It doesn't take much to get a perceptable vibration. ULPower Aero Engines Simply the best engine to power your airplane!

I like being able to burn mogas but in the long run the best engine will be the best. UL260 UL350 UL390 UL520 Manuals Service bulletins Frequently asked questions ULPowered aircraft Step files . The idea was to take a pressure reading from a location that would be virtually. Weight up front was not an issue for that plane. I'm assuming the later because I also. I live on 3 acres, and have a 220' straight, and another 350+'. News . Weight up front was not an issue for that plane. ~Several years ago, a Sonex builder took off with his new UL Power engine and experienced total engine failure above the runway. UL Power light aircraft engines. They saw the airplane leveling, then slightly turning to the right, by deckofficer » Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:54 pm.

The truly modern engines feature FADEC (full authority digital engine control) with multi-point electronic fuel injection, and dual electronic ignition (with variable timing), excellent power-to-weight ratio, and high fuel efficiency in a conventional configuration: Air-cooled, direct drive, horizontally opposed four-cylinder. Forum for homebuilt experimental & light sport aircraft pilots, owners, & builders. After a normal take-off run with flaps up, the airplane took-off. The Titan pulled over 780 pounds of thrust with 355 ft/lbs of torque during test runs at Just.

Forum for homebuilt experimental & light sport aircraft pilots, owners, & builders. I figured it must be some things that people weren't liking. I just wonder if the UL power develop some problems that I never heard about or if they just like Titan better. According to Gary, Troy, and Harrison at Just, along with the prop manufacturer, the UL engines were not making quoted rated power. This would most certainly constitute a change in pressure, and in my testing has shown to make a valuable difference. Witnesses reported the take-off preparation, with engine power-up as being normal. UL, Jabiru, Corvair all have the problem of producing rated power only at high speeds which require small props in order to keep the tip speed subsonic.

~In reading several reviews from other UL Power owners, it becomes painfully obvious that these aren't engines that you can simply throw under the cowling, slap a prop on it and get wow performance. Low prop speed is the magic bullet used by Rotax (and all other reduction-drive engines, like Sauer where that chart came from.) No experience to offer, but a comment on the 'bogus' spin. During flight testing I noticed a slight decrease in Static RPM, but as the aircraft began rolling down the runway, the RPM would recover. The NTSB did their thing, and after a thorough investigation, it was found that the ECU was mounted on the Firewall., ... am_26/t_UL. Skip to navigation . Homebuilt Experimental Aircraft & E-LSA Forums. UL definitely needs to look at their pricing if they want to complete with the Titan. Thanks for the replies. Did they dump the UL's or are they still a good option? These engines are designed and finely tuned at the factory to give maximum HP under very precise conditions. I spoke to Harrison Smith at Sun and Fun 15 when he flew the UL power superstol XL down and he seemed very pleased with it. Spare parts Kits ULRead Software . I want to address each one in detail, so get comfortable. This guy was lucky to walk away from the crash site. I have to agree with Winston, even though my UL was running better and more power then it ever had(after I corrected a bad valve grinding issue and did an upper end overhaul), I would definitely take the Titan over the UL for the simple reason of Lycoming history. Instead of forging the flange as an intregal part of the crankshaft, UL has a short (less than 1/2") spline on the end of the crankshaft that engages a spline on the prop flange which is held in place with a large bolt that threads into center of the end of the crank shaft. The asymetrical loading on the prop (I was running a 2 blade Cato, 74 x 34) causes this connection to loosen up, both stretching and wearing the bolt threads and the spline teeth, especially on the flange. If you have a small airframe that can get out of the way of the stream tube of such a prop, fine.

Sales centers . I then used some 1/8"ID radio control aircraft fuel tubing to connect the ports. For general discussion of the Just Aircraft family of aircraft. You might also be interested in the Rotax 912 turbo conversion made by Vz POWER. The aircraft crashed and was totaled. Didn't get details. More power — less weight. Accessories . The engine's performance and lack of communication and also the faith in UL Power engines sink to a minimum level. I'm currently flying the Titan in my carboncub and it has astonishing torque and power and it's cheaper then the UL. The Titan pulled over 780 pounds of thrust with 355 ft/lbs of torque during test runs at Just. Then they changed over to the Titan.

I'm sure running the ECU port open to the cabin air works ok, but imagine an OAT temp of 40F, and the cabin being a toasty 80F. Out of the several locations, my first attempt was by far the most successful.

More power – less weight. Witnesses reported that they heard the engine stopping abruptly when the airplane was about 2/3 of the length of the runway. When I spoke with them about the different engines in June they said the Titan way outperforms the UL. Are you going to run a prop that operates efficiently at 3300 rpm? Contact . The engine that Just has on their blue demo plane weighed 259 from the factory. The engine that Just has on their blue demo plane weighed 259 from the factory. No, I don't mean SAE, I'm referring to correctly installing the engine, cooling ducts, ECU, and air filter. I installed a brass nipple just aft of the intake scoop opening. It's not rocket science but critical for best performance. A couple of problems, technical issues, lack of good props, lack of the option for hydraulic constant speed prop makes the UL Power less interesting than any other engine.

I just ordered the Titan option for my own reasons. to the air coming into the engine. Engines .

This may have been due to a slight suction on the port, but more likely was due to a small change in the mixture. That means a 60-64" prop. According to Gary, Troy, and Harrison at Just, along with the prop manufacturer, the UL engines were not making quoted rated power. The UL Power ECU is not designed for such extreme … Discover our engines Features & benefits. I recently swapped out my UL 350iS for a Rotax 912 ULS because of the way UL attaches the prop flange to the end of the crankshaft. Prior to seeing the statement above I tried plumbing this sensor to various locations, attempting to get a proper pressure reading to match the outside air pressure. Does anyone know what the difference was between the UL power 180 horsepower engine and the Titan 180 horsepower engine?

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