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My phone just starts playing the whole movie from the beginning, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. We were working late putting away some videos in the porno section and ya know, shit happens. Randy explains the rules of survival in a horror film. Deceased I legit thought it was Joel the camera man. as Billy and Sidney go upstairs bedroom "to talk". That's the beauty of it all -- simplicity! Randy continues partying with the other guests and then as a murder scene comes up in the movie they are watching; Halloween, he explains the infamous rules to surviving a horror film; "You can never have sex.

I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife.

Kenny, the cameraman, realizes that the camera setting is off and starts outside, but Ghostface is right outside having followed Sidney's scream to the news van. This time, the horror enthusiast's knowledge doesn't save him, as one of the killers pulls him into a van and stabs him to death after first taunting him on the phone. He believed that Sidney's father Neil Prescott would pop up dead somewhere, and that Billy was the real killer. This was one that I really hated to see. It's a sin factor; an extension to number one. You can never drink or do drug. Randy managed to get out of work early due to the town curfew and went to Stu's party. After that was said, Ghostface suddenly appears and drags Randy into a news van and throws him against the windshield before slitting his throat and stabbing him four times in the chest. What are some other "in public" deaths in slasher movies? He stays at the house watching Halloween with the other teenagers. Jesus, what a rat-lookin, homo-repressed mama's boy. https://scream.fandom.com/wiki/Randy_Meeks?oldid=187316, He was described as "a tall and gangly kid...A witty jokester who elevates geek to coolness" in the, "If you were the only suspect in a senseless bloodbath...would you be standing in the horror section? I found Tatum, she's dead. Randy has always been one of my favorite characters and his death still makes me sad to this day. Quinn! Though wounded, he survived the Woodsboro murders, but was the fourth victim of the Windsor College Murders at the hands of Ghostface while helping Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley search for the killer. ", "Why not set your goals higher, huh?! He goes on to say Billy was a rat-looking, homo-repressed mama's boy. Her name is Martha Meeks. Cici is chased to the top floor where the killer throws her through balcony doors and then stabs her in the back twice before throwing …

I'm the secret love slave of Sidney Prescott. Randy makes a comment about her saying, "She got calve implants. Randy says that the new killer will, Randy's corpse after stabbed to death by Ghostface. Out of all the deaths in series, his death had the biggest effect on Sidney.

Help was so close. Joey Garfield Ghostface claims the cameraman's life instead of Randy's. In light of Jamie Kennedy returning to the horror genre with the new slasher movie Trick, the actor is looking back at his memorable role from Wes Craven's Scream series. During his murder, there was a group of college students blasting Hip-hop music, which unintentionally covered up the sound of the murder.

Dewey and Randy exchange theories. Shortly after Tatum's murder, Billy arrives and he asked Stu, "What's Leather face doing here?" Randy Meeks was an excitable horror movie geek and Woodsboro High School student, who worked at a local video store, even though he was fired and re-hired several times. She's a sweet person, okay? Trick with Jamie Kennedy is now available in theaters, on demand, and on digital outlets. Randy ate lunch with his group of friends the day after Casey Becker and Steven Orth were murdered. Randy reveals that the killer always comes back to life for "one last scare." He had a severe crush on his good friend Sidney Prescott, and hung out primarily with her, Billy Loomis, Stu Macher, and Tatum Riley. The rest of the movie takes a more somber tone as in no one is safe and shit just got real sort of feel. ", "Did you really put her liver in the mailbox? That's why I always applauded this scene. ", "Now that Billy tried to mutilate her, do you think Sid would go out with me? Cause: Stabbed 4 times and throat slit with knife by Mrs. Loomis.

Dewey and Gale notice he is nowhere to be found and they search. ", After the murder of Cici, he and Dewey Riley try to solve the case. level 2. He tells Sidney, "We have to get the fuck outta here.

Billy agrees in a sinister voice, "We all go a little mad sometimes." For Scream fans in particular, it definitely seems to be one worth checking out. I think Stu did it!" It's great because he's like the most popular character from the first film, you don't expect them to kill him off. Killed in public and so viciously. During the party, he is partying and seen talking to the other teenagers, but mainly concerned with talking to Sidney. where the group of friends can see her. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ", "Oh, please! Does it have to anything to do with the fact that they killed the fan favorite ? Randy also has a younger sister. Exactly, the "in public" part has always bothered me. By definition alone, they're inferior films!". After sometime, Randy gets up and wonders where everyone is. It really just strips off the security blanket for everyone and just shows you that no one is safe. Occupation Appearance

looks at Derek, who shrugs. He tries to help Sidney rescue her father, but falls because of his gunshot wound. That's why the scream movies are so amazing. The slasher flick serves as a Scream franchise reunion of sorts, as it's directed by Patrick Lussier ⁠- editor of the first three Scream movies. He opens the door and Randy runs in. After Billy is shot by Gale Weathers, A relieved Sidney helps up the injured Randy to his feet. That to me is what's missing in most horror movies, that realistic cast of people. ScreamScream 2Scream 3 (cameo) Full name Randy also has a younger sister.

Right after he left ghostface calls and right after Randy died he comes back all like "hey what's up guys" then he bounced.

Never, ever, under any circumstance say 'I'll be right back' because you won't be back.".

He even suspected, that Stu was the killer pointing out that Casey dumped Stu for Steve making Tatum confused because she thought, that Stu dumped Casey for her. Of course, this would ironically be proven by Randy himself later in the movie. Leave me alone" Billy having "survived" comes downstairs and easily wins Sidney's judgment having been intimate with her and gets the gun from her. 2 years ago.

Mrs. Voorhees was a terrific serial killer, "I never thought I would be so happy to be a virgin! Dewey, Gale and Joel stumble upon Randy's bloody corpse the next moment. Randy Meeks was a main character and a horror film fanatic who had a crush on his good friend Sidney Prescott. Randy might be long dead, but it's awesome to see Kennedy coming back home to the slasher subgenre of horror. Stab portrayal He went to work at the local video store the next day, where he discussed the murders with Stu. Her name is Martha Meeks. it's almost a copy, What's the mark for the scene?

Stu enjoyed watching Billy confront and menace Randy in front of the other people in the store; even menacing Randy himself.

While alone at her sorority house, Cici is threatened by the killer over the phone before the killer attacks her inside the house. This scene really stuck with me. What's really cool too is after he died, the tone of the film and the 3rd kind of shifted. A previously surviving main character killed in the middle of the movie in broad daylight.

Somehow my first time watching Scream 2 after his death the rest of the movie I believed he was still alive and one of the killers. ", "Stu was a pussy-ass wet rag and Billy Loomis. Randy's death was certainly a bummer, so Craven found a way to work him into Scream 3 by having the characters watch a video Randy had apparently recorded prior to his death. New Stone Cold Steve Austin Documentary Is Coming from The Last Dance Producers, Netflix's WWII Spy Thriller Munich Gets Jeremy Irons & George MacKay, Resident Evil Reboot Begins Filming as Donal Logue Joins Cast.

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