating season in the fall (October to December), a female Vasa Parrot’s feathers transform to a light brown color, and she molts the feathers on her head, going bald. Owing to its particularly long neck, smallish head, long legs, long feet and long rectangular tail, the Vasa Parrot is sometimes described as “so ugly its cute.” However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the Vasa Parrot has more to offer than simple good looks. In captivity, the hen will lay two to five eggs in a standard boot box or Z box and sits very tightly. Coracopsis nigra sibilans is found on the Comores and Coracopsis nigra barklyi is restricted to Praslin Island in the Seychelles. Fortunately I keep more than 20 birds in totality, so there are always some males and females with an overlapping period of breeding condition. The hens loose the feathers on top of their heads and the skin turns yellow (please refer to the top photo to the right). Underneath I describe the differences when the birds are kept in an indoor aviary, compared at daylight and during the time of the year the beak is white. This is done for the purposes of finding food and water, and because there is safety in numbers. ( Eastern Vasa’s begin in December, while the Western Vasa’s breeding season starts in February.) Specializes in pyrrhura conures. It's difficult to imagine that this parrot hatches its eggs in less time than a budgie. It is the females who are dominate both physically and mentally within this breeding system. Because of a lack of space to build more aviaries I have to keep some pairs at other breeders. Avianweb / BeautyOfBirds or any of their authors / publishers assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of any of the published material. In 1995 I could buy 5 more birds and in 2000 I bought another 9 birds. The skin on the male's head turns a very dark grey-black and he develops a deep saffron to orange wattle under the lower beak. This will not mean that different behaviour is excluded. The Vasa Parrot is a medium-sized gray parrot that hails from Madagascar.

When sunlight reflects on their plumage a great variety in grey, black, brownish, and blue colours can be seen. Also breeding greys, amazons, pionus, poicephalus, and greater vasa parrots.

The breeding system of the vasa parrot is extremely complex, and vastly different from most parrot species. The baby birds grow very fast. All Vasa, whether male or female have dark ceres and white beaks during breeding season. Even more while the two subspecies mix up in the North and South of Madagascar. Although it has a somewhat awkward appearance and is not as brilliantly colored as some other parrots, this sweet bird’s exceptional personality makes it a wonderful pet. The males' beaks may turn white during this time. Another 33-35 days later the youngsters leave the nest box. So how do the males keep all the females straight in terms of who to and who not to feed? We started our journey in the capital Ananarivo (Tana) and drove to the East coast (up to Tamatave).

The skin colour of the female's throat and forehead changes to yellow-orange. Their decision is final in all these matters and no further correspondence will be entered into.Articles marked with the copyright symbol© beside the author`s name are copyright© the author. Not all copulations last that long and more shorter and more frequent ties have been observed than longer ones. Lesser vasas can stretch their neck to a remarkable length. Any persons wishing to make a financial contribution towards the Conservation Fund may do so online at Donate to The PSUK Conservation Fund or in the form of a crossed cheque or International Bank Draft in Pounds Sterling made payable to The Parrot Society UK, and post to :-CONSERVATION FUND,THE PARROT SOCIETYUK Audley HouseNorthbridge RoadBerkhamstedHertfordshireUK HP4 1EHTelephone/Facsimile No. Your use of this website indicates your agreement to these The female are the most dramatic, losing all their head feathers and developing bright yellow skin in place of the feathers. Vasa chicks develop incredibly fast because of the great quantity of food they consume.

Every morning a trio of greater vasas and a group of lemurs (coronatus) woke us there. Lesser vasa parrots are very lively birds. Such dramatic physical changes along with their fierce territorial nature during breeding season highly supports the idea that females have evolved this way in order to compete against each other in effort to obtain food from males to feed themselves as well as their chicks. Females will go to great lengths to be fed, since they do not feed themselves during breeding season. They have some control over it, and the hemi-penis opens up further upon breeding and becomes very large. Thank you. At a minimum, a Vasa Parrot should be house in a cage that is at least 36 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 36 inches tall. The better the flock can achieve this goal combined with amount of trees they are able to maintain, means the better the chance that the female will breed with that group of males. Terms Of Use / Copyright Restrictions, Site Privacy Policy | Report Abuse | Website Administrator | Web Design by Drupal Development Services. photos The European Conservation Breeding Programme for lesser vasa parrots was born and is co-ordinated by VDE's Dr. Georg Sauer. Through the practice of polyandry Vasa parrots living in a closed population can avoid inbreeding and create sperm competition between the males post copulation. Then we drove to the West coast up to Maveatanana and crossed the mountains in the north to the East coast again. Their plumage is always smooth. When I visited Madagascar for holidays in 1995 I tried to observe lesser vasa parrots in the wild in passing. If we are able to breed the subspecies pure, we are also able to provide birds for reintroduction in their natural habitat if this will happen to be necessary in the future. Vasa Parrots are intelligent, active, busy and very playful. here for American Dilute page! At the end of 2000 I met Rosemary Low and told her about my plans for a conservation-breeding programme. I noticed after every copulation an egg was laid a couple of hours later. Other physical changes vary between different males. Mint One can only hope that breeders also encourage this practice, since it would seem feasible that if allowed to breed in the same fashion as other monogamous parrots do in captivity that we may very well lose this wonderful non aggressive trait.

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