Release Date Where they at, where they at, yeah, we're the rats. Upon its release, Rat Movie was met with unparalleled praise and adoration by the world. "We're the Rats" ended up reaching #3 on Uncle Tony's Hits, and was covered by several different artists in the years to come. Rats, we're Rats. An Interview w/ Jerma985 - Letting off Steam. They meet up again, both having found multiple blue toothbrushes that resemble the legendary Noah's Ark Toothbrush. The Giant Rat arrives back at the toilet from before, exclaiming "Mt. It was an improvised line, resulting from the director asking for some frozen yogurt and messing up the Giant Rat's lines, and was left in the movie. Button-Up Barry contemplates aloud when they had a rat problem and is quickly met with a response of "We don't.". His hopes are soon realized, but he is soon interrupted by Gerrard, Guardian of the Treasure Chest of the Mayan Temple. bless you jerma 3 made by Nick & Zac. press to play your birthday message. The film spawned a sequel in 2015, Rat Movie 2: The Movie. The Giant Rat bids him adieu as a Rat sneakily hides on his shoulder. It currently holds 8.8/10 stars on IMDb. Both were made in Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, a 3D animation game from 1994. They soon are interrupted by the police and hide. name. In the film, the band of sentient rats from the first film are tasked with protecting the Noah's Ark Toothbrush, an ancient artifact containing the DNA of every living creature on Earth, and keeping it out of the hands of the intergalactic marauders known as the Cat Police. Through this Jermaverse, Jerma's creative madness has steadily grown; and along with the comedic genius he regularly expresses on both YouTube and Twitch, Jerma has birthed something truly special. Rat Movie was released in international theaters on November 6, 2014. The film had a worldwide opening of $700,000, completely overshadowing the minuscule budget the film was made on. [1] None of these movies have ever been released. After spitting in the sink, he flushes the artifact down the toilet. Dick Richard argues over the price of the product, but the Cat Police are unfazed. He posted a sequel, "Rat Movie 2: The Movie", on April 7th, 2015, gaining over 1.2 million views in five years.

Doom. A battle breaks out, and in the chaos the Giant Rat grabs the Noah's Ark Toothbrush and escapes. On November 6th, 2014, Jerma uploaded a YouTube video titled "Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure" (shown below, left). Elbertson originally intended to produce a movie using real Nickelodeon assets such as characters from Aaahh!!! Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure is a 2014 American independent animated crime/mystery/thriller film, and the film debut of singer, songwriter, director, athlete, and midget Jeremy Elbertson.

Jerma as the Rats, the Giant Rat, Dick "Dastardly" Richards, Gerrard Guardian of the Treasure Chest of the Mayan Temple, Sergeant Scritchy-Scratch, Michael, the Dogs, the film agent, the clown Ster as Michael's father, the Rats mixtape voice Boo as Button-Up Barry Ashley as Michael's mother Reception Edit Critical response Edit. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fortunately, an early version of the new Rats song for the planned film was still released by Elbertson, which can be heard here.

The Giant Rat uses his newly gained powers of subterfuge to disarm the officer, who seems to not have realized any misdeeds.

It has been acknowledged by celebrities such as Lil Nas X[13] and Lena Raine[14].

Button-Up Barry then asks the others to remind him that, the next time they perform a heist similar to this one, he should get his "Nan" to drive instead. Giant Rat: I'm da giant rat that makes all of da rules! In the middle of the night, The Rats and their leader The Giant Rat sing their legendary chant: Rats: Rats, we're rats, we're the rats. Dick Richard exclaims that he's going to the sewer to look for it, and convinces Button-Up Barry to come with him.

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