With Upturn Credit, resolve credit report errors anytime, anywhere.

No response thus far. In this version we've: ・Expanded dispute submissions to allow an unlimited number of disputes・Added more customized financial products・Improved credit report and results presentation and credit review flow・Added more descriptive creditor names, We continue to improve our app to better serve our users. WalletHub is the only app offering free credit scores and reports updated daily. I could either wait another year for them to fall off the report, or I could take action. Thank you. By correcting inaccurate items on your credit report, you could boost your credit. Stability issue update that enhances the performance of our service.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that an error on my credit report was fixed within an HOUR after I submitted it!

I am most pleased with the service provided, the timeliness in which my matter was addressed and detail submitted in response to my dispute.I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is trying to clean up their credit or improve their credit rating.

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I keep trying to sign up because I have heard great things about the app however it keeps saying incorrect email address format. Feedback or Complaints?

Upturn Credit is on a mission to help Americans understand, improve, and protect their credit. What the hell???

With Upturn, You have full freedom to search and filter your choice of stocks.

We've squashed some bugs, improved messaging and displaying your credit freeze notice. Upturn provides a different approach to Robo-advisors.

It gives you the ability to learn, plan, and invest (paper trade or stocks investing simulator) in the stock market and build your own Robo-portfolio. I tried to sign-up for an account, but it said that I was submitting an “incorrect e-mail address format”.

Any customer support phone number or email? Learn. “Upturn: Instant Robo-advisor” provides a Robo-advisor for stocks and ETFs.Upturn provides a different approach to Robo-advisors. - Fixed issue with soundtrack names not displaying. Thank you guys! Sign Up Now. We continue to improve our app to better serve our users. In regarding the email issue,the space entry key is necessary to activate the summition entry. Don't mean to throw it out there but it's pretty obvious. Get your FICO® Scores, Alerts and Credit Reports from myFICO. I downloaded this solely because I thought I would be able to dispute a couple hard inquiries I didn’t make, but there’s no way to do that within the app.

This free app helps users to solve the mystery of credit scores and dispute inaccurate items If you have an item needing attention on your credit report, I strongly recommend this app. I'm in the 780s now and have this app to thank! This free app helps users to solve the mystery of credit scores and dispute inaccurate items on their credit report.

It doesn't get any better than that! This version fixes minor bugs.

Upturn is awesome! But did what the app said it would do. It took about a month but it works! Dispute credit reports. I hope they fix the problem so I can sign-up. This app is the truth!

I had my identity stolen by a family member and I couldn’t even get so much as a bank account in my name. ‎“Upturn: Invest. Upturn upped my 40+ points. I had quite a few collections removed. You could probably make decent money just doing the opposite of what this program recommends.I suppose it’s risk mitigation, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense for short term trading. Again, so pleased and thankful! The server keeps telling me that I’m entering the email in the wrong format. All my sensitive information is on your app!!! With Upturn Credit, resolve credit report errors anytime, anywhere. I had 8 late payments from years ago and had a choice. I got a few things removed or updated and it was easy.

(Note: If you are using the Upturn app to check your credit report after the error is fixed, it doesn’t look any different. They make it easy for you to get help. I’ll delete cuz not worth wasting time trying to log in after so many attempts. I downloaded this app to dispute an item on my credit report that shouldn't have been on there. These credit repair companies are lying to you! Just get credit karma. Organize your personal inventory. This release includes minor bug fixes. You will need to have a little knowledge to use the app correctly but this is the easiest way to get something fixed on your report.

When I obtained my free yearly credit report in Aug 2020, transunion had a few errors under my alias names and contact info. your password, By continuing, you agree to AppGrooves Terms The next day my credit score had gone up 20 points, less than 24 hours later! The process is easy to follow, and takes no time at all to submit.

3) the next day doesn't let me login anymore, it just does nothing when click login. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Features: ・Securely review individual items on your TransUnion® credit report ・Dispute credit report errors anytime, anywhere ・View your VantageScore® credit score by TransUnion® ・Calculate your debt-to … Well so far its okay I suppose, not much the app does for you but what it suggests you can do, which they basically just copied from credit karma and sesame. I received an email saying results to my dispute were in but when I went to log-in, it’s taking me to the registration page, not the log-in page.

I thought I’d never be able to obtain good credit. It gives you the ability to learn, plan and invest (paper trade or stocks investing simulator) in the stock market and build your stock market portfolio.

In-App Email Verification and bug fixes with TouchId and FaceId. If not, this app won't really help you. We continually improve our app to provide our users a better experience. “Upturn: Instant Robo-advisor” provides a Robo-advisor for stocks and ETFs. This app makes it extremely easy to dispute items and see the outcome. Thank you Dev team!!! What a joke. I logged once and from what I can see it seems good but oo boy is it frustrating to log in and use. A Guide Before Applying for a Payday Loan, *Monny App* Budgeting Wallet App For Students! I highly recommend and am waiting for my new credit score to see how much this app helps my credit score. ‍♀️. In this version we've:- Added notifications for time-sensitive credit alerts- Expanded our financial product offering- Included deep linking for improved accessibility- Improved error handling and messaging- Fixed minor bugs. Dispute errors on your credit report for free. Upturn makes it easy for users to dispute errors in their reports directly from the platform, while reviewing items, with a single click. It doesn't manage assets, it only provides AI based Buy and Sell advisories for stocks and ETFs. Loved it until it stopped working. It doesn't manage assets, it only provides AI based Buy and Sell advisories for stocks and ETFs.

Enhanced Sign-In Recovery and Partner Offers. This has been going on well over a month and I’ve tried several emails I’m associated with even my employer email. The next day my credit score had gone up 20 points, less than 24 hours later!

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