We proudly say it is our culture and that our children will be our pillars of strength at old age. 2 A period during which a person or group is active or effective.

Live life, Enjoy :).

People meet and exchange news and gossip with each other over a shared meal. The score achieved during a player's turn at batting.

Here you have your freedom to do what you want,” says Pant who has been living here for the past eight years. Build in scenarios like children’s education & weddings, real estate purchases and contingencies in any new income streams that you are anticipating.

‘Brewer stepped up to the commission and had his innings too’. "It was a great learning experience for me. [ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”62″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_pro_slideshow” image_crop=”0″ image_pan=”1″ show_playback_controls=”1″ show_captions=”0″ caption_class=”caption_overlay_bottom” caption_height=”70″ aspect_ratio=”1.5″ width=”100″ width_unit=”%” transition=”pulse” transition_speed=”0″ slideshow_speed=”2″ border_size=”0″ border_color=”#ffffff” ngg_triggers_display=”never” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]. But we should always question ourselves about few customs followed and decide whether it is good or not to follow them. What’s more, guests of the residents can also stay here for as long as they want by paying a nominal amount for daily meals.

Financial independence is a very important consideration in this introspection process. "The concepts of Transactional Analysis will never go out of fashion.....The Online training was very efficient" - Sowmya Shresth

Equipped with all facilities, the home has 60 rooms, a congregation hall, a recreation hall and a library. The best part was she was encouraging participants to learn by themselves and from each other."

"Thanks a lot for the wonderful learning experience.

The situation can get additionally complicated as we are often not clear about our life goals……….

The beginning of our career, like the 1st innings of a test match, can be a throw of dice! Make your financial security strong and think of an independent life for yourself irrespective of the fact that you will have the support of your children in old age. The program teaches theories that enable understand Self and Others; and through that, learn how to manage Self, Relationships and Teams.

Do I still have a bounce in my step on Monday mornings? Extremely informative.

“I was scouting for a concept like this for a few years before I chanced upon Dhyanaprastha. In the evening after satsang in temple, the day winds up with dinner served in a hygienic and healthy manner,” says Vijaya Rao, incharge, Amma Vodi adding, “There are attendants who take care of the day to day activities, but some of the more active women also volunteer in cooking, serving food, maintaining the kitchen, garden and organising cultural activities.” Apart from this, the women also make pickles, various powders, sweets and savouries which are sold during functions and festivals. We enjoy our work, our output makes the world a better place….it gives us meaning, our organization & team give us a sense of belonging and our visiting card gives us a sense of identity. But today we live in a society where the pace of life doesn’t even leave us time to interact with our children, let alone someone else. Truly for all professionals, this idea of 2nd innings is a must and I have been through this myself and can relate so well.

Continuing with the Cricket analogy, the initial years of our working life feel like a T20 match. Many of us have had demanding jobs that consumed most of our time and energy throughout our working lives.

Taking shortcuts in this step could lead to compromises and quick disenchantment.

For many, the 2nd innings will have two phases….one where you are still full of vitality and have the freedom to do many things that you didn’t have time for earlier; and the second where health sadly starts deteriorating. pitch, weather, opposition tactics…… the experience of these conditions, the outcome of the 1st innings and clear goals can help the team plan and execute the 2nd innings to deliver the desired results. Most of them end up in emotional breakdowns, be it a daughter in law suffering or the old parents themselves suffering.

In a 5-day match each side gets two goes with the bat, so each side has 2 innings, for a total of 4.

Being aware of these phases and knowing that the clock is ticking will help you to draw out your priorities and develop the right balance. What is that dream life you intuitively feel you want to live? 2. often innings An opportunity to act or speak out; a chance for accomplishment. But how many of these cases end up in a happily together living family? Second innings is when one starts planning for the third, and to make sure one will come to face the third one should devote more time and make efforts to keep oneself healthy so that one can enjoy both the second and third innings to do what one has always wanted to do, e.g.

The facilitator’s style was excellent.

Wiktionary (5.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition: second innings (Noun) the first (or only) innings of the second side to bat in any match. Inaugurated in 2004 by Avadhoota Datta Peetham, the sprawling two acre home in Dundigal has given a new lease of life to a lot of women. Far away from the noisy city life is the retirement community at Shamirpet. For this reason, it is good to take a pause, sometime in the 2nd half of one’s career to re-evaluate life’s personal goals.

We should plan for our retirement, old age and related concerns. Today, it seems the two roles have got combined. We loose life the way we start it, and that's how I relate it to say Circle of Life...!!

[…] Working Life – The importance of a planned second innings […]. Mother nature is so miraculous that it goes beyond ones imagination. Advisor, Strategy,Leadership & Healthcare. Participant Feedback - We lived in five other similar homes for two months each trying out their facilities.

The story of the elderly being neglected or sidelined may vary in each family, but the crux is same.

Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst(TSTA). Most importantly, the atmosphere is one of warmth and compassion. Define a Personal Strategy to make the most of your professional life.

One has to be mentally and, importantly, financially prepared for this. As we land into life we say parents as God give us true life. LEARNING MINDFULNESS TECHNIQUES – UNIFIED MINDFULNESS APPROACH, Pillars of Parenting (3) Being Interested & Curious in your Child, 360 DEGREE PARENTING – My Parenting Personality & Interactions, Stress Management – Managing Mind, Body and Emotions. Second innings is when one starts planning for the third, and to make sure one will come to face the third one should devote more time and make efforts to keep oneself healthy so that one can enjoy both the second and third innings to do what one has always wanted to do, e.g. © Copyrights 2016, TELANGANA PUBLICATIONS PVT.

If not, it would be appropriate to start thinking about the 2nd innings! The second innings is tactically different from the first, because people are more tired, the wicket has deteriorated, and the two sides have become familiar with the playing styles of each other. Ask yourself the following questions. Though we are seeing the same trend developing in most of the urban and even rural India, we have mixed set of happy families and cases were old aged parents are abandoned by their kids. “One doesn’t have to worry about anything. Working along similar lines is Amma Vodi, another peaceful place which is home to destitute and helpless women.

For the residents, the day begins with meditation in the morning followed by coffee and breakfast.

Dhyanaprastha Township, is a gated community built exclusively for retired people.

Never consider your responsibilities towards your children as sacrifices. LTD. All rights reserved. More and more retirement homes are coming up here where senior citizens can lead a fairly active life in the company of like-minded individuals. But we liked the tranquil atmosphere here,” says Murthy. We all are born with  poor vision, less or no hair, inability to stand, walk, talk, eat and do so many other daily routines.

A planned second innings could be the prescription that one is looking for!

Mother nature is so miraculous that it goes beyond ones imagination. Powered by Animon Live. That urge you get every now and then when you want to break away from your present working life.A start-up along with some friends; a small business along with your spouse- a boutique, may be; a consultancy on your own; part or full-time teaching; social work; playing golf; travelling around the world or just settling down in a quiet place and living off your savings?

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