"Did he have an alibi for that night?" "It's interesting that people who haven't gone through a certain situation are very, very quick to say that someone else should have reacted or acted in a certain fashion.

"Her husband.

Lee says the pattern of blood spots in the door way was caused by two separate blows to Michele from some kind of blunt instrument, even a fist. https://www.marchofdimes.org/mission-stories/stacey-d-stewart.aspx "I was shocked. And you can have a garage sale.' While her business is a one woman operation, Cami produces tens of thousands of cookies and hundreds of cakes a year. But the judge believed Tubbs and threw out Cal Harris' conviction. We're empowering families with the knowledge and tools to have healthier pregnancies. Prior to becoming U.S. President, Stewart served as Executive Vice President, Community Impact Leadership and Learning. "It was quite obvious to me that we had blood spatter in the house," he said. Cal Harris denied he had anything to do with Michele's disappearance.

Both verdicts were overturned. "You knew something had happened to Michele. Prosecutors argued that Tubbs was mistaken, that it was too dark at that hour to see what he says he saw. The wonderful friend," Barket said. "So trying to gear this thing up quickly wasn't happening -- as easy as it normally would.". Spend 5 minutes with Stacie Bloomfield, and you will immediately be ignited by her ENTHUSIASM and PASSION for helping creative entrepreneurs. Stacie Stewart has 2,203 photos and videos on their Instagram profile. We're pioneering research to find solutions. And, Thayer insists that Cal Harris made a troubling request when Michele had been missing for only a week. "He never asked me, 'Have you heard from Michele? In 2016 Stacie started teaching cookie decorating classes locally, where she discovered her absolute love for teaching! Yeah on my day I could beat anyone.". "She was not murdered in that house by Cal Harris.". "Michele Harris was attacked by her husband when she walked through that door. Hello, I'm Stacie, TV presenter, MasterChef finalist, bespoke baker, author, columnist and DJ. Suddenly, she had freedom, money of her own and new men in her life.

So on Sept. 30, 2005, four years after Michele disappeared, Cal Harris was arrested and charged with her murder. "If he got up in the morning and she wasn't there, he'd be flippin' his gourd," she said. Moriarty asked. Until Michele's fourth child was born -- that's when Shannon would learn life at the Harris house was no longer quite so perfect. Stacie went out in the semi-finals after deciding to move out of her comfort zone of home-cooking and attempting to make a gin-and-tonic-style desert made from gin jelly, lemon sorbet, white chocolate mousse and a golden syrup biscuit. "Well, that's not something you say unless in the back of your mind, you think, you know, 'I might just do this,'" said Greg Taylor. He never mentioned Michele to me. "When Barbara Thayer testifies she's gonna be confronted with questions and an examination that she has not heard so far," said Barket. Moriarty asked. No murder weapon. It is because of what he found there that the investigation zeroed in on Cal. But she conceded that she still believes she could have beaten him: "On my day could I beat him?

"That I did not know about. Get current address, cell phone number, email address, relatives, friends and a lot more.

It's not like I was driving 30 miles an hour," Thayer told Moriarty. "There was a gut feeling, I think, right from the get-go that something was wrong," said Lester. It just reinforced that-- to me, that there was something wrong," she said.

If they don't, there's nothing I can do about it.". "Nikki said, 'Barb, what are you doing there?' The accusation is that this crime took place in this house. I wasn't going anywhere.". Michele didn't come home last night.' "I think that he is a powerful man. I drove it.

I can't believe how I feel,'" said Thayer. "There's no way that he was gonna let Michele take his family money," said Thayer. But getting a search under way, on the day after Sept. 11 wouldn't be easy.

We now know if somebody's telling the truth or not,'" said Barket. We would go water skiing," said Tom Turner. Again, Harris was let out on bail and the stage was set for a third trial -- with a third defense team. "So I just hung up.". "I thought if I keep doing home-cooking they're going to say: 'That's boring,' and they weren't going to put me through. "48 Hours" was restricted from delving into issues likely to come up at trial, like the strange story Michele told her brother and sister-in-law. "Some action have to create this bleeding," said Lee. "When we'd have birthday parties for the kids, he would drive 'em down sometimes. "No it wouldn't. In the meantime, Harris was allowed to go home on bail for the next two years. "I knew there was something wrong. Moriarty asked. Two convictions overturned, one hung jury and a fourth trial for the wealthy businessman accused of killing his wife. Her journey of being an illustrator began out of necessity: to financially support her husband who was a graduate student and to take care of her growing family. Michele began talking about Cal's temper and his controlling behavior. Find out how she transformed her body and lost five stone. "The night of Michele's birthday, which is September 29, so that was like 18 days," she replied. Moriarty asked Mulvey. "Last person who is admitting to it," Earley replied. That Michele was married and still living with her husband didn't worry Brian Earley. "And she was a happy person. This time around, he took a big gamble and asked for a bench trial. What's more, they all passed polygraphs; Cal Harris refused to take one. Moriarty asked. Oh, my gosh. "Ha, ha, ha, I got the perfect place to put your body, they'll never find you.". "It's actually hard to believe. Moriarty asked. "The investigators would call and say, 'don't worry,'" said Gary Taylor. Moriarty asked the Harris children.

