During an interview.

The only factions to him were his side or the other's side, with his side being the only one that truly mattered. Previous Team(s) D.J. DJ Octavio trapped in a snow globe after being defeated.

Aliases First Appearance It’s wearing stupid helmets with horns as long as my legs and thinking it can find its way to power by killing its enemies and stepping on anyone in its way.”, Compared to that subtle distinction between Pill’s group and Prancer’s, the Nailbiter, Love Lost, Snag, Damsel, and a couple of the more violent and dangerous looking ones, like Sidepiece and Disjoint, were standing such that there was a fifteen foot gap between them and the others.

One has tasted bitter defeat in battle.

[2], DJ was an exceptional slicer and a genius at code breaking. They then stole a yacht, Libertine, and picked up Finn and Rose, who were about to be found by the cops. Octarian Species Content approaching. [8] Del Toro was previously cast as Darth Maul in the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, but left the project after George Lucas cut unceremoniously the majority of Maul's lines. The floor for DJ Octavio's boss fight in Splatoon 2 resembles that of. However, the collision occurred in front of Canto Bight police officers, who arrested the pair, thus making DJ unreachable to Dezmoont.

Love Lost's gangBeast of Burden's gang

If you're avoiding late-game info from the single-player campaign, hurry up and press the back button—quickly!


)[7], Can displace[1] and teleport parts of his anatomy around a given area.

Although he helped them infiltrate the First Order Navy flagship Supremacy, DJ chose to save his own life after they were captured by Captain Phasma and her stormtroopers. This article is about a subject that lacks an official name and was known only by its nickname, call sign, or alias. Noun. He helped the Resistance in their attempt to disable General Hux's tracking system, but ultimately turned against them by cooperating with the First Order in return for his life and the compensation of a reward.

He offered his assistance for a price to the Resistance operatives Finn and Rose Tico after learning about their mission to recruit a codebreaker.

Our first official SIDEPIECE remix is out now on Defected Records / Three Six Zero for the young legend John Summit He has to see them to retrieve them back.

Disjointing is a common step in cooking involving separating the tendons that bind the specific joint of the carcass together. [1][5], Disjoint is black, and changes his mask sometimes. Hero ShotModified Rainmaker (4th Phase). This article is missing key information. Disjoint is a villain trying to get a leg up. -, “What did you do?” Disjoint asked, eyes wide.

[1] He hung out with Beast of Burden's more violent clique in Hollow Point.[2]. He acknowledges that he is considerably low tier. His robot has the appearance of a large, floating DJ stage with a turntable. Human[1] As reflected in his motto, DJ lacked a belief in the black and white moralities of good and evil, and instead saw shades of gray, where no one was wholly good or wholly evil. Basic Information He is the leader and king of the Octarians. With DJ's help, Finn and Tico infiltrated the Supremacy while disguised in First Order military uniforms. DJ Octavio still has stalks of wasabi next to his turntable, he is also cooking takoyaki in front of his turntable that are used in later attacks.

Ipol and Choi destroyed O1-MG shortly after, and DJ was placed in a Canto Bight prison.[3].

DJ eventually settled for a table where he found himself heckled by the gambling protocol droid O1-MG. However, he skipped the skirmish with The Huntsmen and Breakthrough due to previous injuries. Hookline joined Damsel of Distress' Deathchester alongside Sidepiece.

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