“Man”. “I am the name of God. So it can be really helpful to find these common symbols and then start to learn the collective wisdom around these symbols.

7 The Hierophant. I could not bear his glory and I lowered my eyes. The square is the visible, physical or phenomenal world. Behind her rose two snowy wings and in her hands she held a sceptre. Are the 78 card meanings driving you nuts? EMBED. Suddenly the heavens opened, a thunder-clap shook the whole earth, and lightning struck the summit of the tower and felled the golden crown. Learn how your comment data is processed. In each however, a different property predominates, but at the same time all things are visible in each. “I can’t seem to commit the Tarot card meanings to memory.”, “I try, but memorising 78 cards is SO hard.”, “There are so many different Tarot card meanings – I never know which is the right one.”, “I think I know the meanings of the cards, but sometimes my mind goes blank!”, “I still need to look up the card meanings in a book. A full moon looked down as if in contemplative hesitation. Very many writers on occultism have arranged their works on the plan of the Tarot. I close the triangle, the other two sides of which are Death and Time. This is a man who saw Truth. But productions similar to the Tarot exist in India and China, so that we cannot possibly think it one of those systems created during the Middle Ages in Europe; it is also evidently connected with the Ancient Mysteries and the Egyptian Initiations. i INTRODUCTION Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Got questions? Therefore the study of the law of the four letters, or the name of Jehovah presents a powerful means for widening consciousness. 3. On his forehead shone a golden helmet. Human Logos. One card explains the other and each pair shows moreover that they can be only mutually explanatory and mean nothing when taken separately. EMBED. The four symbols before him are the four letters of the name of God, the signs of the four elements, fire, water, air, earth.” I trembled before the depth of the mysteries A touched… The words I heard seemed to be littered by the Great Magician himself, and it was as though he spoke in me. And this makes the Tarot adaptable for fortune-telling. This is a vision of the world in the circle of Time, amidst the four principles. Descriptions of the arcanas in these “pen pictures” often represent a conception which is almost entirely subjective, for instance, that of card 18.

19 The Sun. Weakness. used in the south of Europe for games and fortune-telling. He held a sceptre, on the end of which were a globe, a triangle and a square. P. Blavatsky mentions the Tarot in her works, and we have some reason for believing that she studied the Tarot. In addition to the fifty-six cards the pack of Tarot has twenty-two numbered cards with special names: This pack of cards, in the opinion of many investigators, represents the Egyptian hieroglyphic book of seventy-eight tablets, which came to us almost miraculously. “I am the great Pentacle. The author believes that the Tarot may be used for both purposes, though, of course, the contents of a book that may be read either forward or backward cannot be said to be, in the ordinary sense, strictly definite. The Path to the Initiation. a���IWU���$�J .��T?Dp���i��7�a�� The facts of the world arranged themselves before my eyes according to a new pattern. A strange emotion seized me. The vision disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. application/pdf

The Wheel of Life. And I saw that there is nothing inanimate, but all is soul, all is life, all is emotion and imagination. “But you probably came here unprepared.

Then again, the ace means fire; the deuce water; the three-spot, air; the four-spot earth. A large black crab crawled out of the rivulet into the sands. It investigates the world as it is, the world in itself. Ouspensky. 9 The Hermit. He stumbled, nearly fell, but continued to drag himself along, all the time holding on his shoulder a bag containing useless things, which he, in his stupidity, carried wherever he went. I understood that all the radiance here is thought; and the changing colours are emotions. Like a flower it must grow and bloom in thy soul. And when the true Kabalist spoke of the Name of God, he sought this Name in the soul of man and in Nature, not in dead books, nor in biblical texts, as did the Kabalist-Scholastics. All books on HolyBooks.com are Public Domain texts and free to download as pdf-files. 1 The Magician. I walked along, absorbed in deep thought, trying to understand the vision of the Angel. Explore your full potential with the practical courses of the Hermetic Academy! Occultism. “The staff of the patriarchs is his inner authority, his power, his self-confidence.” The lantern, the cloak and the staff are the three symbols of initiation. Therefore, when the man finds these four principles in things and phenomena of quite different categories (where before he had not seen similarity), he begins to see analogy between these phenomena.

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