And he's telling you to bring the van into the dealership so they can clean it from top to bottom?" "There's a -- man at the back of the pickup. So just how thoroughly did the police investigate Michele's friends? "But at the time it had to be incredibly frustrating..." said Moriarty.

Moriarty asked Harris. But he would never look at you or look at you in the face. How does Cal Harris respond? "Cal Harris calls it a press conference. The house is crucial to the defense's case. But Earley wasn't the only man Michele was seeing.

There she provided strategic direction for more than 1,000 local United Ways. "And if it wasn't what would happen?" "There is nothing that turns that house into a crime scene.

"Have you ever had a case where there was no body and you've prosecuted someone for murder? ... You need to call me as soon as frigging possible.". "He comes across as -- personable and cooperative. STACIE BENNETT - CANADA . "Oh, he'd scream. Hello, I'm Stacie, TV presenter, MasterChef finalist, bespoke baker, author, columnist and DJ. With so much riding on that evidence, the prosecution recruited renowned criminologist Henry Lee.

And he said he'd split the money with me," said Thayer. ", "It was really hard having to go to the jail every weekend and seeing him in that situation -- it was hard on us," daughter Cayla Harris told Moriarty. " And all along, defense attorney Barket takes aim at the victim herself. Stacie told BBC Newcastle's Alfie Joey and Charlie Charlton that she had no regrets: "I had a fantastic time and I thought I had to push myself. Not only was Michele dating the much younger man, she was with him the night she disappeared. She is a living idea factory. "There's a reason that that evidence isn't admissible," Aldea added. She was beautiful," Thayer said. Her illustration business, Gingiber, is now a thriving company with products sold in over 600 stores and has licensing deals with major brands.

Best of all, she practices what she preaches: that we were MADE TO ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER. "No. "Were you scared that if someone could take Michele, someone could take the kids?" "Devastating, devastating," Harris said of the verdict. I was thinking, you know, 'Is the money gonna buy him out of this?'" On top of the list: 23-year old Brian Earley. I don't know when I'll be back.

Stewart came to March of Dimes from United Way Worldwide, where she held several positions, most recently serving as U.S. President of United Way, the nation's largest nonprofit organization. There was no problem," said Myers. She currently runs her own cake-making business - the Beehive Bakery. It's been a nightmare. "You didn't think Cal was kidding or just saying that off the top of his head?"

Get our emails with pregnancy tips, ways to take action and stories that inspire. Facebook gives people the power to share … "Did they ever find any sign that either any of Michele's property or her body anywhere?" The local state police, convinced that Cal had buried Michele's body, focused the search in and around the Harris property. "But again, we never searched it.". "They were here -- they were all over the property," said Harris. Stacie said she was proud to get so far in the competition but that Dhruv Baker, who was crowned Masterchef champion, was a worthy winner. Now a fourth trial.

"And unfortunately, her lifestyle at that time led her to some dangerous places.". "She told us that she was worried about Cal Harris -- that's the one person she ever mentioned or talked about being afraid of was Cal.". Welcome. Over the past several years, Stacie has traveled and taught to hundreds of students around the country, sharing her passion for design, making, and business growth. Relying on that blood evidence, Keene was able to convince the jury that Michele was killed in her own home, and Cal Harris was convicted of second-degree murder. And there was another man, Stacy Stewart, who recently moved to town and frequented Lefty's. I've been ripped away from my kids three times now. Moriarty asked Nikki Burdick. Stewart has a master's of business administration in finance from the University of Michigan and a bachelor of arts in economics from Georgetown University. Read more. Will this be the final one for Cal Harris? Grandchildren Robert Wolfe, Becky Lorah and husband Ben, Jennifer McCully and husband Scott, Jamie Stewart and fiancé Tyson. On day 12, the judge is forced to declare a mistrial. So that's when it became kinda more evident to me that I think he might have had more to do with it than I was initially thinking," he said.

Home. "She says, 'I'm finally getting my life back. I remember saying that to her. To me, it seems like there's just a little something missing," he said.

"Anything unusual that caught your eye when you went through the house?" "I just don't like knowing the fact that we could lose him again.

Three days later, just hours before she was supposed to meet her lawyer, Michele Harris disappeared. Additionally, Stewart has an extensive background in finance and investment banking, having served as Vice President for Pryor, McClendon, Counts & Co., and as a senior associate for Merrill Lynch, specializing in financings for state and local governments. "Normally you would expect at some point along this way we're gonna find her ... And we still haven't been able to find her remains," he said. There are things about Michele that ... haven't been brought out to this point in time," he said. "You could tell they loved each other very much," Tom said. But on the morning of Sept. 12, Barb Thayer answered the phone. If there were any marital problems, Michele kept them hidden from friends and family, including her sister-in-law, Shannon Taylor.

His attorney, Bruce Barket, was there to stop Harris from answering some questions, with the explanation that there were some things he preferred to "leave to the courtroom.".

The defense pinned hopes on new witnesses because this judge, unlike the earlier ones, allowed testimony pointing to other possible suspects, namely Christopher Thomason and Stacey Stewart. "Do you think Michele's gonna be put on trial here?" "Yeah. "We were able to alibi him and he also came forward and passed a polygraph.

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