It was later revealed from early copies of Ultimate that the Codec Conversations from Brawl return, but that there are no unique Codec Conversations for characters (re-)introduced in Smash 4 or Ultimate. This made it more likely that no new Codec Conversations would be recorded. Since Min Min's release, there hasn't been so much as a word in terms of who might be next to join the popular Nintendo fighting game. As Pit's Star KO voice clip was completely new, some believed that both Palutena's Guidance and the Codecs could have been rerecorded. Due to her revealing outfit and her trophy's omission from the game, it is believed that the trophy was cut to maintain a lower content rating. However, Joker released with no such costume, implying that the data was scrapped during development. The October issue of CoroCoro dropped the stage count back to 103[4]. He leaked the following: ShadowXOR was treated like the users above, but his information in particular was treated as absolutely false, since almost everyone believed R.O.B. Discussion of the two leaks mostly remained within ResetEra and SmashBoards. Additionally, Takeshi Aono, Roy Campbell's Japanese voice actor, passed away in 2012, and future Metal Gear titles do not feature the character out of respect for Aono. Nintendo took steps to issue copyright strikes on YouTube videos using data mined content, while fans worked to isolate spoilers, particularly the World of Light story mode, from those that had played the leaked version. Another tweet shows the name with both frames juxtaposed with image editing software for better clarity.

Related: Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Could (And Should) Introduce Its First Black Character Fans have been dreaming of Crash in a Smash Bros game for a very long time, but it was considered more of an afterthought, as non-Nintendo character weren't originally included in the fighting game's roster.More recent entries in the Smash series have included non-Nintendo characters like Snake, … to be a disconfirmed character after being shown as a Subspace enemy. Super Smash Bros. 2 weeks later on April 16, Nintendo of Europe's databases added the image of the full render of Joker. Although a Super Smash Bros.-themed Nintendo Direct was confirmed for August 8th, the rest of his information was proven inaccurate to various degrees.

On September 24th, 2018, an anonymous 4chan user made a thread claiming that the final three newcomers in Ultimate would be Incineroar, Ken (as an Echo Fighter based on Ryu), and Piranha Plant. The leak was later confirmed as The Great Cave Offensive, and was revealed officially in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 50-Fact Extravaganza. The leak originated on a Japanese site called 5Channel, and claimed to reveal four characters that would be coming to Super Smash Bros. On May 9th, 2018, a former software engineer and graphics programmer for Bandai Namco[2] named Tiago Sonobe stated on Twitter that after his August 2016 departure from the company, work had begun on a new Super Smash Bros. game using the in-house rendering engine which Sonobe had developed. That same date, Nintendo released information through a video that Joker would be released the following day, April 17, and fully confirmed the legitimacy of Joker's render. Datamining the game also revealed that the internal project name was indeed "Cross2". He claimed that his source was the same source that leaked that Nintendo's E3 2017 booth would have a New Donk City-themed area, which turned out to be true. Roy, Ryu, Dream Land (64), and all other elements implicated as DLC were formally announced and released on June 14th, 2015. Allegedly, Ken's model is not a port of another game, but a new model altogether. Notably, Ryu's victory theme was replaced with a remix as opposed to the direct rip from Street Fighter II present in the 1.0.6 data; also, the Forest Stage track that was found in the 3DS version would end up only being used on Dream Land (64) on the Wii U version, as the 3DS version ended up using Ice Cream Island as its alternate track instead. Recipes, All 16 Yakuza Games (& Where They Fit On Yakuza's Timeline), Animal Crossing's Most Profitable Items, Revealed By Data, How to Find (& Catch) Spiritomb in Pokémon: Crown Tundra DLC. A day later, a YouTube user by the name of "GU KingofHeart" published a video in which he claimed that he received information about display items being featured at the Super Smash Bros. section of Nintendo's then-upcoming E3 2018 booth. Ultimate as DLC.

At the moment of publishing, no party implicated -- Nintendo, Epic Games, Donald Mustard, or Geoff Keighley -- have commented on this leak. More unused files beyond these were present, among them being the remix used for the Dream Land stage in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee and a second Kirby theme, the Forest Stage theme from Kirby Air Ride. The most common speculation was a Hero from Dragon Quest; the default class in most games of the series is 勇者 (Yūsha), which means "Hero" and directly translates to "brave" in English. Later during that day, crediar was able to test out Lucas, Ryu and Roy before their release on his Twitch stream by editing the files to run over Mario.

In spite of this, a varying number of real leaks can emerge, though they have been historically met with backlash upon their initial posting, often either for being deemed too outlandish to be true or for "parroting" claims made by other posts. It's been over nine months since season two of the Super Smash Bros. Not only is nothing here official, but even if Mustard said this, it doesn't automatically mean a Fortnite character is coming to Super Smash Bros. Nintendo has been extremely tight-lipped this year as far as gaming news goes, but luckily for Smash fans, a recent leak about an upcoming Nintendo Direct in October may have revealed who the next Fighter's Pass character is.

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