“These concepts leak into culture,” the authors say, warning of the dangers of left-wing, feminist academe.

“students who have been raised on a high-tech diet not only APPEAR to struggle more with attention and focus, but also SEEM to suffer. #IMMOOC, 7 Reasons You Should Be Excited About the Future of Learning, Daily Innovation: A Snapchat Account to Showcase Your Classroom and School, How Genius Hour Benefits The Entire School Community, 10 Reasons to Try Genius Hour This School Year. As you suggest above in your description of the different logical fallacies, while it is possible for technology to be applied inappropriately in a learning context, that does not mean that technology is inappropriate in a learning context–after all, you could argue the same about pen and paper. But when your last good position is to debate the difference between certain and extra certain, you’re playing a losing hand.

Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. “It’s a very scary time for young men,” Trump told reporters on the very day that Pluckrose, Lindsay, and Boghossian went public with their hoax. What really upset me as a father, teacher, and now school administrator is the same things that upset me when I wrote a recent response to an NPR article denigrating technology use in the classroom: There are millions of parents, teachers, and community members that read these articles and use this as their sole reason not to use technology in the classroom, or advocate for school-wide programs that level the digital equity gap we see across this nation. ), 2016 #MARSchallenge Maker Project Winners, How to Improve Your Writing in 10 Quick Lessons, The Best Books of 2016 for Teachers (and Learners), Join the #MARSchallenge With Your Class (FREE Maker Project), What I Feed My Brain (10 things to read and watch this week), 10 Risks Every Teacher Should Take with Their Students. I see technology as another way of learning. The Science of Learning

I have been wondering…really what is the difference between having your nose in a book 24/7 and reading articles, blogs, newspapers, books, etc on a device 24/7?

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said in a 2015 report that heavy users of computers in the classroom “do a lot worse in most learning outcomes” and that: “In the end, technology can amplify great teaching, An exhaustive meta-study conducted by Durham University in 2012 that systemically reviewed 48 studies examining technology’s impact on learning found that “technology-based interventions tend to, The Alliance for Children, a consortium of some of the nation’s top educators and professors, in a 2000 report concluded: “, Patricia Greenfield, distinguished professor of psychology at UCLA, analyzed more than 50 studies on learning and points out that reading for pleasure among young people has decreased in recent decades, which is problematic because “studies show that.

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