Sith Warrior PICCraftable at the forge under the Glass category.A black hybrid of Thieves Guild leather armor and College master robes. The Assassin armor is an all black version of the robes with spiked leather gauntlets and boots and a masked hood. This is getting bookmarked.

The Falmer Mage mixes the ancient falmer armor with master College robes and a hood, softening up the look of the armor considerably for a rather striking armored mage look.

Wanderer Cuirass by Frank and Cabal PICCraftable at the forge.A very ranger-oriented set in shades of browns and grays with a rough leather tunic over hide leggings, fur boots, leather gloves and hood, and a hint of steel. Hunter Archer Armor PICCraftable at the forge under the Leather category.This is a very basic brown leather outfit with a hooded tunic over chain shirt and pants with bracers and boots. Special crafting rules apply - see mod description.An interesting magic user-oriented set that applies the intimidating appearance of daedric armor with College robes, with the result being a regal and rather scary looking robe set. Mage Armor - cleric Chainmail Robes PIC Craftable at the forge under the Steel category.Another mod that offers the ability to craft armored chain versions of College mage robes. GIRLPLAYSGAME All Rights Reserved. The set offers an assortment mix and match armor pieces and accessories and a range of colors. Ashara Princes of the Woods PIC 1 PIC 2Craftable at the forge under the Studded category.Contains 17 armor pieces and 6 fur accessories in forest colors of brown, green, black, rust, white, and red. You have the choice of a cloth tunic and jacket or a jacket over a chain shirt design. Bosmer Armor Pack PIC 1 PIC 2Craftable at the forge under various categories.

My favorites for the purpose of this list are: Conqueror, Dark Alchemist, Forest Archer, Marauder, Master Ranger. Speaking of Nexus… I will no longer be linking Steam Workshop mods, for reasons that range from frustration over the utter chaos of their website to their appalling handling of the paid mod system. Berserk Judeau Armor PICCrafted at the forge under various categories.This gray armor is a short tunic over pants with steel plates riveted over it in various places, as well as leather boots, articulated gloves, and a hooded cape (hood up or down optional).

Cloud Armor for Skyrim PICLocated in a chest in Graywinter Watch.This armor is inspired by the Cloud character, but kept lore-friendly. DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor PICCraftable at the forge under the Iron category.Another simply gorgeous Assassin’s Creed-inspired armor. The other is, in my opinion, a rather unfortunate hodgepodge of parts that are pieced together in a bulky and unappealing chain/leather/plate conglomeration.

The Witch Hunter is a finely-detailed long dark brown leather jacket with steel plate pauldrons over a crimson leather pantsuit. The Batcave PICCraftable at the Batforge in the Batcave - see mod description.Batman meets Skyrim in a mod that includes not only a Tamriel-ified batsuit, but a player cave home full of goodies and journals full of backstory about the hero Skyrim needs, but may not deserve. Also comes with 2 weapons from the Bloodborne game.

This one is dark brown and leathery, with carved tormented faces and a masked helmet with glowing green eyes. Also allows you to refrorge Dragon Priest masks to be worn in a variety of body slots at your waist. The helmet is an elaborate crested gladiator-style helm, and the boots and bracers are brown leather. ANB - Wearable Tsun Armor PICCraftable at the forge under Steel category.Allows you to craft and wear the formerly unequipable armor worn by the hero Tsun in Sovngarde. Mystic Elven Armor - HD PICCraftable at the forge.This is a silvery standalone retexture of the Elven armor that includes matching Elven weapons and 2 armored horses.

This set is an all leather pants outfit with a masked hat and a backpack. Blessings of the Hunt PIC 1 PIC 2 PIC 3Obtained via quest- see mod description.This mod offers a devotee of Hircine a way to obtain custom weapons and armor via a tribute system that involves sacred kills and crafting special hide offerings to Hircine to receive his favor. Appearance is identical to cloth versions. The Witcher 2 - Geralt Light Armor and Witcher Swords PICCraftable at the Forge.Offers several versions of Geralts armor - un/enchanted, slimline, leather belts and accessories.

Very good stuff drawn from a variety of modder’s resources.

Tera Armors for Skyrim - UNP PIC 1 PIC 2 PIC 3Craftable at the forge.This mod adds 8 more male armors inspired by TERA and a handful more female armors. If you like the profile of this but want something snazzier, the Steel Dragon Longcoat PIC features a black leather longcoat with steel pauldrons over a chain shirt and black pants.

Jinns Wandering Blade Armor PICCraftable at the forge under the Steel category.This set mixes Witcher armor with the Blades set, making for a look that is less straps and buckles than many Witcher armors and less metal plating than the Blades armor.

Available in dark brown, gray, and crimson.

The Witcher 2 - Iorveth Light Armor PICCraftable at the forge.Standalone and ungradable version of Iorveth’s forest green/blue/crimson kilted armor. I love to pair it with the Dark Falling Grave spell in the vid above! 2) Blue Stripes Commando is a brown and gray set with a plated leather cuirass and steel plate boots, leather gauntlets, and a rather silly striped masked hood. The LC_Elite Archer Armor is a standalone red version of this set. If you like the set but fancy a bit more color options, check out Drow Armor Set -various color variants, which offers black/blue, black/red, and black/purple. I'm serious. Includes cuirass/boots/bracers.

