A scarab scurried out of the hole in his neck, only to be chewed up when it reached the hole in Imhotep's face. In terror, Beni attempted to use a variety of different religious charms and trinkets, praying in their respective tongue in effort to protect himself from the advancing mummy, including a crucifix, a Khanda, and a Buddhist symbol, all of which had no effect on the mummy, who was stepping forward to throttle Beni to death. Her name could also be in reference to the real-life mummy Amunet, who the University College London blog describes as "a Priestess of the goddess Hathor at Thebes" who: So, no, it doesn't appear that Ahmanet was based on one specific person.

They were surprised at what they saw; Imhotep's body was still "juicy" even after over three thousand years of decomposition. This superstition didn’t rattle Carter, however, nor stop him from exhuming Tut’s tomb. Imhotep then went back on his word and ordered O'Connell and the others to be killed. It was thought mummies were embalmed with bitumen, but that was rarely the case; most were embalmed with resins. The final incantations were read, and Imhotep broke free of the mineral, roaring fiercely as the rotted flesh surrounding his skull crept up to his face, regenerating partially. She calls me her chosen: setepai." Still, when several people involved in his expedition died early of unnatural causes, the story was sensationalized by the media—even though the so-called curse spared Carter’s life. His tomb and mummified body were discovered in 1922 by British archaeologist Howard Carter. Imhotep began the ritual, tying up Evelyn while placing Anck-Su-Namun's mummified body next to her's, and summoning up his priests to begin the incantations. The remains were taken to London, where the cultists sought out the next piece vital to defeating the Scorpion King: the Bracelet of Anubis. He had now regenerated into a partially decayed, chalky white appearance that contrasted to his previous rotted form. A woman named Meela Nais stepped into the room, appearing as Anck-Su-Namun to Imhotep, as she had the exact appearance of his lost love; Meela then explained that she was Anck-Su-Namun reincarnated, to which Imhotep replied that she was only Anck-Su-Namun in body, but soon after calling back her spirit from the Underworld, she would be her true self and their love would once again be whole. Death came quickly, but self-mummification seldom worked. But Imhotep was too late to save her, and he could only watch in horror as the soldiers stabbed and speared Anck-Su-Namun to death. The cult had enlisted a large number of native diggers to excavate the ruins and find Imhotep. Jonathan was thrown aside by Imhotep before he could react as the two lovers walked on towards the entrance. Nick swears quietly kicking the ground. Once in the chamber, Imhotep took a large pole and began to sound a massive gong that would alert the Scorpion King to his presence; as O'Connell entered the chamber, Imhotep engaged him in a fight, which was brought to a close when the two looked to a massive set of wooden doors and saw that a giant creature was emerging from the doorway: the Scorpion King, a massive scorpion-human that burst down from the ceiling before landing on its feet. Agreeing to help him find them, the Hungarian then took his new master to Cairo, where the entire expedition sought refuge after the recent disturbing events. As Meela slumped down dying, Imhotep read the verses from the Book of the Dead that brought Anck-Su-Namun's soul back to Meela's body, and both lovers recognizing each other, shared a passionate kiss. Gender Some mummies happened by accident. Imhotep reached into the broken canopic jar that once had held Anck-Su-Namun's heart and pulled out the desiccated organ, holding it in his hand before crushing it into dust and blowing it against a stone mural of two priests. Along with this, Imhotep was also proficient in hand-to-hand combat and using Egyptian weapons. This new command given released a blast of dust that blew Rick O'Connell and his enemy Imhotep off the ledge that overlooked the Underworld, the stone ceiling of the temple crumbling down in huge rocks. Not stopping to help Bernard back up, Beni ran after the others, leaving Bernard to stumble along the corridors essentially blind. During the ensuing mêlée, Ardeth attempted to attack Imhotep directly with his sabre but was thrown back by the mummy's powers. Since most bacteria can’t thrive in extreme temperatures, exposing a corpse to the sun, fire or freezing temperatures was an uncomplicated way to create a mummy. Surprisingly, Imhotep was scared of cats. He had now regenerated further, almost fully restored, save for two spots on his neck and cheek. Egypt’s arid climate made it easy to dry out and mummify a corpse, but the Egyptians routinely used a more elaborate process to ensure the dead experienced safe passage to the afterlife. The cultists were all killed soon after, save for Hafez, who headed off from his cronies in another direction, and Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun soon reached the golden Pyramid. He first went after the now blind Bernard Burns, under the pretences of being a bidder seeking Burns' canopic jar. Having nothing to lose, she summons the wrong god, in order to get what she wanted, that power that will give her what she was promised." Hafez expressed surprise at the knowledge that the Bracelet was the key, and not the boy. O'Connell and Evelyn had heard the roar and rushed to Burns' quarters to investigate. 2 : one resembling a mummy. Werewolves are, according to some legends, people who morph into vicious, powerful wolves. Imhotep demanded to know what year it was, and was informed by Hafez that the Year of the Scorpion had come. Imhotep had reached Cairo with Beni's help by means of disguising himself as a prince in black garments, complete with a mask to hide his face. To distract his attention from killing her friends, Evelyn rushed up to Imhotep and kissed him full on the lips, breaking his concentration and causing the sands to ebb.

After taking those two artifacts, Imhotep opened his mouth to an inhuman size, expelling thousands of flies which covered the townspeople and swarmed all over the city as Imhotep made his way calmly through the streets. The practice of preserving a body as a mummy is widespread across the globe and throughout time.

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