Get prepared for Galactic Challenges today! It's the next version of our database of mod setup suggested for each character, with multiple filters, and a layout more adapted than the blog. We help you have efficient squads set up and ready to go, based on your best available team compositions found. 3. So if a mod was assigned when you first optimized, but you've moved some mods around and now it's not assigned anymore, the Mods Optimizer will show it as unassigned.

The Mods Advisor. That's a milestone we need to celebrate.

One example of a place you might want to use this is when managing your mods for the Chex Mix team for the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid (Command Luke Skywalker lead, Han Solo, Death Trooper, Chirrut or Rex, and Jedi Knight Anakin or Pao). It calls that the *base set*. There are two ways to pick values to optimize for: basic and advanced.

You don't want the Mods Optimizer to try to improve them, and neither do you want them to be reassigned to anyone else. If you're a developer, take a look at the code base on github! Then, the tool will pick the highest-scoring mods for each slot again for every set type that provides a positive value to that toon.

First account you redeem it for will be bound to this token forever. If it were to try to hit target values instead, and you were looking at a set of 1000 mods about evenly distributed between the 6 slots, it would need to search through and score ~21 trillion different combinations. -First pledge = you will receive token worth one month app usage. Achieve higher ranks in arena, defend better, have higher raid scores,  improved GAC performances, expertly dialed-in counters, and much, much more when you remod your account with Peempo. When the Mods Optimizer shows a mod block like below, the character shown is the character that it currently thinks has that mod equipped. Crouching Rancor mods advisor - Web App that recommends mods and has inventory management options. In addition, do not miss our Relic Amplifiers section where we review and analyze Relics for key SWGoH characters. Once the optimizer has seen a mod as equipped, though, it can "Remember" that mod the next time you fetch data. That simply means that it thinks the mod is currently unassigned. Padawan is basic tier giving access to Platz mod optimizer tool features for one profile. For example, if speed has a weight of 100 and a mod gives +6 speed, then the speed stat on that mod contributes 600 to the total value of the mod. Please bear with me in the meantime! The Mods Optimizer isn't showing any character on a mod! How do I pick the right values to optimize for? I want to make sure that I polish up the desktop experience first, then I'm going to revisit the UI a bit to make the app more usable on smaller screens (not just mobile, either, but smaller desktops). If looking at a speed set that grants +10% speed, the speed value of 100 is multiplied by the total amount of speed the set would give your character. If your suggestion is particularly good, it may even go straight to the top of the list! Fast means you were among first 20 guys joining me! By leaving the "Remember existing mods" box checked when you fetch your data, the optimizer will update any mods that you still have equipped, and set any others as unequipped. Mods Advisor tools for SWGoH. Branching into a full-time endeavor at the start of 2019, Peempo has helped hundreds of players create a more fun competitive playing experience. Tester is tier made entirely for testing purposes, do not enter it.

In general, if two mods have exactly the same secondary stats, then the Mods Optimizer will suggest the same sets that the Mods Advisor suggests. It then picks the highest-scoring mod in each slot. If the mods optimizer thinks that breaking up a set will give you a better overall set of stats than keeping it together, then it will suggest that you break the set. The Mods Optimizer tries to find mods for one character at a time, starting at the top of the "Selected Characters" list and working its way down. The Mods Optimizer also keeps track of your mods as you move them around! Branching into a full-time endeavor at the start of 2019, Peempo has helped hundreds of players create a more fun competitive playing experience. For example, it's possible to get over 50,000 protection in a mod set, but 120 speed is considered a great set. Mods Guide Grandivory's Mods Optimizer - Web App used to find best mods in your inventory to go on specified units based on desired stats and inventory management. The Mods Manager tries to keep track of where your mods are, even if you don't import a new set of mods from the exporter. If a mod is removed from a character (by hitting the "Remove Mod" button), if a mod is reassigned to a spot where the assigned character already had another mod in that slot, or if the Mods Exporter shows the mod as unassigned, then the tool will show no character portrait. The Mods Manager. You may access freely our JSON endpoint with the data He will sell off all useless mods. Sometimes, there is some reason that you might not want a character's mods to be changed. Kru at almost 70k health, dude it's amazing. Users can also adjust the stat weights themselves to tweak their results to whatever they wish. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you. For other sets, like _Critical Chance_, a single secondary stat on a mod can have a higher value than the set bonus. A good rule of thumb is to assign values based on tradeoffs between stats. If you stop your pledge, next month nothing will be charged, token remains valid - it will just not expand its duration time and will end its validity month after your last pledge.

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