Yes, you read that correctly: Light leather Stahlrim armor. EotW Dovahkiins Journeyman Armor PIC 1 PIC 2Craftable at the tanning rack under the Leather category.This lovely set includes 40 mix and match pieces with 4 color variants. These retextures cover everything from the Imperial Light Armor to the armor of Tullius himself, and they are truly inspired, making the Imperial Legion look badass and worthy of respect. Daedric Assassin Armor PICCraftable at the forge under the Daedric category.This is a more sleek and stripped down daedric-themed armor that successfully merges the red/black glowing plated look with chainmail for a deadly and intimidating appearance that lacks the ostentatious bulkiness of vanilla daedric armor.

Very well designed set. Has blue/white or red/white striped padded chain tunics over trousers and cuffed boots, with a brimmed metal helm. The armor itself is based off the Nightingale armor, keeping the grey base and adding wine-colored accents. I did not mean to post more than one comment. Nomos Ranger Armor PICCraftable at the forge under the Leather category.Blends and black/rust version of College master robes with rugged thief pants, leather boots, bracers, and pauldrons, and leather bandoliers for a nice spellsword look. Your email address will not be published.

HD Jack of Blades Armor Standalone PICCraftable at the forge under the Daedric category.A sinister crimson/gray nightingale armor retexture with a crimson cape and hood and fancy ivory mask. Viking Chainmail Armor PICCraftable at the forge under the Glass category.This one is designed to be a more authentic historical Viking-style chain set..

Armors based on the Witcher assets are some of the best looking armor mods around for Skyrim, in my opinion. A few changes of note from the other armor and clothing lists I’ve posted: No more vanilla armor replacers. Patterns vary, but for the most part the design is tabard over chainmail.

Okay, so we’ve got the mods and the armour, now we just need a video on how to make your male character!

Available in black leather or brown leather.

The 4-horned helm also features glowing red eyes. Mandu by Neo PIC 1 PIC 2Located in a pouch in Embershard Mine.This is a heavier looking armor that comes in black and white versions. Could you link them to me? May I get a link to all of the hair/beard/face mods you used in these screenshots? Includes hood/boots/gloves/robe. Thank you so much for this. I tried to select pictures that best showed off the male versions of these armors, but not every author has decent photos posted, so don't judge me.

Cuir Bouilli Leather Armor PICCraftable at the forge. Black Elven armor? This set features a long black overcoat over a steel breastplate with black pants, black hood, and a creepy steel mask.

Looking for a different texture and a fix for the wings? Armors are a moulded breastplate, kirtle, and crested helm. Worn over form-fitting pants, this outfit includes gloves, boots, and a linen hood.

Black Light Armor - Male Only PICCraftable at the forge.This is a black/brown 3-piece outfit that combines a clothing aesthetic with light armor protection. Armor of Intrigue PIC 1 PIC 2 PIC 3Craftable at the forge under various categories.Outstanding highly-detailed armor set based on Witcher models.

Witchplate PICCraftable at the forge under the Glass category.Brilliant spellsword-themed set that combines assets from steel armor and ebony mail into a dark and brooding set of runed armor. Ancient Dragon Knight Armor PICLocated in a chest in Sky Haven TempleThis heavier-looking armor resembles carved bronze and has a motif designed to imitate dragon skin. According to the description: " Currently this mod adds 55 new sets of armor to the game (over 60 including variants), tons of additional non-set helmet options, 396 new shields, and a large number of other items such as eye patches, capes, earrings, scarves and more!" Want more colors? A well-dressed man. A heavy armor from the Immersive Armor. All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources, You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances, You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve on the features so long as you credit me as the original creator, You can convert this file to work with other games as long as you credit me as the creator of the file, You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me, Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold, You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms, Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points, You must get permission to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets, aMidianBorn BookOfSilence - Truly Light Elven, Truly Light Elven Armor (male) - Replacer - Standalone. Aside from a few outstanding exceptions in the Armor Packs section, every mod linked here is a standalone or a retexture variant for a standalone mod. I love this guy’s work but at this point I just have to ask: Dude, why do you include dozens of dark grainy screenshots instead of a few well-lit clear ones?

Includes cuirass, boots, and gloves. The author has done a nice job here with tone and contrast. Tribunal Robes Standalone Recolored Sets PIC 1 PIC 2 offers 2 more sets in burgundy/black and black/gray.

Barbarian Loincloths PIC 1 PIC 2 PIC 3Craftable at the forge under the Leather and Hide categories.If you fancy the Conan look, this might interest you. I really like the detail in this one.

As for the armor, it’s a heavier looking complete steel/grey/brown retexture that resembles full plate with a touch of chain.

We ask that you please take a minute to read through the rules and check out the resources provided before creating a post, especially if you are new here.

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